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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

On the Gangstalking offensive.

Trust me being passive does not work, and exposes their asses for the gang stalkers they are is the only way. So after another three weeks of drilling at all hours of the day and night I finally had my emotional, that’s it moment.

Kinda like in She devil where Myarl streep takes back control. Anyways I was really all like that’s it I want them gone. So I just gave them a very unpleasent verbal tirade. I am in my apartment, which I pay $920.00 for per month and I will say what I like, if you are a gang stalker and you happen to be listening tough. Then they got my rendition of noise disturbance. Then after 2 unanswered phone calls to the land lady. One the month before, and one last month. (Since she is actively helping them, why would she respond.)

Anyways dropped off a letter, and I am waiting written confirmation that she recived the letter about the noise disturbance. It’s just the nerve of these people. Oh get this she tried to imply the loud drilling was a niosy faucet, without asking to hear the noise or might I add being willing to investigate it, or drop off a note to the apartments in question. Because loud drilling sounds like a broken faucet. Maybe in their world.

When I do get out, I have my stop gang stalking sign, written in nice legible letters. Floresent orange paper with black marker. It quite the conversation piece. Just get some paper, hole punch a couple of holes, write a messeage about stopping gang stalking, and away you go if that’s your thing.

It you have a jacket you can even use iron on paper and print something creative off the computer, then iron it onto jackets, tee-shirts. Hand bags, jeans if you are that bold. etc. So that was a nice conversation in the grocery store. They are getting too rude and out of control, they need to be driven back to the darkness where they belong.
So after my adventure yesterday I found this great forum posting. To read the whole thing you need to click on the link.

[quote]We bought the home we now live in and then the neighborhood gang stalking began in earnest. When I walked my two dogs(pekes), people(mostly blacks) would run out of their houses and accuse the dogs of fouling their lawns(they hadn’t) and threaten to shoot us. The police would then show up and tell me I had to stay in my house and leave all these “good people” alone or they would arrest me. I solved that problem by having my SO follow us around the block with a camcorder.

When I would go out to mow the front lawn or work on the garden, three neighbohood women ( one Masonic) would actually walk down the street and shout obscenities at me and one even threatened me. The neighbors on each side sold their homes and moved out. The homes were sold to (guess) Masons. They have decided to become more subtle and do things like throwing trash in my yard or do the” same time thing”. If I am out front or leaving or walking my dogs, they are out front. One of them is a BIG Black hairy Mason who likes to sneak up on me and my SO and stand threateningly over us while we work.
My SO finally cured him by throwing a bag of dirt on him(OOPS).

If I go out into my back yard, they also come out in their back yards and make ungodly noises. I have retaliated with a few things, like when their daughter had a loud party and threw trash in my yard, I first plugged in a boom box of my own and gave them a rendition of the Royal Canadian Bagpipers and then collected up the trash and on Sunday morn threw it all over their yard.

When the Masonic moronic matron on the corner left poison out for my dogs to step in, I loudly accused them of being gang stalkers and terrorists and(loudly) told my SO how easy it would be to throw a chunk of liverwurst in their yard and they could worry whether or not it was poisoned. Haven’t had a problem since. Now when I see them pull the Same leaving time stunt, I loudly call out “Good Morning Gang Stalkers” . I have finally put a damper on their activities in the neigborhood.

In the community, I have adopted a policy of boycotting those businesses that have been gang stalking rude after I have let the management know about it. I also let all other people I come in contact with know about the boycott and why. So, after this long missive of my travails, I can only recommend that victims of gang stalking must go on the offensive in a very subtle way. First find out who is conducting this nasty business, and second let them know that you can and will retaliate.[/quote]

See I don’t think it’s erronious to say an aggresive stance against these people is what we need, they need to be driven back, and forced back into the darkness from whece they came. Needless to say, I think the poster above nicely illestrates my point.


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Wednesday, October 04, 2006  
Blogger AJH said...

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Saturday, October 14, 2006  

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