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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Gang Stalking tips and tricks.

1. Use high speed vs dial up. I really have to test this first. I now know that with dial up they were able to tap into the phone line itself and monitor what I was doing. I know this because I fully switched to a new computer, and I can hear the upstairs dialing when I go on. I read on Stalking victims Sanctuary that this can be done, but I don’t understand the full mechanics of it. Just one more creepy thing to have to deal with about the neghbours upstairs.

-I am switching to high speed to see if this changes the monitoring of my computer activity, don’t know, but it’s worth a try.
-If you do use dial up, then I suggest netzero vs aol. However both can be disconnected by the stalkers very easily. With netzero it’s more like every few hours, where aol is every hour or so.

2. Browsers. Use Opera. Even though the website deleted my thread that had proof of my online stalking, the browser itself is still very good. I highly recommend it.
If you get kicked off or your computer freezes, you don’t loose your pages. In the middle of a download, get kicked off? When you restart it will just restart from where you are.
That is all the tips and tricks for now, but I will update more gangstalking tips as I go. You might also want to visit stop organized harassment for some really good tricks.


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