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Thursday, April 12, 2007

Durham’s tool to fight crime: You (More Snitches Coming)

Durham’s tool tofight crime: You (More Snitches Coming)

[quote]If you live in Durham Region and rowdy youths hang out in your neighbourhood, the police want to hear about it. Encouraging citizens to become their “eyes and ears” to solve problems and prevent crime is one element of a new three-year strategic plan endorsed by the police services board yesterday. But it will be a while before the plan, whose ultimate goal is a safer community, reaches the streets.

It’s part of a major transformation for the Durham police service over the next five to 10 years, Supt. Greg Mills told the board — one that will involve retraining and restructuring at every level to change the focus from reacting to crime to preventing it.

Four key areas will be targeted: youth, road safety, violence and property crime. For example, a group of “loud, disrespectful youths behaving in an anti-social manner” could be a precursor to gang activity, Mills explained. “We’re asking people to let the police know about problems like disorderly conduct that hasn’t risen to the level of a criminal act. If they’re out for a stroll, they will be our eyes and ears.” Citizens aren’t being asked to become vigilantes, just to work with police.[/quote] pg3.

Apparently the snitching program is working so well in some cities that they are not expanding it. That's right Durham region is going to get their own version of this monster that Toronto and other cities have in place currently Citizens, Suburban Spies as I like to call them are now also going to be recruited in Durham, the program will start to recruit over the next 3 years, but it's a long term 5-10 year plan. If we can get this sort of concentration in Toronto, then imagine the sort of concentration a much smaller venue like Durham is going to have?

We have snitches at ever corner in Toronto, I am not sure how long this has been ongoing, but again we have at least based on what I am seeing on the subway, over 85% concentration. That is a light figure, now again as a target, I am not sure if I am just seeing a higher concentration.
Apparently traditional policing methods are not working, the money and the budget is not there to do all the things that the police want to do or need to do, so they are getting the citizens to come out and lend a hand. On paper this sounds great. I mean even as a target, when I read it, it sounds great, but in reality it's a nightmare. You have people that are becoming citizen vigilantes. They seem to be recruiting from not the smartest elements in society, and it's a nightmare the stuff these people are doing.

First of all, the program is suppose to help keep an eye on things, but so far all it seems to be doing is finally giving racists, fanatics, and other yahoo's, the capacity and a forum for their hatred. The people joining these programs are the neighbourhood busy bodies that the world could do without, the people who think any foreigner looks funny, and should be watched, the people who have no power in their lives to begin with and finally think this will be a way to have some purpose in their lives, and then there are the others who just have too much time on their hands. You also get the other people who just want to snub their noses at others, who would not be noticed by anyone else outside of these programs. The losers of society have found an outlet.
Then you have the other half. The honest citizens of society who want to make the world a better place. The odd few who mistakenly really think that by going along with these programs they are going to make their communities safer.

These programs are suppose to be designed to make the world a better place, on paper they are and they sound great, but the reality that I am seeing is something quite different. Communities policing communities, everyone getting involved, becoming empowered after feeling powerless for so long, I mean it had me drooling for awhile, before I did a double take and said, wait a second, aren't these very same programs the ones that have me of all people being followed around the city and harassed? Aren't these the same programs that have me being tracked and harassed in my very home? Then I realised why yes they are, and something in the system has gone terribly wrong. Except unlike with other programs, there does not seem to be anyone to turn to get this mess sorted out.

The police will not look into complaints about targeting by these sorts of programs, and apparently to keep these sorts of programs quite in some cities, they have gone so far as to make the people being targeted by these programs look crazy if they try to complain about them or get assistance for them, in most cases they just go on to further slander the reputation of others. Something is not right and not working in a system that would have someone like me targeted. I can tell you this, you don't have to believe me or take me at my word, but just wait till it's your turn, or till this monster gets so far out of hand that it can't be controlled, if it's already not so far out of hand.

These programs on paper start off sounding so good. Citizen volunteers working with the police, keeping an eye and ear on things. Then you have the real monster of the program, which has turned my city into a Statsi State. So many people are a part of these programs that we have I am pretty sure, numbers greater than the Statsi had, meaning where they had 1 to 64. I think we have something like 1 to 15 or 1 to 25, but we have a lot of these snitches in a city of only about 5 million. The East Germans had about 16 million in their population and they controlled every body with just 91,000-400,000 snitches.[quote]it was estimated that 91,000 full-time employees and 300,000 informants were employed by the Stasi. [/quote]

We have concentrations that are higher than this ratio, based on what I am seeing. This thing that started out so great on paper has become a run away freight train. With just our public servants and unions that are taking part in this it's a lot, but then you have all the companies, private security, police, snitches, etc. It's a huge monster that this has become.
The other thing is though this is working for some members of society, I have seen a great deal of evidence to suggest that these programs are racially targeting individuals, going after more females than males, and targeting the people who could actually make the society a better place. They do not really seem to be cutting down on the major problems that we are having in society, but they are creating quick solutions. These types of programs are giving people a false sense of security, and empowerment, and I am not sure that they are truly targeting the problems that need to be targeted.

There are so many vigilante yahoo's in these programs. This seems to have given some people something to do with their lives, and not necessarily something better. There are many people that function well under systems like these and the Stasi system, and of course there are others that do not. The social sociopaths seem to function very well under these types of systems. The problem is these types of systems are coming into play in many parts of the world, and they seem to be set in place to herold in a global system of dominance, a New World Order if you will, that will be used to control the masses. Think Global, act local, and yet the dissenting voices that we should be hearing are continually being shut down, and closed off. More people and awareness should be out there about these sorts of programs so people can say if they want their city to become a snitch state or not, but just like the North American Union, these program seem to just slipped by the radars, and have now taken over society, and I am not sure what we can do to turn this system around, since so many people seem to function well under these sorts of systems while others do not.

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Zero tolerance rules to be reviewed.

Zero tolerance to be repelled, but what will be in it's wake?

I want to be cheerful and happy that enough light, court cases, or cries for justice have been brought to this very discriminatory policy, but like others I will hold my breath and wait and see.

The Safe Schools Act, also known as zero tolerance, which some say
[quote]unfairly targets black youth and drives them into gangs.[/quote]

It not only targets black youths and drives them into gangs, but then when the police raid those very same gangs, they covert many of these young people into their slave army of snitches, so if they are not a part of one gang they are a part of another gang. The last seven years has given the state and endless supply of young slaves who have no choice but to snitch for the state, and when they try to leave the State gang their punishment is just the same, either jail if they are lucky, or being gunned down on the street, because they realised that they were nothing better than slaves for these programs.

Still the fact that this racist and discriminatory program is finally under review is something to be hopeful about, but people need to be vigilante. They can't think that just because this program is under review, another will not come into affect to take it's place. Remember the effects of this program have given the state an endless supply of forced snitches, who then make sure the State do not have to hire enough police or others to keep an eye on communities, because these kids are then used in the monitoring and spying as extensions of the state.

[quote]"You have kids who are expelled for accidentally touching someone, you have kids who are expelled for stealing pop and chips," he said. "It criminalizes them and it diminishes their choices. Those kids are not going to be able to go to university or college."[/quote]

The idea is to criminalise them and diminish their choices, because then you have them, exactly where you want them. Parents need to do their part too, even if you are working two jobs to get by, and this program or one similar to it goes after your children, you need to make sure they finish their education online, and find some way to keep them on course. It's no accident who was targeted by this program, and it's no accident that so many kids were caught up in the sneer of this program.

[quote]Worse, Pieters said those students often fall into the hands of gangs – something that has led the Safe Schools Act to be called the ``gang recruitment act."[/quote]

Gangs who are increasingly being controlled by the state snitch force? Because after they are arrested for the illegal drugs and guns, which children have no network of getting their hands on without influence, they are then propelled into the other system. See how it's working?
[quote]While some members of the Conservative caucus urged the Liberals not to "throw the baby out with the bath water," Conservative Leader John Tory admitted the act needs some tweaking.

"We have to find better ways than expulsion to deal with young people who have got into trouble in school," he said. "If you expel them from school and say that's it, you have almost inevitably destined them to a fate that is going to be trouble for the rest of their lives."[/quote]
Only because so many articles have been written on this and so many parents have fought with you all and taken you to task on this, or else you would continue doing this. Of course this needs to be reviewed, because it's not working, and you are causing more problems in society than you are fixing with this act.

[quote]But NDP Leader Howard Hampton said the Liberals have had almost four years to make these changes while the act discriminated against visible minorities and low-income students.
"The evidence has been there for three-and-a-half years," he said. "This is like another promise from the government on the eve of an election when they have, in fact, done nothing."[/quote]

It's true, this was implemented by the Tory government, and what else could you expect? However the liberal government did have years to fix this and choose not to. It says a lot about the people that are being voted in, and the things that that they care about or rather don't care about and that would seem to be your children.

At the end of the day, it doesn't seem to matter which party is in power, because anyone of them could have had this amended. At the end of the day, parents need to be watchful and vigilant, you can no longer assume that your child will be treated in an equal, fair or unbiased manner, by the school or the state and it's policies. You have to be more vigilant and you have to find workarounds for your children, the cards are deliberately stacked against them and for a reason. This program was working for someone and that is why it's still in place.

It's good to see them reviewing the program, but I wait to see what will replace it, or if any real changes will come about because of the spotlight brought to it. Policies are just words, the people with the mentality who were enforcing the programs will still be in the schools and will still find a way to get your kids kicked out and on the wrong path, that does not lead to success. Parents still have to be the beacon that finds a way for their children to succeed, now more than ever.

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The thought police.

The thought police strike again.

Now I usually write semi nice postings, but after reading this.
Who the hell are you to be telling us what to write, think or feel? It's not your job to be the thought police, or maybe it is? Most bloggers who post do not have their posting carried across the offline world, and hitting all the online news papers, but obviously you do, and that is when it crosses the line.

A blog is meant to be your thoughts, feelings and emotions online. Now if people have to start issuing a user name and password so that the very sensitive can read their blogs so be it, but don't tell us what to think and feel.

In France they are thinking of or they restricted who can post some violent pictures, then it willl be who can post, because only certain voices should be heard.

When we start having to restrict all our voices, feelings, emotions, then what's left? Gosh the Internet is the last free frontier, and even though it's not that free, it's something that we have left.

Now you could have said something like, bloggers just need to be a little bit nicer, but no, you are actually trying to tell people how to act and be.

Once you take away all your little, act this way, think that way, what's left, honestly?

If people blogged the exact way that they speak in person, there would be a lot less interesting blogs. There would be a lot less interesting content. There would be a lot less people writing.
It's bad enough that the government is taking away people's voices, hijacking our media, force feeding what children learn, think, and become, and that average citizens have no power and no voices, and then you come along with this. It's irritating and annoying.

Do tell people who to be and what to think and how to act. If you don't like a posting then, comment on it. Maybe you are just coming across a lot of offensive posting, or maybe someone in a position of power asked you to use your influence to try to tell people what to think, act and be, but you know what, it's just not appreciated.

I am currently surrounded by a world of stupid people, who can't think for themselves, who can't act independently, and who just do whatever the crowd is doing. They do not know how to act, interestingly the things they say in person, are not worth my time, and if the Internet turned into another version of that, it would not be appreciated, at all.

The only interesting people seem to still be online, same with the content that I like to read, and the people online, the ones that I have come across might act up, but that's their right, to an extent. Don't get me wrong there are limits, and maybe an article expressing that would have been good, but trying to enforce your views and values on everyone else about what should be included in a web blog and what should not be is not appreciated. We don't need yet one more
venue of mindless auto-bots.

There are things that I blog about that I would not necessarily say the exact same way, oh I would say them, but I would at times try to be more nice and considerate, which I am sick and tired of. It's ok to tell us to be more civil or state that opinion, but to write a code, and use your influence to tell us what to think and feel is just not appreciated. I wish you wouldn't do it.
When it's a posting on your site, that's your business, but when it makes national headlines, then it seems like someone might be using you to use your influence to become the thought police online, and it's just not appreciated.

[quote]"But frankness does not have to mean lack of civility. There's no reason why we should tolerate conversations online that we wouldn't tolerate in our living room."[/quote]

In reference to the above quote, are your serious? There is every reason, in your living room it's your turf, you don't want to hear swearing, that's your damn business, but to come and tell others what to do, that is crossing the line. It's also going to influence people that are pretty moderate to possibly write harsher postings.

If you think someone is swearing too much, don't read their blogs. If you think that they are irritatingly racist, don't read their blog, if they swear too much, don't read their blogs, if you don't like the way they roll, don't be around them. The point of cyberspace, in case you missed it, is this is not your damn living room, don't tell people what to think, act and be. It's freaking cyberspace.

[quote]O'Reilly wrote that a final version of the code would eventually be posted on Users wishing to adhere to the standard could display a badge that would link to the rules.

In reference to the above quote, does your little badge say brought to you by the thought police? I honestly feel like boycotting any blogs that would adhere to this, but with the world of mindless sheeple that now lies before us, I am sure that you will have plenty of followers, I obviously will just not be one of them.

My point is, if you want to enforce this on your blog and your space, that's your business, but when you try to tell everyone else what to think and feel, that's my business, and I am telling you it's not appreciated.

However I am sure that the government will come up with some cleaver ploy in the near future that will have bloggers scared for their life and oh so willing to give up yet one more right and freedom. Maybe we will see a terrorist crash into the blogosphere, because of people posting too liberally, then it will be the war on blogging, then nowhere will be safe, and they will then be forced to issue bans, and tell people who has the right to post. Then you will have the mindless sheeple who have taken over the offline world, trying to take over the blogosphere. All we need, more none animated, none thinking people, telling everyone else what to think and feel and how to be. A lot of stuff online is not fit for the queen to be reading, but you don't see her issuing a royal decree saying I don't wish for things I would not want to hear in my presence to be posted online in blogs, we have spoken. You don't see her doing that do you? Because cyberspace is not meant to be a mindless little, restrictive bubble where everyone walks on eggshells. I deeply resent the people who came up with these rules, trying to force them down everyone else's heads.

Don't tell me what to think, don't tell me what to feel, and don't tell me how to express myself. If you haven't noticed that's what they do offline, thus why more people are turning to cyberspace in the first place. If it did not offer so much more, than than the insipid conversations found offline, approved by the thought police, do you think people would be here posting?

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Monday, April 09, 2007

HIV patients to be tracked. Daybreak cometh.,040107hiv.article

HIV patients to be tracked.

The following article talks about the fact that HIV patients are to be placed on lists. Their real names are to be placed in data bases and kept track of. This tracking system is going to start at the end of 2007.Now some people think that this is a good idea, because AIDS is a deadly disease and keeping track of who has the disease might help stop the spread. However there is no real evidence to suggest that this is true. If anything it might prevent people from going out and getting tested for the disease knowing that their names will be placed in some data base for the next decade or two. Even worst they have no way of knowing how the list will really be used.

[quote]The names of people infected with HIV will be tracked in all 50 states by the end of 2007, marking a victory for federal health officials and a quiet defeat for AIDS advocates who wanted to keep patients' names out of state databases.[quote]

They not only have the ability to track these people, but they have the ability to do so much more now. I have recently been on a forum, where some people thought this was a good idea, and others thought it was an invasion of privacy. It's also a good way to discourage people from getting tested for the disease, just insuring that they continue to be a health concern for themselves and others.

Many are asking the obvious questions, such as what is the real purpose of this list? Will it stop at HIV patients? What is the potential for abuse or misuse of these lists?

[quote]This is the first year federal funding has been tied to names-based surveillance of HIV. [quote]

I think of people like Ryan White who fight so hard for his rights, and the time that has passed since then. Most people don't remember this engaging teen and his struggle for small dignities.
[quote]Illinois started names-based HIV surveillance Jan. 1, 2006, because of federal pressure.[/quote]

Is this really about tracking a deadly disease and making the planet a safer place, or is this just the start of a long line of lists to come? With the growing police state coming, this is not even that surprising to hear about.

Not too much to say, first they create one list, and no one speaks, then they create another and another and another. If we sit back and let them do this to these individuals today, then tomorrow what will they do? I see this as the first step in a very long slippery slope, that is spreading very far and very wide.

The future cometh and boy is it going to be a duzey.

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What were they thinking?

What were they thinking?

Ok I was at the subway station today and there were these two white teen aged girls walking around in what might have been swim suit bottoms, but I'm pretty sure it was like their underwear, and I just had to ask myself, what on earth were they thinking?

First of all it was snowing today. Running shoes do not go with undergarments, no matter how much you try to accessorize. Don't these girls have parents, common sense? I saw no signs of them being drunk or on drugs, although I was hoping, cause at least that would explain the behaviour. I can only imagine that they were performing some sort of a dare.

Not to worry a chivalrous young man came along and offered to take them straight down town, he told them that they could just prance up and down young street and he would take care of the rest. My faith is once again restored in the human race. Not.

Is it just me or would it have been hard to find kids willing to walk around in what I am pretty sure was underwear on the subway few years back? I mean can't they get their kicks like every other child nowadays? Drugs, fast and easy sex, cheap alcohol, trampy Paris Hilton clothing, MP3's and Nintendo 64?

Well just in case this is a new fashion trend, I say we put a stop to it before it gets fully integrated in society. Just like the pants below the hips, or the thong look that was popular not too long ago.

Along with me they traumatised a few other people ahead of me. The spy force were not sure where to place their attention. For the sake of modesty, I had to comment to one woman about kids and their fashion these days, just to play it off. She was having the same shocked response.
So kids if you want to walk around in your underwear, this goes for the guys also, maybe consider your homes, or the beach, but maybe the subway is not the best choice for such fashion statements or dares. Just a thought.

This public service announcement was brought to you by concerned targets for a more clothed society.

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Sunday, April 08, 2007

Where is the money coming from?

Who is funding this operation?

Is it the government by themselves, or do they get funding from corporations? If it's the government on their own, they have too much money to waste. Now remember at my old place by the time that I moved most of the floor was being used for surveillance. Who is funding this? Are the S.S. Suburban Spies mostly just volunteers, forced snitches, forced spies, or other? I guess it's a combination. Are they paid or just some of them? What percentage are paid? If so how much.

We all know that these people are not above paying out three quarter of a million to a signal spy, but I doubt these people are seeing dollars like that. Still some of them are getting something for doing this. As per what I have read of the Red Squads that existed, many got pin money for spy. Remember back in the day, pin money was how you bought those little extras and things.
I can tell you at the last place the space was being used and the people moved out by hook or by crook. I assume they upgraded them etc. Now remember that I would in time find out that not only people that I knew knew things in my home that I ha not told them, but people in my place of work.

Where this started I still am not 100% sure. I can tell you that if you can get on a list for being anti-war, for writing letters or signing petitions or being out-spoken, then that me to a tee. However before this I have never been overtly political, so I would love to know where this started from. Who decided to do this and why. Remember I am still examining several angles. Most people seem to think that this started with Rogers, but I think this could have started before this. Not that they would not have exploited this. Apparently they were going for the crazy or paranoid thing from what I have been able to gather. I am not even going to justify that with a response.

I think my research so far has been quite eloquent and articulate for the most part.
At my new place I discovered that the person upstairs upgraded to a 2 bedroom. The Asian family across the hall now just got a home in Mississauga. Now remember I was ready for these sorts of patterns with the new neighbours and the upgrades and requests to move out. However a home in Mississauga? I didn't hear if it was paid for outright, or just a down payment. I didn't get that part. Even the guy above me is not too bad, cause to upgrade him to a two bedroom is nothing. It's like 100-150 extra per month. That's nothing for the State, but a home in Mississauga? I thought they would offer him an upgrade to move, not a home in Mississauga. It's not the first time I have heard of stuff like this either. So where is the money coming from.
The woman beside me does not seem to have taken the bate or maybe she was not offered. Maybe there are different rules for certain ethnic minorities. I know she is either part of the spy force or was warned about me, however some people have more common sense than others.
However if this is the kind of stuff they are pulling, no wonder there is no money for the poor, woman's shelters, the homeless. This I would bet is where some of this money is going to. Now I don't have the proof that I wish I did, it's just some things that start to come together after the fact, but if someone else wants to explore this angle of this, they so should be looked into and audited. However what's the point, even if someone proved without a shadow of a doubt how much money and unnecessary spending was going into something like this, nothing would ever come of it.

I remember just reading about a whistle blower who found out that the politicians were spending too much money. First she just did her job and tried to report it to the right people, the higher up's, they all tried to get her to bury it, but it didn't sit right with her, and she finally had to become a whistle-blower. Then she lost the job and had to sue them, well 12 years later or so, the case was just making it into court and if I recall correctly she lost.

This is justice in Canada. Hell it's the new system of justice in the world.

[quote]Two whistleblowers at the Department of Foreign affairs have been ordered to pay about $80,000 to the government. John Guenette and Joanna Gualtieri attempted to sue the government for harassment they claim to have suffered after speaking out about wasteful spending in the department.
But five months ago, an Ontario judge ruled that Guenette and Gualtieri couldn't sue.
As part of the ruling, the two have to pay the government for its legal costs.
Axworthy's lawyers, and lawyers in the Justice Department, demanded a reimbursement from the whistleblowers of about $400,000.
But Justice James Chadwick settled on just under $80,000.[/quote]
At least she tried however and now she is a voice in society that can be looked up to, but sometimes this is cold comfort. Where is the justice?
She waited fourteen years, and all it did was allow this system to become even more rotten.

I am still in my home, these people are using God knows what on me, to electronically harass me. There is not one organisation that is willing to do anything about this, and yet what these people are doing is sanctioned by the government. It has their blessing and their approval. Yeah our society is not corrupt. It's more rotten then a bad apple at the core. Eventually someone is going to take a real bite, and find out just what they have been eating all along.

It's rotten from the bottom to the top, and then when you go and seek justice, they have that wired also. They own most of these places that we are suppose to go and seek justice, when they don't own these places, there people infiltrate these places, take over the forums, and so you run into the arms of the people that you are trying to avoid.

Still the system can I still believe give you justice, but you have to know the criminal elements you are dealing with. At this stage the mob probably has more ethics. These people are working on a level and playing on a level that is hard to imagine.

Where is the money coming from?

The same place it's always been coming from, while you break your backs, scarping to get by and take care of your kids, or keep up with the Jones' these people have more of your money than they know what to do with, and they will use it how they see fit, and if that leaves you someday marginalised, and broke, or just making ends meet too bad. If this means that there is not enough money for social programs, or to help the homeless or the down trodden, they don't care. They are off in their multi-million dollar homes that your hard earned money paid for, or buy snitches off, so that they can spy on other innocent people.

These people have the whole system wired, and they have been playing this game for longer than you ever imagined. It's a game that has been going on for a long time, and at each corner your turn looking for justice you will find corruption, injustice, and the immoral, sitting in powers of authority, and privilege. The money comes from the same place it's always come from, these systems do not change, and it's the same game over and over again, in every time period. The brave few will fight the system and a few might even win, but know what you are getting into and know what you are going up against first. It's corruption like you never even dreamed or imagined.

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Ship Shape Spies.

Big improvement on the S.S. Suburban Spies.

Ok there has been some kind of massive over haul with the way things are being run, now they actually look like someone owns them. As we all know someone does own them, the government and they are snitching and spying for the state, so the least the state could do was dress them up and trick them out appropriately.

Ok I am not sure for the reason for the changes, I am guessing, because they were making themselves so obvious that they could be seen from space, hello.

Also I was noticing this poser guy, that is the only word for him. He was dressed in like over 30ish rap gear, which so did not suit him, and then he was all like covering his mouth and doing nothing else, expecting people to signal back, it was so obvious he was being a poser. Even I was like, I don't know you. I saw him again this week, and his posing was doing way better, he was sitting back and just observing them. That's the way you learn. I don't know what he was thinking. He still had the horrible over 30ish rap looking outfit. It just so doesn't work. Not sure what his deal is. Anyways, changes that I have noticed.

Better postures, now they actually look like a suburban spy force, rather than people who crawled out of bed with nothing better to do, and decided to collect government spy-fare cheques. Or do their delinquent state duties. Outfits. I have not seen any really tragic outfits that needed mentioning. Again I haven't seen anything amazing this week, but again, at least they look like someone owns them now.

Signalling. For all you targets out there, at least the ones who live in my city. This week the spy force totally went underground with the signalling. NO more crazy, outlandish on watch eye signals. They have actually opened up a dictionary and learnt the word subtlety. Thank God. It was so bad, their signalling. I didn't want to totally diss them at the time, but big improvement. Eg. This Asian guy on the train, did the pretending to be sleeping thing, but he's really good at it. He only opens his eyes to see who else has come on board and to give directional signals. He was really good at what he was doing, same with the woman who was his cohort. I would say he was the conductor of the moment on that train car. They were doing this really cool back to back and face to face thing, which really works, good for them, bad for us targets. Of course I had to have some fun with it, but he really did a good job.

So they really are being way more subtle, if you want to see them in action, you are going to have to do what the poser guy is doing and just observe them. They have dramatically improved. So targets be more alert.

They also now are better at coordinating the train arrival with getting everyone in position on the platform, so that is way better. Can I ask anyone, why they still feel a need to come and sit with me? Do I look lonely to you? Really. Do your spy thing, but stay away from me. You still get the odd few who have not opened the dictionary to learn the word subtlety.
So today at lunch it was funny. Cause it was Easter Sunday right the area that I lunch in, the washrooms were closed right, so as they tried to do their usual pretending to go to the bathroom, it was funny to watch spy after spy, slam into the closed door. The looks on their faces.

Then now when they walk past me to stalk me at lunch, instead of walking over to try to see what I am eating and doing, they actually are trying to be pretending to be not spying, but it's still so obvious to me. After spending the last nine months of my life openly being stalked by them, tortured by them, and having my life invaded to such a unspeakable violating degree, it's not likely that I would forget them.

Our society is in trouble though. If the numbers that I am seeing on the train are any indication we are in such trouble. I mean seriously, on the train I am seeing well over 85% taking part in this. That is being modest. Now I don't know if I am seeing more of a concentration of this cause I am a target, but remember what I use to do is I would go from car to car to check, and I would walk from the front to the back or whatever, and each car was the same.

I can tell you I work in an small office of under 50 and everyone but me is taking part in this. Now I don't know if they have been inducted since I started working there, but I don't think so. They have been put on alert however. Yeah I'm nutty. Sure.

I can also tell you, I have seen this in other things, eg. People are so use to the signalling and signing that they do it on camera in some cases. I don't want to point out the examples, because things go missing too easily in cyberspace. However I don't think that the numbers I am seeing taking part in this are wrong.

It's like a cult. The people that are in it, can't see that anything is wrong, or that they are a part of something bad. Many of them, not all of them, because some people don't want to go along with this. Like the ones who died trying to leave this, or became socially annexed. Remember this is running from top to bottom in our society. It has been for some time. More than likely decades in one form or another. I spent years on the planet, and I had no idea. I spent eight years or more, being a target of this, and I had no idea, till last summer.

From what I have read and researched, I fully believe that this is what is causing a lot of the workplace mobbing and suicides that we are seeing. It's also causing people like me who don't figure this out in time to become jobless, homeless, forced suicides, mass slaughter, institutionalisation, or jail.

I don't see how this is getting stopped. Eg. A month or so back, I saw a guy on the train, he was like mentally ill or something, it was kind of like obvious. They were watching him right. That was then. Today I saw him again. He looked more together, but more importantly, he was signalling. Now I wasn't absolutely sure at first, but I am pretty sure, more importantly, when he got off the train, no spotters were following him that I could see. That means he is like one of them now. That's creepy.

Did anyone see those alien movies where they take over the planet, like body snatchers or something? Just where a few people see the truth and realise what is going on, and there is no way to get the truth out. I can not be the first person to have noticed this, but our media can't or won't talk about it. The agencies that should be protecting us are not, or they are owned or influenced by the people that we are trying to seek protection from. I won't even go over my CHRC (Canadian Human Rights Commission) complaint, that is going nowhere fast. I faxed it so many times, and each time, they either didn't get it, or oh there is now a page missing, or oh we think there were two files opened. We can't use everything in the complaint. Just like all the other people before me have found. It's just irritating. Where is justice to be found?

Anyways if you do have a spy force that is going to take over the planet someday, at least they won't all look like tragic fashion victims, who can't coordinate simple signalling, or who don't know the meaning of subtlety. On the other hand, the planet is going to be taken over by a spy force, the people controlling the people. I never understood this, mental slavery. It's the worst kind, when you don't know that you are bound. There are no bonds so many do not know that they are bound. The ones that do, they can't get free. It's like finding out too late that you married into the mob, or a cult or an abusive person with the wrong connections. You find that you can't leave.

The things is if they could find a way to pull it together, before the whole world is snitching they could maybe get out of this, but they don't. Like I use to wonder why the slaves did not ban together and just rush those slave masters and get free. It's cause slavery is more than physical bonds. It's mental. It's like you have an elephant right. As a baby, what they do is they chain it with a really strong chain, well it tries to get free right, like any sane thinking person or creature would try to do, well it can't cause it's only little right. Well as it grows, it can totally get itself free if it wanted to, cause it grows strong, but even if they use a rope to tie the elephant with, it won't try to escape, because it's learnt that it can't. It's a total myth, but the elephant has been bound mentally as well as physically, and even though it could easily now throw off the physical bonds, it can't throw off the mental bonds.

It's the same for people. You get them when they are young enough or naive enough and you enslave them, physically or even just mentally and then after awhile even if they could get free they stop trying, they think they can't. But it's a myth, yet so many can't get their minds around it, and so the system stays in place. It's really bad, because over here we are taught how democratic we are and how free we are, and it's a real wake up call, to realise that this is going on in society, and with such numbers of people, how could they all be taken in like this? I know over here we are really polite and stuff, and if the government asked, most of us would try to help out, cause that's the kind of people we are, and many are not seeing the dark side of this. They either don't know the truth or just don't care. Just like Germany. I mean that whole thing, must have given them back such a sense of community, belongingness and togetherness, that they just over looked the fact that they were sending their neighbours the Jews off to death or concentration camps. What lies did they tell themselves to get by? Or did they just have a completely separate reality? I don't really know, I can't try to really exhume that part of history, and dissect it, but I think what we are coming upon is very close and similar.

So how are people going to see the truth? I didn't. I know this signalling crap has been going on since I was in college, and I am sure even before them, but I just could not have wrapped my mind around this. I mean we are taught that only the Russians and Chinese and Germans spied on their citizens and had them being citizen spies. We were taught that we were just not like that, but that was a lie. We were exactly like that too. It was just a lie, but I bought it, hook line and sinker, like so many others in society. Which also makes me wonder what else we were lied to about? When you start reading about history and things that happened, things that never made the history books, you see the same patterns of repression, and the same periods in history. Many of them passed and sanity came back once more, and ofcourse we can all hope that this is all one more such time, but what seems to be happening seems to be on a much wider scale, and I am not sure there will be a period of sanity again.

I grow hopeful when I think of people like Rosie O'Donnell and saying the truth no matter what it's going to cost her. It's funny America is suppose to be free speech and stuff, but I see death threats to Rosie, and all these other hateful, and character assassination messages and they are so unnecessary. I mean she has a right to ask questions, questions that some people want answers to. I mean if the US government can come up with Operation Northwoods, the sister plan of 9/11, then why not 9/11? The US government has in the past, made plans to mass murder it's citizens with terrorist actions and then blame it on others. Hijacking of planes, dead people in many cities, if they planned it once, why not a second time? It's like the wife who finds out that her husband once planned to have her killed, in a skiing accident so that he could get his hands on her inheritance. Then 10 years later she gets killed in a skiing accident, and he get's his hands on her inheritance, but everyone is going, he would never do that. Yet they have the proof that he would do that, cause he planned it before. Anyways I am not going to fault people for wanting to think well of their government, but just wake up and have a slightly opened mind. It will break your heart, and destroy you if it's true, but so will living with lies in time.

I guess that is also true with the suburban spies, some have seen the truth and the truth has set them free in some ways, but it's probably making them miserable in others. Simply put, ignorance is bliss. I am seeing the dark side of this, thank God. If I wasn't I might think it was cool, or suave to be a Suburban Spy, these people get to play at this, and I have to fight for my survival. Well really we all do, cause the truth is not very pretty, and I feel bad for the ones who finally start to understand what God they are truly serving.

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Thursday, April 05, 2007

Hero vs zero move.

Zero move not a hero move.



My thoughts

Ok is this what it's come down to? This is what being heroic now is to you people? Shocking. Give me a break. This is not heroic. I think I enjoyed his move up to the point where he actually put the litter back in the guys lap. I think that's going way too far.

I hate litter as much as the next person, but I hope you will not see me going that far. Now I recently had an incident with a S.S. (Suburban Spy) After coming on the train and signalling frantically to the other S.S. to find out what was up, and them all pointing to me as the game of the moment, he decided after a couple of stops to get off the train and to leave his garbage. I was like ah an, I don't think so. I signalled to him to pick that thing up and take it with him. He was one of those slow looking ones that look kinda now quite there.

Just cause you are an S.S. it does not give you the right to litter the city. However I was not about to go and pick up his litter and force it into his hands. If I see someone littering, I will give them a look, or kinda on the rare occasion point to the litter they are leaving behind, but to go and place the litter back into their hands, might be going a bit too far. If they don't have enough respect for the city or whatever, to know to pick up their own garbage, you don't need to walk behind them like their mother and put the garbage back in this person's lap, which is what this guy did.

Then he's all like, I feel like batman. Hello have you seen batman?
Here is a picture of you, oh wait, you are not in wikipedia and I would take a picture of you, but you are too busy running off like a *itch. Give me a break. You are not batman, and people lauding this as heroic, either don't remember what heroic truly was or the standards have just come down so low, that this is what passes as heroic in this day and time. Snitches and
wimpy men who run and flee after throwing ashes into someones car.
Now just so you can remember, heroic use to be, war heroes, the person who donates their bone marrow, or liver to someone else, use to be fire fighter, the single parent who sacrifices everything so their kids can have a better life, the person who saves someone from choking, the child administers CPR till the paramedics can get there, the dog who drags their owner to
safety. These things use to be heroic, and maybe because we see so little of this stuff nowadays, we mistakenly think that throwing ashes into someones lap cause they are a litter bug, and running off is heroic.

I am not trying to disrespect this guy's move, but come on heroic? Like I said, I liked what he did, up to a point, after that however he just lost me. However he seems to have attracted the mindless media and a few other followers who think this is what passes as heroic for this time period. Maybe for him it was heroic, and maybe he deserves his two minutes of fame,
but this is the world that laudes the maundane and lifts and elevates it to the level of fame.

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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

No Fate.

This is most likely a part of why we have all this mobbing bs happening. These people in every country and in every city are operating the same way. They are helping to drive their fellow co-workers to suicide and they don't even care. I wonder if the captivity of these people will not somehow be deserved?

This is the stuff of the mean streets of high school taken into the board rooms and offices of America, Canada, and the UK.

All this bs is this system working right here. When Nora Davenport wrote Mobbing and Emotional Abuse in the American workplace I wonder if she was aware of this system?

I would imagine that some one like Kenneth Westhues, might be aware of this sort of system. He has been writing about Mobbing in the Academic world for a very long time, and he is a very keen individual.

How long has this system been working? Europe seems to have become aware of this mobbing phenomenon earlier than there American and North American counter parts.
Mobbing has always been around in some form, but recently there seems to have been an reinsurance and escalation of it. It all leaves you in awe.

The zero tolerance programs in the high schools works away at the none compliant, pushing them out of the school system and into the hands of the courts and law enforcement, till they are absorbed by the system or pushed to the sides and marginalised. I notice that many high school kids, rather young adults are also taking part in this Suburban Spying. I wonder if this is why we have more bullying, or do we now just have more people who are willing to stand by and nurture this sort of behaviour?

Explains some of the increased suicides, mental illness. I wonder if some of the addictions have anything to do with this?

From what I can see, some people go through an adjustment period when they discover this stuff. Others are ok I guess cause they were always compliant. They learnt a long time ago that the best way to get through this world is to just do as you are told and to not think for yourself, or take independent action. I wonder how people can live like this? Doesn't it bother them?

I keep thinking of those high school shootings and those others like Kimveer Gill, and I wonder if there was any evidence of this kind of stuff behind those incidents? I mean it was only in the last decade that people like Tim Fields started linking and connecting the bullying to many of these shootings.

Before this stuff I probably would have written off someone like Kimveer Gill who said they were being followed around for six years as paranoid, now I know better.

I guess 20 years from no someone will request his FOIA, freedom of information files and maybe we will know the truth one way or another.

I am just so sad to think that the world is just going along with this stuff. In our movies and writing's we are so much braver and heroic than this. Is not like suppose to imitate art, sometimes?

Based on the book 2020 by Niki Raspana is a grand plan for Global Dominance and who or what can stand in it's way?

Yet throughout history there have been others that were bound and trapped by the state who cried out for freedom and their cries were heard, and didn't they have the Red Seas parted for them? Didn't they get to the promised land?

Final thoughts change is possible, and harsh and brutal systems can be defeated or over come, humans have a history of doing this, but we also have an equal history of sitting back and letting those systems come to pass until it suites our own needs to stop them. If we could only learn to care sooner rather than later, maybe we could prevent some of these tragedies before
they began and not after.

Quote:Sarah Connor: [narrating] The unknown future rolls toward us. I face it, for the first time, with a sense of hope. Because if a machine, a Terminator, can learn the value of human life, maybe we can too.

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Random Thoughts.

These are just some random thoughts. Each on it's own not a real post. Together but not much better, but just some interesting and fun stuff for a change.

This is freaking Amazing. This three year old can do the Rubik's cube puzzle in 114 seconds. I would be happy to be able to just solve the puzzle.

I wanted to write a full blog post about it, but really, just watch the video, it speaks for itself.

Ok the Hansons 10 years after MMMBop boop? Time flies.

The brothers now.

10 years ago.

It's also the 10 year anniversary since Princess Diana died. It all goes by so quickly.

Be prepared to lose some brain cells.

This is the new video by Alanis Morissette.

This was the original by the black eyed peas.

The Alanis video is so funny. I love the drama.

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Monday, April 02, 2007

How it's working.

I was over at a forum which I don't frequent that much anymore. I have had a standing debate about electronic harassment. Ever since someone clued me into the fact that it was probably transducers or something else responsible for the bulk of the harassment happening to targets I have been trying to find the scientific explanation behind what is being done to torture many people in their homes.
I responded back in a very credible manner and explained that even though I did not know exactly how it was being done, I knew it was not space age technology being used on us. I explained that it was simple science and it would just be a time before people caught on to the simple science of the whole thing.
I did put forward a few ideas however and then I sent off the post. I had sent off another post a few minutes earlier. After sending off this post and reading a couple more. The forum stopped allowing postings. I was thinking, I wonder if the last post is going to get erased? After I posted I realised that my posting made more sense than I had thought and that it might be closer to the truth than appreciated.
I am sure what is being used is just simple science, smoke and mirrors as one target called it. People are trying to make targets think that it's all this advanced technology being used to torture them, when in fact it's just simple science at work. Just like the wizard of oz. Don't get me wrong, there is space age science happening in the world, but what is being done to targets is not space age stuff.
So I first pointed out that where I am, every time it gets quite and the vibrations stop that they have to bang on the floors, walls or ceiling to get the response they are looking for. I pointed out that it probably was very similar to the movie Dare Devil, where sound creates an image, and then you can see what is going on without having to do any invasive surveillance. A type of radar or sonar. They have something called a fish finder that does something like that under water using sonar. Plus I pointed out the transducers could track someone walking in a house on a floor to such a degree, that in a house of five people you would know which one was walking at which time on the floor.
Then I was asked what science I knew of that could levitate people and smash objects, at a distance. I pointed out that humans and other things have a magnetic center or picks up on magnets in the environment. So much so that they have actually been able to levitate frogs using the magnetism within their bodies. If they could get a powerful enough magnet, they could levitate humans as well.,%2520Sarcol,%2520Haystead,%2520Ng%2520-%2520Magnetic%2520Leviation%2520Trains.pdf+levitating+humans+with+magnets&hl=en&ct=clnk&cd=6&gl=ca
Well you don't have to levitate us, but with powerful magnets you could cause reactions in the human body, that other things would not necessarily pick up. Also I pointed out that sound could smash glass, invisible sound waves could do it quite easily. Just like Opera singers or the right pitch can smash glass, use invisible sound waves at the right frequency. I also posted a link to show how sound had been used to levitate small amphibians etc.
I think then made some other points but then decided to leave it at that, since ehaassment is not my main subject matter right now.
I then found that my post was missing after the little forum service interruption. So I thought that I would share some of my musings here which are not as well put together as they were last night, but I hope it can give targets a few places to look for the answers, which are simple.
I have even been doing some light reading on how heat gets transferred.
Magnets can even be used to levitate a sumo wrestle, if he is standing on a disk. Science and technology have come a long way. FE1C63&index=1 FE1C63&index=3
Now how is this working? God how is this not working? They have every angle covered but loose, however there is always an opening for people who really want to be free, so here goes.
I found out that I was being gang stalked, which now turns out to just be another Cointelpro, Red Squads combined with our Suburban Spy force type thing.
[b]Disinfo. [/b]
I learnt about disinformation campaigns along the way and that things are not as they seem, in fact they are not at all how they seem. These people have it so wired that every place you go, they have reach and they can get to you.
One of the first forums I went to was a stalking forum, probably the most popular ones. I went there only to discover that most of the people on that forum were perps, or people interested in keeping my story quite. What I would also discover, and maybe never be able to prove is that one of those people on the forum who signed up after I did, was someone from work, who I would say held a very high position and whom I sat beside on a regular basis. I discovered this based on something that was said, that's pretty creepy and scary.
More creepy is that you had people on that site who it seems their job is to hang out on the forum, become popular posters and then when a target of harassment or stalking like me posts, then they push the posts down, to get rid of them. So this way they keep these postings from being read. This seems to be the job of these people. Also the forum like Mark M. Rich pointed out that there was a connection to some kind of corporation.
How else it's working. What you don't realise.
[b]All the basis are covered by them.[/b]
When they go to put out help or support forums, or if they are trying to run a disinfo campaign, they will cover every base. This means that targets when they are going for help to these forums, most of them are run by people that they have put in place to run them. The few honest ones that are run by real targets or genuine survivors are going to be over run by them.Eg. Let's say the subject is government corruption. Let's say you have 10 sites about this stuff. 8 of those sites will probably be run by people they have converted, bribed, corrupted, or purposely put in place to run those. So someone going for help on government corruption will be going right into the loving arms of the very people that they are trying to get away from, or giving out information to the very people they are trying to get away from.
I learnt this the hard way. As a gang stalking target, the first thing they wanted was my name, which I did not really give at the time, and my location. Not so that they could trust me, but so that they could find out who I was, and which tactics to start using to perp me off.
They have it all covered, when it comes to these support and help places. When you then have legit people who try to run forums, then you will still have the perps take over, and unless you have an amazing moderator, they will take over the forum. Just like how they infiltrate groups offline, they do the same thing online. You will find maybe 1 honest in 10 depending.
[b]They are all bad[/b]
When I first came online from the readings learnt that there would be things called perps, Suburban Spies who troll forums to throw targets off their game. However when I would think one person was a perp, they would do or say something to make me unsure. Then they would argue with someone I knew was a perp for sure, then I would be unsure. Then I read this really great thing from this site for survivors of ritual abuse, or something like that. It said that they are both perps. What these people do is that they will play off of each other. Think good cop bad cop. They will pretend to be enemies and argue amongst themselves. So you are forced to choose sides, because you think that well if A is arguing with B and B is a perp surly A must be good. Not so, most times, they are both perps, and that's how it's working. This does not go for just gang stalking. This goes for just about everything. These people have been at this for such a long time, they know the game better than all of us, and those who are new to this, how could we have any way of knowing this stuff? That such deceit and treachery exists in the world? That the world is corrupt and that this world will go to any length to try to hold you down and prevent you from getting justice? There is no way we could have know this stuff. The thing is however now that you sort of know how it's working be on your guard, trust yourself, maybe God.
Apparently David Lawson said to not trust anyone, and if I am correct, he is either a really bad detective, or a perp, so that should tell you something. I don't know how people are suppose to win and get free of this corrupt system. I mean this stuff goes way back, it's not new like I thought, it's way more ingranded than first realised. Also we have been not told the truth in society about so many things, and we have been brain washed.
One more way that things are working.
[b]If you are in a cult, would you know?[/b]
I always thought that I would, but I was wrong. That's how it's working in other cases. I don't know for sure yet, but I suspect that some of these places are recruiting genuinely innocent people. People who will swear up and down that their site, community, venue, organisation is not a perp or disinfo organisation. For them it's not, because if you were a part of a cult would you know right? Everyone always thinks that they would know, but not really. So since these innocent persons know that they are not perps or disinformation agents, you have people that are genuene who can swear that they are not and that their communities or organisations are not disinfo places. If you are part of a cult would you know it? Everyone thinks they would, most people don't.
Those are some of the ways it's working. Can this system be bypassed? Maybe, but why? People seem happy with this bs, they just seem to be satisfied with this. Like they don't care and then why should I care, they seem to be happy with the way things are. Maybe it's just an illusion, but I just don't know. Can humans triumph? Sure. There is a whole entire history that says they can, but why?
The moment they win out over tyranny and oppression, they just seem to pick people to rule over them? It seems like they like to be ruled over. I guess just because it's easier that way, because if most people took the time to sit back see how it's working and decide that they don't want to be a part of this, they could probably be free one way or other, but most people seem happy to let their fears and dependency bind them to really weird and messed up situations like this.
Tomorrow if we all picked up and too our business to elsewhere, these big companies who have everyone bound would be reeling, but instead they have everyone else reeling. Same way with some of these systems, but that's how it's been working, that's how it is working, and that is how it seems it will continue to be working.
Even when the truth gets out, it will be their version, and if someone decent should manage to get into a position of power for a moment to do some good, they would have it wired so that it would not last very long.
At the end of the Lord of the Rings after defeating a force that was evil and wanted to rule and control them all, what did the people do? They anointed a King who could rule over them. He was a good King, but you would think a few of them would have said enough of this ruling thing, we want to be independent and handle our own affairs? We seem to be pretty lazy like that, and history as so many examples. People seem to want to be ruled over for some reason? I guess it's just easier then you don't have to think or take the responsibility or make the decisions? I am sure I like having some elected officials as much as the next person, but I would be happy to do my own thing just as easily.
How is this working? Well it's not for some of us.
P.S. I almost forgot one more thing. I just opened up my email and it's reminded me that you might sometimes get threats on forums subtly posted. My email that I just got from dear Gerry about his poisoning just reminded me about that as I opened up my inbox.

Also I was just offline for the last several hours, my Internet connections, all were down. I had somehow expected this. Apparently not all the time on the phone with rep or fake rep and some bs story about new accounts, or repeated attempts to connect would work.
Apparently what works is saying out loud to your empty apartment that if your Internet connection does not start working right away, you will be blogging to the Canadian public about how restrictive the government of your democratic Canadian society is. Apparently that works.
This is just a small brief bit about how it's working, or not working.

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To the victor.

How will history view this time? To the victor goes the spoils, and apparently their version of history. I am wondering how this time period will be written? I watched Rosie Odonnell get dissed yesterday because she spoke the truth. I always grew up thinking that we were the good guys, the democratic ones. However now I see our western society on the brink of yet another war. I have to wonder if this is how the German people felt as Hitler invaded country after country? I have seen two wars in recent times. One that was definitely not necessary, and which caused the destruction of 10's of thousands of lives and a country. A country that held riches that were coveted, by a greedy malignant hunger that needs to be fed. A war called unjust by some and illegal by others like the UN, and yet the aggression continues.

In the last war we had Hitler, Mussolini, Hirohito on the one hand, and now we have the US, UK and allies on the other. We just went out of our way to try to provoke a war that can and will have dire consequences if it happens and yet the aggression continues. Purposely Provoked by war-hungry trouble makers. Yet we are silent. How will history remember this time? The same as now. For now there are voices who would stand up in opposition to this, and say that it is wrong, while there are other who will see it as duly justified and necessary.

How will history remember this time? The same as now. To the victor will go the spoils, and the writing of the history books. History is not necessarily about the truth. It's about power and conquest, with little bits of truth shining through here and there. Most people seem to have trouble understanding that there is a difference between loyalty and mindless conformity. You can be loyal to a person or a place without mindless conformity, or not going along with every dictate issued and that's what most people are doing. Individuality and independent thought are not taught in the schools. All they are teaching the children are to be mindless conformists, who are not capable of independent thoughts or actions. They teach them to learn to follow orders and obey. These are not the traits that made up our many and more memorable leaders of the past. They were people who could think independently. They could strategies. They could perform the most complex of mathematical equations, and create new mysteries or schools of thought. They were creators not destroyers. They could think and they were charismatic inside and out. Don't get me wrong, history also has many great fools that pass for leaders when better people were not available, or could not be called forth, but I like to think that the truly remarkable ones, the ones that we remember most, had something special and unique.

How will history remember us? To the victor will go the spoils.

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