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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Sherlock Investigations

I just had a visit from Skipp Porteous from Sherlock Investigations. He dropped by to assure me that his company is real, and not fake. He says that he still thinks that Gang Stalking is fake. Now I really respect that he took the time to drop by, so I wrote a response, and I hope he will do me the favor of reading the quick links, and looking over the Jane Clift case.

I suspect like many other good people Mr Porteous has been mislead into thinking that Gang Stalking is vigilante Gangs or Groups of some sort. I hope the information provided will disavow him of those beliefs, and I hope the correct information will provide him with new and informative insight into this phenomenon.

Here is his post, and here is my response.

Skipp Porteous

Sherlock Investigations Inc. is real, but gang stalking is not.


Hi Skipp, thank you for taking the time to stop by, I really appreciate it. Are you telling me that people are not being placed on occupational health and safety lists? That they are not being followed around after being listed? Are you telling me that the psychiatric reprisal is not being used? Because i have a whole whack of evidence that says that it is. Now Skipp, I am not going to ask you to do anything as difficult as read a book on this topic. I am going to ask you to politely humor me, and have a quick look at the Jane Clift case, and the Gang Stalking quick guide. If you can read these over, and tell me this stuff is not happening, I will be very surprised.

Again thank you for dropping by, here are the links.

Now Skipp the evidence in the Jane Clift case is not information from my site, this is an independent investigation into what happened to this woman. After being placed on a list for sending a nasty letter to a customer service rep, her information was populated everywhere she went, and she was followed around. She was listed as medium risk, only to be seen in pairs.

I don’t know what your impression of Gang Stalking is, but the information that comes from the main Gang Stalking site is pointing to these occupational health and safety lists, which are very real. Threat assessment teams are putting people on lists, who they suspect have a mental illness. Notice the word is suspect? Meaning that they might not, yet these people are being treated as if they do, and their names are being flagged the exact same way that Jane Clifts was. As they go from community to community, an automated notification is sent via phone, or email, and the members of those communities do follow them around. Under these laws, the workplaces are sharing these listings with other workers, the community, and family members. For those closer to the target, a letter is sent out, just like it was with Jane Clift. Remember Skipp, this innocent woman was listed as medium risk, only to be seen in pairs, and added to a registry with violent sexual offenders.

So Skipp if you were lead to believe that Gang Stalking was something else, or that it does not exist you are dead wrong. As a private investigator, I honestly hope that you will give your clients the service they deserve and take a through look into the information that is being provided to you. It’s been well researched, well documented, and it is fact. If you have any points you are unsure of, please feel free to drop by again.

I do once again appreciate you taking the time, and I would love to hear back from you, after your review the information provided.

More Jane Clift case file references.


I think this case does have some relevance to housing law. It touches on a situation that (in my experience anyway) comes up in practice where a client has information about them, possibly highly prejudicial to them, shared between organisations. The case requires an authority to consider the proportionality of that distribution lest it be vulnerable to a claim for defamation. No HRA claim was brought, so this decision is, strictly speaking, confined to a claim for defamation, but in my view the reasoning on the duty of public bodies has wider application.

In practical terms it means that public bodies should be rather more careful about keeping records of alleged criminality or anti-social behaviour and about any distribution of those records. That, in my view, can only be a good thing. Calling a document a “Violent Persons Register” if you know full well that some of those persons have never used violence.

Clift Case additional reading
Clift Case additional readings 2


She sensed that, everywhere she went, there was “whispering, collaboration, people scurrying about”. “Everywhere I went – hospitals, GPs, libraries – anywhere at all, even if I phoned the fire service, as soon as my name went on to that system, it flagged up ‘violent person marker, only to be seen in twos, medium risk’.”



“These people have this ability to do this and they can abuse it. Not many people know, I didn’t even know, that such a register existed.


Jane CliftJane Clift: Libel victory after a four-year legal battle

Jane Clift saw it as her public duty to report a drunk she saw trampling flowers in a park.

But her efforts led to a surreal nightmare in which she was branded potentially violent and put on a council blacklist with thugs and sex attackers.

Her details were circulated to an extraordinary range of public and private bodies, including doctors, dentists, opticians, libraries, contraceptive clinics, schools and nurseries. Their staff were advised not to see her alone.

The 43-year-old former care worker was forced to withdraw an application to become a foster parent and, eventually, to leave the town where she had lived for ten years.


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Saturday, September 25, 2010

How do we stop Gang Stalking?

So people keep asking what we can do to stop Gang Stalking?

I was on a forum recently and one person told people they could stop Gang Stalking by moving to the heart of the forest, and destroying their cellphone. Sure if you wish to disconnect from society, live off the scraps of the forest, and leave your stuff behind when you move this might just work, but otherwise, most targets need real solutions as they go through months, and then years of being systemically destroyed.

Now these people are stalking a lot of us because they deem us, or believe us to be mentally ill, on drugs, perverts, whatever. For those being listed as mentally ill, you would think that the logical thing to do would be to get a mental health examination, but from the articles pertaining to the psychiatric reprisal, we learn that psychiatrists are all too willing to list innocent, sane people as mentally ill, thus getting an examination will not necessarily clear you.

What we could do is get out own team, eg. A threat assessment team, to review decisions that have been made by others. Eg. In the Jane Clift case if there was a none bias committee she could have appealed to, to see if her listing was justified, it could have saved her four years of legal trouble, and having to leave her community.

The problem many of us have is that we have never seen our community files, we don't know the information that has been listed. I do know there is a lot of false information in mine, just on things that I have observed, that these people believe to be true. I do know they have falsely listed me as having some sort of a mental illness, because I dared to take some company to task for harassment. The problem is having open access to files, and a none partial party that is willing to listen, and understand that these files have a lot of false information. Staged incidents, incidents that do not even involve the target, like Jiverly Wong did, but the lies do not seem to matter, it's just what people are willing to believe.

The other solution of course is there are villages for the mentally ill. Those who are homeless might be able to take advantage of these communities that are springing up, again the problem with this is that many targets though falsely listed as mentally ill, are not mentally ill. When you are desperate however, this could be a temporary safe harbour, but ofcourse this is what they want. Targets housed together so they can "keep an eye on the mentally ill."

The best solution would be to get the laws changed, thus targets who are listed, must be informed that they have been added to the registry, they must be informed for what they have been added, thus they have a legal right to pursue action, and to ensure the information listed on their files is not one sided. I think this is the best solution, but could take years to implement.

Now there are groups who have caught the eye of politicians, surely that will help? To be honest you can have a thousand groups, with the eye of a thousand politicians and that will not help if they are misleading and looking at false precepts, or stalking gangs, etc. I have yet to hear any of these groups address the occupational health and safety laws, and the mental health laws that are being used to list targets, till this silence is broken, and addressed, these groups could do a thousand campaigns, but it it's not the right one, it will just waste the time, energy and resources that targets don't have to waste.

At the end of the day, exposure and awareness is still the key. Four years ago, I had to fight to keep my threads on forums, they would get deleted, my accounts banned, the threads would get disrupted by fake targets, and then get closed. Any time head way was being made, they would block it, just to protect this system.

Things have changed somewhat. The conspiracy sites, and some extremist sites are now fully aware of what Gang Stalking is. Gang Stalking is slowly making it's way into some of the more mainstream forums. There are still those who try to dismiss it off hand as an urban legand, or a sign of mental illness, but there are others who discuss it openly, and in some ways it's getting normalized. The idea is to get the normalization to occur much more rapidly, while keeping the topic relevant. Eg. Mobbing is exposed, but someday's I am not sure this makes any difference to the targets of mobbing. There is little point in getting this normalized to the stage where it becomes irrelevant. Eg. Priests molesting children had it's shock value, but today stories of this do not cause the same outrage, even though it still happening to a large degree. It's become normalized, but not as relevant as it once was.

So moving forward, targets are the best for exposing this, if we stay on targeted forums, and don't mingle with others, the information will not get out. The idea is to mingle, share information, but share good information. The term Gang Stalking is the term I use. Most targets after trying the organized stalking term, seem to switch back in a lot of cases to Gang Stalking. It's just the most popular term. I think Organized Gang Stalking is also ok, but use what suites you the best, I don't care what term people use, as long as the correct concept is conveyed, and what is behind this is conveyed.

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Friday, September 24, 2010

Elementary, My Dear Watson

People have no idea what it's like trying to expose the biggest cover up. The reality is that this is not such a big cover up anymore, the truth is out there, but so many keep covering up for this system.

Now I don't know if Sherlock Investigations is real, or if this is just another shrill front online, but I have written to this blog, and left a comment. If they choose not to post the comment, well I won't be surprised. It's just a comment to the book Closing The Gap, and the free sample which explains what this is.

Now I am not accusing this company, but I am not an investigator, and I have been able to discover what is behind Gang Stalking, so if these investigative companies can not, then maybe targets need to find more skilled companies to work with.

Here is a post from Sherlock investigations. I can tell you that if I was going to hire a private investigator, I would look for one with a lot more skill, and a much more open mind. That's my personal opinion.
[quote]Wednesday, August 11, 2010
Gang Stalking

It doesn't mean that I believe in gang stalking! I've investigated many cases of gang stalking and come to the conclusion that it doesn't exist.

When you think about it, gang stalking is illogical. First, it is costly. Secondly, who has the time, unless they're paid a lot, which brings us back to "it's costly."

People often contact me who left a job on unfavorable conditions. They think their former employer has people stalking them all over the country, wherever they go. In this economy employers are too concerned running their businesses. They don't stalk former employees.

Somebody told me the other day said that gang stalkers are comprised of organized crime figures, and they're practicing. Practicing? People in organized crime (like hit men), don't practice. They do their job and move on.

People who claim they're being gang stalked often say the police are involved. Maybe that's because the police think they're paranoid and delusional. They turn against the police. They often say that when they drive, 40 to 50 cars follow them. Everyone in their neighborhood knows what they do behind closed doors, or at work their fellow employees whisper about them.

Frankly, people who think they're being "gang stalked" are mentally ill. If you are mentally ill, it's not a stigma, but many people don't accept that they're mentally ill and refuse treatment. If you think you're being gang stalked, see a doctor. There is help for you.

posted by Skipp Porteous @ 1:59 PM[/quote]

Probably knows that God and parallel worlds don't exist either. But let's look at what he says.

Why is Gang Stalking illogical? This is the definintion from Gang Stalking World.


A Simple Definition

Under Occupational Health and Safety laws, individuals are being flagged and placed on community notification lists. This is happening without the targets knowledge. In many countries these community notifications are being used by companies and others to target innocent individuals such as whistle-blowers, the outspoken, etc. In conjunction with these notifications, companies and others are in some cases using a practice that was used in the former soviet union called the psychiatric reprisal. This is used as a means of retaliation, blacklisting, silencing, or controlling members of society. Once on the notification system, warnings about the targets are sent out to every individual the target comes in contact with, thus poisoning their associations, and socially annexing the targeted individual.


I will tell you who has the time. The community have the time, when they believe that their community is under attack by a dangerous individual, when the state gives them a false sense of empowerment, and community spirit, the community has the time, means, and methods to pull this off. We have seen dozens of cases of how they run pedophile out of communities, yet this investigator is telling us, he can't imagine it. Limited imagination. They see people on these lists, people often falsely listed as being mentally ill as a threat, period, and they are fully willing to torture innocent people, and do dispicable things, until you end up with Jiverly Wong's and Yvonne Hiller outcomes. Any decent agency would be working towards exposing this, but too many in society who cry oppression on the one hand, gladly support this sickness on the other.

This is often set in place by former employees, againg back to the occupational health and safety laws. They are the ones who often use this to put people, innocent workers on these lists, claiming that they are mentally ill, when they are not.

The police are involved. If you are on one of these lists, you call the cops, the fire department, anything official, your name pops up. In the case of Jane Clift, medium risk, only to be seen in pairs. In other cases it will say danger to self or others. The police are involved, and are also protecting this sick system.

Targets are followed, because as they go through a community the phone rings, if you are listed as mentally ill, they will get that notification. It's an automated notification. So then the neighbours go on the porches, or get in the cars, and have a good old boy time, tracking the targets, a lot of which turn out to be single women, and minorities, but we are seeing others like the extremist set's and conspiracy set, plus the whistle-blowers.

Also the community does put them under surveillance, the community goes so ape, that they think, oh it's a mentally ill person they could hurt someone, we better watch them. Frankly from what I have seen, many of the watchers, are sick frinking freaks, who should be watched themselves. Psycho's, and sadistic freaks.

So with your great investigative wisdom you come to the conclusion that those who believe in Gang Stalking are mentally ill, I am going to go out on a limb and guess that those who do not, are either not very well educated, and have not truly taken the time or effort to research the topic, or they are likely shrills who are here to cover up the topic, in either case, these are not the types I would want to personally pay good money, to investigate this for me.

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Sunday, September 19, 2010



Lately, well for the longest time lately I have been so focused on the basic everyday things, that I feel like I have been neglecting my spirit and that's a bad thing.

See most people survive in this western society feeling disconnected, most don't even realise that there is more than just their psychical body, but the truth is we are mind, body, and spirit and to neglect either can have dire consequences.

Neglecting your spirit is like neglecting an important friendship or relationship. When mind, body, and spirit are one everything just flows and everything just feels connected, everything is right, and more importantly everything just flows. When you are away from your spirit you are disconnected, you don't know what is going on in your own being and that can be a bad thing.

When you neglect your spirit to pursue material things, your needs are not being meet in spirit, it's like not feeding your physical body, and that can be bad. Unfortunately in western societies you are pushed to the edges, having to focus on the daily necessities at times, and more and more people are becoming disconnected from their spirits. This is happening to many people, and many families.

When you finally do tune back in again to your spirit you just might be surprised at all that has happened, or you might be surprised at what your emotional needs are, and that they have not been meet, even though you thought that they were being meet. Spirit needs more, it needs constant connection, and people do better when they are connected to their spirits.


Someday's you do your best, and you don't feel like your best is good enough. You don't feel valued or appreciated, you feel like after all that I have done, how could such and such do this, or say that, and it can leave you feeling let down, but someday's it's not about anything that you have done, it's just about where the other person is and what they are going through.

Eg. I have people who from time to time come to the blog and they are like, well if you were a real site you would do this that or the other. Or they try to use my site to promote another group, that I know is phony. Or they make remarks like well your site isn't doing enough to help me, your pointless.

If I internalized any of that it could leave me in a bad place. It could leave me feeling like my site was not good enough, upset going after all I have done, how could you do that, or unappreciated. The reality is, quite a bit has been done, but we have not reached the promised land. People are still suffering. It does not mean that a lot has not been done, but targets are still suffering. They are looking for help, and even though there is more information available, even though we now know what is behind this, it does not help when a target has had a frustrating day, when their needs are not being meet. It leaves them feeling like the site does not care, or that they are not really being helped, and some of them do things like go off looking to other sources to fill their needs that they have. People are human, some can handle being alone, others need these groups that have formed, everyone is different, and everyone handles things in different ways. If I internalized any of that, it would leave me in a bad place, but I don't. I realize that sometime people do a lot, and the efforts are rewarded in a bad way, and that's not always avoidable, but I do feel sad or sorry when that happens, cause the good and bad you do in this and other realms should balance.

Then there are other days where people write in and they are thankful for the site, they tell me it played a pivotal role, that it just answered those vital questions that they had. At those times I know the role that was played was vital, important and at times like that I feel like I have done what I am suppose to be doing.

Staying open

It's important to try to stay open. Lately I have not been doing a good job of that. To be honest before the Gang Stalking stuff and even now, I liked being a private person. It's sick and disgusting that people watch you in your home, people think that they understand this but they truly don't. Many will sympathize, there, there, but until it happens to them, then it's a different story. When they are the ones on camera, people watching them in their intimate and private moments, then they understand and suddenly the surveillance isn't so funny, suddenly there are cries and requests for privacy, a sudden awareness that, hey that's not right. Well the truth is it was never right, not for targets to be living under the microscope, like animals in some sick experiment, but there it is.

After all this though, I am still expected to stay open, like I am leading this normal existence. Targets get hit day in day out, it's one thing after another, but then people still expect you to care about the mundane day in day out stuff, and someday's you just can't. Before I was a target I really didn't care what others thought of me, and since I have been a target it's taught me to care even less and less. When I see the truth of mans inhumanity to man, it leaves you a bit cold and distant, but mostly I think, how can I care what people this stupid say and or think about me? I just don't. You just learn not to. After watching people who should know better believe every stupid rumor that comes along, every stupid set up, you just learn to disconnect and realize that people are in many case just not that smart, they will believe anything, and then you just move on.


Try not to generalize, everyone is not the same, but when you see enough stupid reactions, you start to lump people together, to think that they are all the same, and not everyone is the same. When we are open we understand that, when we are not open, we don't understand that.

What I realize is that mind, body, spirit is an important connection. Maybe you can't spend your life being aware of all that happens in spirit, heck most people don't even believe they have one, for those who do, you can't be divided either. Your emotions effect your spirit, and your spirit effect your emotions, the two might be separate, but in other ways they are one. It's not diviisable like many of us hope. If we are upset, angry, hurt, and not honest about it, those emotions will come out in dreams or spirit. If we are happy in spirit in a good place, those emotions will bleed through to you in the real world, wither you know it or not. That's why it's important to have some kind of balance, to not ignore your spirit, cause you could find yourself in places or situations you do not like, appreciate, or want to be in.


It's easy to judge people from your life view, from your perspective. See none targets judge targets everyday. They have no clue what many targets face day in day out. How they suffer, most targets don't talk about this stuff, cause it falls on deaf ears, or only others targets would understand. It's the same reasons soldiers often do not talk to civilians about war, civilians can say that they understand, but most people really don't. The problem with war is we want the gentle social conditions to be met, we hear that a battle hardened soldier did this that or the other and freak out, we want the normal rules to apply and they just don't. With targets it's the same, we let them suffer years of psychological abuse, physical torture, systemic targeting, social ostracism, and then society get's upset when targets don't play by the rules. When you emotional, physical, even spiritual life is a war zone or battle field different rules apply. It's the means of survival, and society does not get that, cause they do not understand what the target is going through. Many targets suffer, and bleed internally, but there are no exit wounds. They suffer, but there are not always burn marks, so people don't understand, and expect us to care about the mundane things.

For those who read about the recent targeting of David Dee's, you can see how freaked out he was after just a few weeks of gaslighting, but for many targets that's become their worlds and they have lived like that day in day out, for months, for years. traumatized, abused, unable to understand the inhumanity around them, unable to get help from anyone or anything. Then we are expected to play and abide by the normal rules, when the normal rules don't apply. We saw the end result recently for Yvonne Hiller who finally snapped lost it, and killed. It's the most horrible thing in this world when people drive you to such an inhumane act, and the sad part is no one wants to take ownership for helping her get there, society just wants to believe that she was crazy, but the reality is so different.


Someday's, weeks, months I am neglecting people that need me. In the real world and online world. For this I am so deeply sorry. I get so caught up sometimes in trying too find ways to get this stuff stopped, challenged, exposed, that I forget or neglect the things, and people that are truly important to me, in spirit and flesh. Lately it's been like trying to figure out how to get out of this bad stretch which still continues takes up a lot of time and energy. I know all too well things don't work out in the real world, people have neglectful attitudes. People who could help, don't. You feel let down, and then in turn let others down, and that is not ok, that is not alright.

What I do someday's is like a full time position, but it does not pay off in the same ways, it's like a volunteer position in many ways. It's like that for many, but you still do the best that you can, and still try to produce the best results that you can, and then others still want to have their needs met, while someday's you have been neglecting or unable to meet your own basic needs. Sometimes you look around and think surly help will come, but the reality is after doing this for 5 years or more now, this is about it. It teaches you to be self reliant in some ways, to not depend on others, cause most times they fail you when you need them the most. It makes you feel alone at times, but I do know that no matter what I am going through others are going through the same, and so I am not alone.

There are those who have been kind, helpful, been there when I needed help, I am truly grateful, but I know that even those resources are not limited. Like most targets I too focus on the daily survivals of it all. Pray for the best, hope that a way will present itself, and live to the best of my abilities.

For many in society today the in's and outs are hard enough, but when you are up against a system, it's just that much harder, and then people want the same rules to apply, but the reality is we are in an unseen battle that many don't even want to acknowledge is ongoing. They want us to act the same, care about the same silly material things,when being a target those things lose a lot of meaning. When you can't trust that your new items will not be destroyed, befouled in your home, when you don't know if your items you leave behind will be poisoned, or sullied, your focus becomes quite different, and it's hard for you to connect with those who care about the stupid things in life. The rules are not the same for targets, we play for our survival. Again some people seem to think that I am doing this for the fun of it all, that is just not the case. I do doing this cause if I don't, more targets will fall by the wayside, more of these sudden and unexplained violent incidents will happen, unless they can be exposed and stopped.

Figuring me out

I know some days people feel like they almost have to almost be mind readers to figure out what's going on with me, but the reality is, they don't. (The state can and does read minds, and in sick reality they report those things back as if they are physical reality.) I think people who truly care about you, and love you are the best suited to figure you out. I think if someone truly loves you, they will figure out how to help you and support you, the reality is however that a lot of people are just superficial not up to the task, and that's not a bad thing, it just means that finding the right people for the job becomes that much more needful, and vital for survival.

In closing, I am sorry for anyone who feels sad, neglected, hurt, most days I do my best, but I know as targets you have other needs, and even the best efforts most days just don't meet the horrific reality that comes with being a Targeted Individual. Words are not enough, but they are what I can offer for now. I am hoping to be back on par, hoping that my basic Maslow's Hierarchy of needs chart will be meet, so that I can be back to meeting the needs of others soon. Till then all my best, and what support I can give, I do, you have my support and encouragement.

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Friday, September 17, 2010

Thank you for stopping by

I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you to all the blog readers out there who have stopped by. Thank you for taking the time to come by, read the postings, and leaving your comments. You are appreciated very much.

My Thanks,

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Monday, September 13, 2010

Deesillustration a Targeted Individual?

Is David Dees of Deesillustration a Targeted Individual?

For those who don't know David, you likely know of his artwork. His artwork has become quite popular across the internet. He does a variety of graphic wallpaper art, that depict how society is slowly being encompassed by the New World Order. His art often speaks for itself, and the works are very reflect of things the society feels, but often can not express in words. He has gained quite the following due to his work, and is fairly well known.

Recently Mr. Dees posted what to some seemed like a rather unusual missive. He is speaking of Gaslighting, being followed, under surveillance, concerns for the safety of his pet cat, and possibly having to move. To some the details even sounded a little bizarre, but to the various Gang Stalking targets around the internet, his story mirrors their own. These might just be the tell tale signs that Mr. Dees has entered the Targeted Individual zone.

Here is a brief recap of some of the details that Mr. Dees has relayed about his targeting, by sources unknown.

Then, this saturday night I ride into town on my bike, lock it to the metal bike rack with my big U-shaped lock on the left side to the metal rack, so I can lock the body and not just the tire. I come back a couple hours later to find my bike is totally gone, that sinking feeling hits me that I lost such a nice bike, then I look in amazement and see it sitting over on the other side of the rack unlocked, with the lock sitting in the basket. At first I was so happy, then I realized I had been hit again. But this time it was really intense. You have to have the key itself to lock the two pieces back together, so I knew it had not just been picked open, they actually had to have the key.

He starts by discussing a series of home entries that have left him stressed out, that feeling that other targets get knowing someone has been in the home. Nothing of value was taken, but he believes his house key was copied. Then he goes on to convey the strange bicycle incident above. This to me spell gaslighting, and is often one of the first signs that targets notice. Many would even wonder if they were losing it, thinking that they had left the bike locked.

This time I was plenty freaked out, they are now actually following me into town, they must be watching me a lot to know I was even leaving my place and coming into town that night, in fact, I had been with friends riding into town earlier, so they had waited hours to do this sting. What kind of an operation is this?

The idea is to immobilize the target with fear, make them paranoid. Lead them to believe that they are having a mental breakdown. Many in society believe that you have to be very famous, or extremely important to be followed, and placed on watch 24/7. Many do not realize that communities have become mobilized. Under these occupational health and safety notifications, the community is able to organized, and set up 24/7 surveillance. Remember they treat the people on these notification the same way they do deviants such as pedophiles, and other hardened criminals. They don't care that many of these people are innocent.

They will make you increasingly uncomfortable, the incidents will not stop, and while you are not in physical danger at the moment, your cats certainly are, and you also could become the target if you do not leave.

Mr. Dees goes seeking answers from a friend and these are the responses that she gives. His pet is likely in danger, because the community members do hurt the children, pets, property of the targeted individual, they don't care that pets, and children are innocent.

Life has gotten very serious, I don’t like to go outside anymore, I know I am being watched.

When other target report being under surveillance, their reports have often been fraught with ridicule, laughed at, seen as a sign of impending mental illness, or grandiose beliefs, even as a sign of attention seeking, when in reality the person is in serious need of assistance, for community harassment.

Then this last Sunday I took a nap for a couple hours, and of course I checked to make sure the door was locked, I had changed the locks myself. And woke up to find the door open again. Then Tuesday it happened again, while I was sitting here I walked to the next room and look to see the door open again.

As many will recall this is an all too common theme, having people enter the home while you are sleeping. Jiverly Wong reported this. He reported that when he would go to sleep, after falling asleep, a cop, or someone he believed to be an officer, would come into his home, and touch him. Some of the females within the Targeted Individual community have reported sexual assaults. The scary part is that reporting these incidents to the police or other authority figures are usually used to list the target as mentally ill, or having a breakdown. As we saw recently Yvonne Hiller's complaints about chemicals being sprayed in her home were ignored, and she endured a continuous cycle of harassment, until she recently could not take it anymore, and committed a violent act.

It's recommended that target with apartment breakin's while at home, use a chain lock, barricade the door, or even get a door club. Close windows from the inside, but always ensure you have an easy way of escape. Targets should also watch their food supply, as targets have learnt, they will poison food or tamper with food.

I decided finally that this same harassment scenario would happen in any European country so it is best I return to America

If he is a Gang Stalking target, then sadly yes the same thing will happen wherever he goes. These occupational health and safety notifications stay on your community profile, and where ever you go the information is transfered, unless you can move under an assumed name. That is why when targets move, change jobs, etc, the harassment continues.

The other scary part about these notifications is that the target never get's to see the evidence that is used against them. Anyone who wants to target someone can give false evidence, or overstate events. If you know how the system works, you can manipulate it. Much like Russia the target never sees the evidence against them, they just feel like they are the enemy of the state.

Many targets also identify the targeting as Cointelpro because a lot of identical patterns were seen during Cointelpro. What they have done is taken Cointelpro and other tactics and moved them to a community level. Under these Occupational health and safety programs, and some other laws, once the target is listed, there is very little control to what the community is allow to get away with.

The other scary thing for the target is they realize that it's systemic. After being targeted for a few years, having construction projects spring up where they live, work, play, or other co-ordinated efforts, the target inevitably comes to the conclusion that this is being done by the state, and it's not being done on a small scale. Remember these programs are internationally linked. Once you are targeted, there is no where to run, and very few places to hide. Many online talk about the New World Order, but in this research, the New World Order has been delivered to you. You can now begin to get an idea of what it will be like, and how it will relentlessly target those that step out of line. Remember people just assume that those listed are guilty, and the rest is instant, point, hate, click, mob mentality.

The only way to stop this from happening is once again to break the silence. As predicted the violent acts within the community are increasing, because society is not address the psychological violence that targets are exposed to. They are letting innocent people endure years of this brutality, and then they act surprised at some of the violent outcomes that have been seen.

The other thing that was predicted is that you will see an increasing number of other innocent people being targeted. Well if Mr. Dees is now a target, that prediction has also come true, and the only way to stop it is to do what the internet does best. Expose what is happening. Many online will talk openly about Bilderbergs, Bohemian Grooves, who is attending this meeting and that, but here is the real heart and soul of what the New World Order will look like and how it will destroy it's enemies, and the internet remains silent, and complacent. Protecting the very system that will destroy the outspoken.

I think Morpheus from the Matrix said it best.

Morpheus: The Matrix is a system, Neo. That system is our enemy. But when you're inside, you look around, what do you see? Business men, teachers, lawyers, carpenters. The very minds of the people we are trying to save. But until we do, these people are still a part of that system, and that makes them our enemy. You have to understand, most of these people are not ready to be unplugged. And many of them are so inured, so hopelessly dependent on the system, that they will fight to protect it.

Many people are good people, but they are protecting the very system that will enslave them, and no matter how much time they spend online, repeatedly talking about the coming police state, the daily police brutality, the laws that are enslaving us, our rights that are being taken away, conspiracies theories this and that, as long as they tap dance around the truth, as long as they are plugged in and protecting the system, it will make very little difference, and that is the reality of what is happening.
To change the system without, it must be changed by the people within, and that stats with changing their mind sets.

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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Yvonne Hiller and Gang Stalking

The case of Yvonne Hiller demonstrates that many fail to understand the causes and affects of these workplace shootings.

Yvonne Hiller in my opinion was most likely a Gang Stalking target. What this means is that at some point in her work history she had likely been placed on a notification list. A list that would alert those around her that she had displayed violent or threatening behavior in the past.

Ms. Hiller did have a history of verbal and possible physical altercations in the last few years it's been reported. Many people will see this and go, well then the list works. Surly if she killed people then she was violent and it was right to put her on the list, but this is the wrong conclusion. The pattern that has been seen, and that is happening is the same pattern the mobbing community identified. Years and years of psychologically abusive targeting, will cause violent outcomes. Putting people on these notification lists, exposes them to years, and months of harassment. They are exposed to harassment such as being sprayed with chemicals, consistent rumours and slander, such as Ms. Hiller complained about. Harassment that is often very real, but so subtle that it's almost impossible to prove.

Ms. Hiller had made complaints about workplace harassment, being sprayed by chemicals and other items by co-workers. At home she had the same complaints that chemicals were being sprayed in her home. Her calls to fire departments, and police went ignored. The harassment is meant to be subtle, hard to prove, but this is the same type of targeting that is happening to many others that are listed under these workplace occupational health and safety notification lists. Remember you can end up on these lists via work, school, or the community. Once added your life becomes hell, a systemic cycle of abuse that is hard to prove, and even harder for others to imagine. Cries for help are seen as a sign of mental illness, and every complaint there after is viewed as a need for psychological help. The reality is that once placed on these lists, people are being harassed.

There is a system, a deliberate organized system that is connected, coordinated, and capable of destroying a persons life, with harassment's that are so subtle, the target can often not prove that any of it was ever happening, and that is the reality. Once added to these community notifications, and workplace listings, you almost create a self fulfilling prophecy.

TAG originated with the recognition that organizations and individuals need help coping with the irrational, abnormal, and dangerous behavior of others. Whether the problem is a threatening employee, domestic violence, stalking, a defamation campaign designed to discredit a product or person, an impaired executive or officer, an irrational neighbor or tenant, a sexual predator circling a loved one, fiduciary abuse of an elder, or a kidnapping, TAG meets the need for rapid, expert, confidential guidance.

Organizations such as this probably view cases such as Ms. Hiller and feel that their practices are justified, that their threat assessments do work. The reality is the very nature of these programs are often times driving the end results all over various countries. That is why Gang Stalking targets have popped up all across the internet, and in a variety of countries.

To date awareness has been part of the key to trying to combat what is happening. It took years for it to be recognized that bullying lead to school shootings, more years to realized that workplace mobbing leads to shootings, and how much longer will it take to realize and draw the correct correlation that putting people on these lists are leading to some of these violent community situations and circumstances? You can not put people on lists, and notify those around them, without expecting the harassment and mobbing that it inevitably creates. Individuals have a right to know that they are on such listings. Legally it would give them the ability to fight back, and be properly assessed, but that would likely undermine the agenda that is currently at play.

The listings are often deliberate, they target females and minorities above average. They also target whistle-blowers and those who stand out in some fashion, to a higher degree. Conspiracy sites and extremist sites, are starting to have members pop up with these complaints above average as well. The more outspoken you are, the less you are the type to go along with the status quo, the sad reality is that you have a greater chance in future of being added to one of these lists, by some member of some distant threat assessment team you have never meet. Using these occupational health and safety laws, your reputation and everything you worked for is open to defamation of your character, and the scary part is just like in the former Soviet Union it's all behind your back, you don't get to see the evidence against you, whither it's true or false.

In future as creepy as it sounds, they could even use what people are thinking against them, and it could have no basis in their actual actions. These remote assessments are junk science at best, and dangerous at worst. The reality is they often target people who are being victimized at work and in the community, etc. These assessments then put all the blame on the victim, saying that the events can't be proven, it's all just in their heads, when the reality is the harassment is often happening, and often very real.

The only way this will change is when these lists affect more and more members of society, and they start to encompass a wider scope of individuals, but until them, we are likely to face an increasing number of tragedies such as the one witnessed recently.

The only way this will change is if people speak out, stop keeping the secrets of this system, it's destroying lives, and it's causing these end results, that the society then pretends to be so shocked and horrified by.

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Sunday, September 05, 2010

Sweet Sleep

Sweet Sleep

Well my dreams are not always sweet, sleep is not always peaceful, it's the one border I can't fully close off, but when it is sweet, I seem to keep coming back to some of the same places.

I have been buring the candle at both ends, looking forward to some zzz, but I wanted to take a moment to give gratitiude to those things, and people who make you feel safe, who rescue the things that you can not save yourself. My eternal gratitude.

I can't think of anything else I prefer than those things right now. Those things mean a lot to me.

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Thursday, September 02, 2010

Gang Stalking vs Occupational Health and Safety

Regarding occupational health and privacy. A great Q & A

Question: Hi, my name is Peter Williams. I'm with the Workplace Consulting Services with the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health and I just have a question for Mr. Roher regarding a couple of things. One, the sharing of information between organizations, you mentioned about the example of the student that had sexually assaulted someone and then went to another school and there wasn't sharing and I'm just wondering in terms of the whole privacy act, how that - how much one employer can share that with another and also in terms of police checks, whether an employer has the right to mandate a police check to prevent possible violence?

Eric Roher: Excellent questions. Let me address the first question - ......

The sharing of information of course is a very complex and sensitive issue. Let me break it down into two aspects. First confidential documents or records and clearly documents are protected and in the province of Ontario, if you are working for a government agency or a government department, the Freedom of Information Act, the Freedom HCHSA Teleconference: How to Develop and Implement a Workplace Violence Prevention Program of Information and Protection of Privacy Act will have an impact or if you are working in a school board or power commission in a municipal, the municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act will have an impact and that is of course that you cannot disclose personal information that is recorded information without the consent of that individual.

You have to be very very careful about any kind of recorded information. You won't be able to disclose it or produce it. However that being said, if someone calls you, if someone - if someone calls you about the status of a particular employee and you know that there are violent tendencies, I mean you cannot - I encourage you to be frank, I encourage you to tell the truth. At the very least, what you can say is "the employee started on X date, these were his duties and responsibilities. He departed the workplace on Y date" but if the employer asks you, "Well, did the employee perform well?" you have to be honest and - or you don't answer the question and then what we call an adverse inference is drawn.

With respect to the organization itself where you are supplying let's say information within the organization, my view is that you supply the information on a need-to-know basis. So where a student is transferring from one school to another and the school has - the student you know has violent tendencies, the school - the student has been suspended two or three times for pulling out a knife or a weapon, what you would do in my view is you could inform the receiving principal of that student, of that student's problems or history and that principal will be forewarned and will be able to inform staff on a need-to-know basis, but you would do it with a great deal of sensitivity and recognizing that, you know, the student has a right to confidentiality.

Sorry, about that long answer.

This was an excellent answer and really gave some insight into what the individual is required to do, once their is a warning of any kind on a persons file. Most targets do not have anything such as violent incidents such as the above, but most are treated in similar fashion. Most don't think that they have any kind of a marker. Eg. I had lead what I thought was a squeaky clean life. I could think of nothing anyone could use against me, but for fun I did look into my own records that I could easily access, you have my postings about that adventure, and that's it. It never occurred to me, that an employer could have the capacity to inflict harm on someone for trying to defend themselves, but it happens all the time, in mobbing, bullying, cases, where they do exactly just these types of retributions.

Operator: Thank you. Our next question comes from Lenore Ison of St. Christopher House. Please go ahead.

Question: Thanks. I wanted to come back to the issue of sharing confidential information in regard to somebody who has a history of violence. It is not that unusual for us to be working with folks who have that in their history. I'm talking about clients right now and we have internal policies about how we deal with confidential information and when I think about the idea of somehow sharing information with everybody in the building about somebody who has the potential for violence, it seems unmanageable and so I'm just wondering about some suggestions for how to manage that issue?

Eric Roher: Well, what we do, what I recommend is if you have a patient of client with certain violent tendencies or a violent history, what we recommend is informing people on a sensitive - on a confidential need-to-know basis, so for example you wouldn't have to inform everyone in the building but if the person sees a certain counselor, that counselor should have a picture of that individual's history. The court said very clearly that there is a duty to warn, a duty to inform and that counselor should be monitoring that person's conduct.

Question: Okay.

Eric Roher: And it is the same situation in a school context, a context - we don't necessarily say that it is a student with the violent history, you put the student's picture up in the staff room and say, you know, this person is dangerous, but you inform that person, a home room teacher and perhaps other relevant - one or two relevant teachers about that student's history and you perhaps share the history with them so they are aware of the background and you try as best you can to monitor them and that may include having them meet with a guidance counselor or social worker on a regular basis or even a vice-principal who is in charge of discipline, so you are on top of their situation and you are monitoring.
The courts want to show that you have taken due diligence, that you have taken reasonable care to protect the safety of your workplace. So you have to be proactive. You just can't let a dangerous person sort of wander around and not do anything. You have got to be seen to at least taking some preventive steps and providing basic information to the people that need to know.

Again sharing information with those that have a right to know, but in cases such as Gang Stalking, information is shared with everyone the target comes in contact with, poisoning any association. The guidelines are not being followed. Now again laws differ from country to country. I am pretty familiar with the U.K. laws, but I am now researching some of the Canadian, and then hopefully American laws on this issue.

Question: So none of you are suggesting that this sort of information become public information, that it is shared among staff, especially the staff that are working with the individual?

Eric Roher: Each case is going to be different and there may be some cases in which you may, in a very sensitive way, may be want to inform staff and it is - I'm taking a school context where you have ...

Question: It is a community, a community-based agency.

Eric Roher: But in other cases where perhaps an isolated incident, if it happened once, you have a concern about an incident, you may just want to speak to the individual's counselor or the individual's social worker, the person who has the most closest contact. Every case is going to be different. What we can do here is simply set out a framework for you, the rules or things that you have to take reasonable care and show due diligence in ensuring that people have a reasonable amount of information. Do you remember, there is one case that comes to mind. It is not directly on point but the legal principle applies, it is that Jane Doe case that the police were involved in a number of years ago and we were actually acting for the police in that case and of course the word had gotten out that women were being sexually assaulted in a certain Toronto community and the police were not telling anyone and in fact allowing this fellow to wander around on people's balcony and they were waiting until an incident took
place and a woman named Jane Doe came forward and sued the police and in her decision, Madam Justice McFarlane said, "No, you have got a duty to warn, you have the duty to inform people and let them know about the dangers of someone so preventive steps can be taken."

Question: Right.

Eric Roher: So I mean, like you have got to do in a sensitive way and you can't create hysteria in the workplace, you can't create a mob mentality where people say, "Well, let's go and beat that person up because they beat us up". The other thing to be concerned about is a possible action in defamation and you are probably concerned about anything that will tarnish a person's reputation. You can indicate things that are truthful, so if a person has been charged with an assault, you can say that, the person has been found guilty, you know, of assault or of criminal harassment. You can say things that are factual but I would, you know, avoid rumor, innuendo, mind reading because that can be dangerous. You don't want to be in a situation where you are spreading rumors that are unfounded about this individual in the community.

Question: Thank you very much.

Operator: Thank you. Our next question comes from Mary Lake of Fairmount Homes. Please go ahead.

Question: It is okay, my question was about the confidentiality issue as well. So I think we discussed that pretty good. Thank you.

The pdf interview is from about 10 years ago, and I had to dig to find this little gem, but it really is very good. Explained like this, the other side of the debate becomes much more clear. I thought Mr. Roher gave some excellent answers regarding the privacy issues.

If these guidelines were used, most targets would not be online. Most targets would not even know that they were targeted, but things clearly are not this cut and dry.

First the definition of harassment is so broad, and it's become even more expansive. Looks, jokes, verbal threats, non verbal threats, pushing, bumping, etc. The problem is with zero tolerance programs, you get zero tolerance results, such as the Australian gentleman who killed himself, after someone over heard a joke, reported it, and he faced not only a disciplinary hearing, but being fired, for telling a joke to a friend of his.

Now if I had ever done anything extremely overt such as violent assaults then I could understand some of these listings and listing you as having a history, but that is not the case. People are ending up on these lists for a lot less than what Jane Clift wrote in her letter, that got her listed.

We live in a world of namby pamby cry babies that like to dish it out, but do not like the repercussions of their actions, such as bullies who mob others. The problem with the mobbing or group think mentality is that it make is easy for a group or mob to gang up on one person, then paint that person as the problem when they complain. It's unfair, but it's also a good way of getting listed. The same with blowing the whistle, because that makes employers concerned, and that seems to be another way people are ending up getting listed.

If the privacy guidelines were being followed and not abused, then most of these problems would not be happening, but laws are being broken, communities are going frantic in fear of their lives and those listed. It's not clear what their understanding is of these listings, it's also not clear what other individuals are on such lists. Remember in the U.K. Jane Clift for writing a letter telling that was deemed threatening ended up on a list with extremely violent criminals. She was listed as medium risk, which is pretty high, only to be seen in pairs. Under such circumstances when a community does become fearful it's hard to blame them. Most probably think that intelligent individuals are putting people on these lists and that people would not be listed unless they had done something extremely wrong. Most will never grasp that these listings are being perverted and used in the most improper ways possible.

For the community listings there seem to be a variety of people on the lists, that is in part why people get so frantic, you can't blame them, because that it what has been instilled in them, and no amount of logic, reason, debate is likely to change this. What has to happen then is that individuals should have the right to be notified if they are listed, and that way at least they know why, and understand the boundaries of what is being done to them. Without it they are open to exploitation by the system, which is corrupt and using this to go after innocent individuals.

The privacy laws which are also suppose to help in preventing abuses are also being perverted. If the guidelines of the privacy laws were being followed, individual personal information should not be getting distributed to such a wide range of individuals, but a lot of this seems to be getting placed at the discretion of other individuals and most would rather give up information, personal information that they should not, rather than face a lawsuit saying they did not do everything in their power. For the system to balance, there are going to have to be some lawsuits like Jane Clift's that shows that too much leeway was taken, and not enough discretion was shown in protecting the individuals privacy. It's a balance. You do need to help protect society to a degree, but the individual still has rights.

In future hard stares, cold looks, could get you on these listings, and you would not even be aware of it. Not happy with something unethical in the company like Russ Tice, make a complaint and then be forced to get a mental health check. Again get listed for having a mental health issue for no good reason, other than you were going to blow the whistle on some bad things happening within the company.

It's a slippery slope, but the pendulum has swung too far in the opposite direction, and only legal action, is likely to bring it back to the center. Individuals are so willing to give up their own freedoms, for the false sense of security the system gives them, they would hardly hesitate giving up the freedom of others, for even less.


Eric Roher: So I mean, like you have got to do in a sensitive way and you can't create hysteria in the workplace, you can't create a mob mentality where people say, "Well, let's go and beat that person up because they beat us up". The other thing to be concerned about is a possible action in defamation and you are probably concerned about anything that will tarnish a person's reputation. You can indicate things that are truthful, so if a person has been charged with an assault, you can say that, the person has been found guilty, you know, of assault or of criminal harassment. You can say things that are factual but I would, you know, avoid rumor, innuendo, mind reading because that can be dangerous. You don't want to be in a situation where you are spreading rumors that are unfounded about this individual in the community.

To often not only are false rumours being spread, but additional false reports filed, it's a catch 22 that destroys the targets life, and sends them into a perpetual cycle of abuse within the communities where they reside. In addition to this, let's not forget that most targets are being set up, made to look mentally ill when they complain about the systemic abuse that the community put's into play because of these listings.

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I found this little pdf and wanted to share.

When I was looking at this stuff for the U.K. the information was easy to find and locate. For Canada and the U.S. it's been slightly different, but I lucked out with the Canadian search.

Now remember 5 years ago when the average target first came online, we didn't know what was happening. I was harassed at work, decided to file suit outside of work, and the next thing I knew I was being harassed within the community, and the next several years being electronically harassed and monitored. I can now look back and realize that my employer likely set me up, and placed me on a listing. When I say set me up, I know that I complained constantly, gave mean looks to my harassers, etc. I was being mobbed to the extreme, and I now believe that was used to set this process into play. Do I believe this was the inception point, no not really, but I do believe that employer was the escalation point.

In trying to help myself I learnt a lot about what was behind this harassment. Five years ago online, targets were scared, confused, and concerned for their health, well being. Targets were being locked away, driven to suicide, and dying under unusual conditions, and circumstances. Imagine finding yourself in such a predicament, and trying to formulate a plan to survive, and figure out what was going on, why you were suddenly enemy of the state.

At first the organized stalking groups seemed like a God send, but for savvy individuals many of us realized that a lot of the groups were run by people that were a part of this. Individuals that would later go on to set up other groups, forums, chats, etc. All the while cleverly leading targets in the wrong direction, making sure noting ever got done. Fighting amongst themselves, then later on trying to discredit legit sites. Having us look at stalking, and other dead ends. What some did like myself is that we left the groups, I started to do my own research.

How could such a system exist, that could turn those against you, that you trusted, friends, family, strangers? Why was it systemic, how were they doing the tracking and the monitoring? I am not going to relive the last 5 years, but key points, were the time I looked at the Gang Stalking phenomena and realised, what if everything you thought you knew was wrong? Since I knew that targets were being mislead, the question was why, what was behind it. Why were they able to get my accounts closed down at so many different forums, how were so many a part of this.

After some local work, the realization came that this was some type of neighborhood watch type thing, but all requests to police, about local neighborhood watch programs turned up as dead ends. Denials that such a program existed, until I had to go super sleuth, and get some answers. Which I did, as you know over time, the pieces of the puzzle fell into place.

The research was not easy, job loss, after job loss. Moving, all the things targets go through, pull oh yes the electronic torture, so bad at times, that I survived, but by the grace of God. There were times, my shielding did not hold up, times that I was injured, but I heal well.

Over the years community watch, community policing, cointelpro, etc were all looked into, and none were quite right, then Jane Clift came to light. At first I was seriously skeptical, and thought yet another dead end, but the more I looked, dug for her case file, the more key components matched, and then I was able to find the corresponding attributes in other areas, then it slowly came together. I went back over some of the old research, which had escaped my notice about the psychiatric reprisals, and finally it came together. You would not think that occupational health and safety laws, could have anything to do with community harassment.

The worst part was, so many had lied, mislead, perverted the laws, and misused justice. People in authority that should have been trustworthy. Even after the correct information came out, the disinfo agents on every forum, or whatever they have going, their extensive, neatly connected network, have still kept the lies going. People on forums still pull a lot of the same old garbage repackaged.

The other annoying element is the silence. On forums, people have racial debates, share their views, they discuss the holocaust, their questions about that event, 9/11, conspiracies, elites ruling the world, pedophiles in high places, etc, but when it comes to these listings they keep silent. That is the worst conspiracy of all. People talk about being enslaved, but I see a lot of self monitoring, social peer pressure, and collective group will, because in some way this works for a lot of those involved.

So that was how the information came to light. The research was time consuming, this is in no way shy of a conspiracy, all that is done to targets. It's not right, it's not well, and this aspect of the system needs to change.

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Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Stopping Gang Stalking

What is Gang Stalking.

A Simple Definition

Under Occupational Health and Safety laws, individuals are being flagged and placed on community notification lists. This is happening without the targets knowledge. In many countries these community notifications are being used by companies and others to target innocent individuals such as whistle-blowers, the outspoken, etc. In conjunction with these notifications, companies and others are in some cases using a practice that was used in the former soviet union called the psychiatric reprisal. This is used as a means of retaliation, blacklisting, silencing, or controlling members of society. Once on the notification system, warnings about the targets are sent out to every individual the target comes in contact with, thus poisoning their associations, and socially annexing the targeted individual.


Contact a Privacy Lawyer, Labour Lawyer, and try Human Rights Lawyers and Organizations. Freedom Of information requests can be sent to the Privacy Commissioners, former employers, there is a time limitation for the requests.

Health and Safety at Work

Many targets if they wish to become citizen informants can go to Human Resources and request to be on the Health and Safety Team.

Workers have the right to know how to protect themselves. This will mean being trained in health and safety standards. This will also likely mean signing the none disclosure agreement and then becoming a part of this group in many cases that were following targets around.

Many targets may not choose this path, but for others this might be a simple solution for stopping some of what is happening. It is a choice that some targets might wish to consider. If you can avoid this and seek legal options first, this might be the better choice. Stay free.

Mentally Ill by Remote Assessment

"The web site for Michael H. Corcoran, Ph.D. & Associates, Inc., for example, asks: “Will the expert you consult be willing to render an opinion of dangerousness and be willing to put it in writing?” and “Will the expert be willing to do this without interviewing the subject personally?”

Some psychiatrists in the field doubt that any reliable judgment can be made without interviewing the subject."

A website that sells products for blocking electronic attacks.

"After leaving the Public Health Service in 1994, Soeken established Integrity International to assist whistleblowers in the private sector. Since then, he has testified as an expert witness in seventy psychiatric reprisal lawsuits. Soeken warns anyone who will listen not to trust the company psychiatrist.

“If you assume the doctor is concerned about your health and well-being, you’ve made a deadly assumption,” he says. “They are looking for any phrase or evidence they can use against you to stereotype you as schizophrenic, paranoid, or delusional.”


Again joining the health and safety team might work for some, or requesting to be trained in the health and safety standards. If this does work, then you will not be able to discuss these information openly anymore, because you will likely have to be under a none disclosure agreement of some sort. Some can live with this, others can not. Do what works for you.

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