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Friday, April 18, 2008

Electronic Harassment 2

So I have lived at this new place ever since moving from the old place. As many people know the last place that I lived at is where I started experiencing the electronic harassment.

Ever since moving here I had about a about a week before they fully set up shop and started the electronic harassment. Most of the neighbours around me changed or moved out, in about a two month period. (I have blogged about this before.)

I have been at home here at my new place every single solitary night since I moved in, and it's been interesting.

As you know many targets do live by themselves, thus why we can often be so easily targeted. I would get a pet, but with the electronic harassment, I don't think it would be suitable to expose anything else to this, or to the risk of being mutilated. (Many targets report the mutilation or harming of their pets.)

Many of us do not have people around us that we trust to stay with, unless forced to do so. Eg. Many have family, but targets often have family who are already going along with the harassment. I am single so that leaves me with a choice of family or friends who I could stay with, but then I have trust issues, so that leaves me with a choice of me, and my apartment of fun. (I am not indicating that family would electronically harass me, at least I hope not, but the bytrayl thing, I am still working on that one.)

If you want to understand how a microwave could be used to harass someone then check out this video.

Now for me personally, I think most of my harassment has been ultrasonic weapons, such as however what's been used lately was different and I believe pulse wave weaponry is what we are looking at or something else.

It feels different. You get this extremely hot blast of air, that just goes through you, but it's 1000 times intense. After your muscles feel really horrible, like they are crying inside. It's painful for some reason. You get a lot more sensitive. (It like the human equivalent of having someone blast a hole in your ozone layer. If you had one.) You probably would not notice it, but you would feel the effects. (Kind of like the kids in the movie that movie where they start being so sensitive to sunlight they have to go inside all the time. Just not that bad, and most people would not notice.)

Anyways I took the time to go and meet the neighbours, I mean sometimes you just want to get a look at the evil that's frying you. I wanted to meet some of the people who have been trying to fry the life out of me for the last couple of months. Along with the Electronic harassment, they seem to have some kind of generator going on full blast, which is really making my apartment shake a lot. Eg. It would get so intense it would feel like one of those amusement park rides, where after you finish your brain is still swishing back and forth in your head. Now this can be fun for the first few days, but really after awhile it gets a little tedious.

The good news is anything they shake loose internally with the shaking, they can probably nuke with the microwaving. Kidney stones anyone? My neighbours will shake them loose for you, and then fry them out of you, so you won't even have to pass them. Seriously though, it was an intense couple of months.

I find that shielding with natural materials works well. However I think it might be time for a visit to

Anyways what I am doing has been working, but before I ramped up the shielding it was interesting. As you know they try to do this stuff when they think you are sleeping so they can hit you dead on. Also they do this a few times a night, so you get to sleep and then get awoken by this, if you could fall asleep due to the extreme shaking.

I guess over the last couple of months they assumed that I had something evil inside that had to be exorcised out. I have exorcised the Gang Stalking demons. Seriously it was not fun, but it was fun to learn what things could be used for shielding on short notice. It was also good to try to meet the challenge and again go the distance.

I usually don't blog about the E-harassment, because it's not that exciting, but this was a little different and so I thought I would share.

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Blogger John said...

Hello again, I was hoping you could comment on the effectiveness of the shielding you are using, and what specifically is working for you.

I have had an awful time sleeping for years... and I'm dealing with the schizo symptoms of the rf technology being used to send their conversations to my head.

Saturday, April 19, 2008  
Blogger John said...


I am planning on starting my own blog and/or website as well and was wondering if you'd be willing to allow me to link to your blog. You are one of only a handful of individuals I've found on the internet that actually seems to know what he's talking about, and doesn't attribute this to grandious conspiracy theories, aliens, demons, etc.

The lack of practical, realistic information on the internet for our "condition", and active communities to talk about it, is quite unfortunate, and I want to try and address that in some small way. Please let me know if you are interested.

Sunday, April 20, 2008  
Blogger gang stalking said...

Hi John,

Sorry, I am just seeing these comments now. You don't have to ask consent to link to my blog, but since you did, feel free to.

If you start a blog or website, please post your link, and I will be happy to add it.

Saturday, July 05, 2008  
Anonymous david m. ismail said...

I'd like to report electronic harassment in Naugatuck ct! Please send help, I'd like to report Anthony c. Oliviera!!! Gangstalker who has been electronically harassing me through physical and mental torture, by brainwashing, threats of death violence to my mother and myself! Physically he has given us heart attacks, strokes, heart palpations, annurisms, and near death circumstances on a daily basis. Electronically assaulting innocent victims through torture with these tasing blasts and pumping my heart till the point where I can't breath! Taking my freedom away through taking away employment, and making my mother and I look insane or crazy by this Propoganda ! Please help we fear for our safety through these horrific acts of cruelty to humanity. They keep us awake and verbally assault us! Imploding our stomaches and electrocute our minds to make us quote unquote special! I have contacted many agencies of human rights! Countless posts, countless web sites and even contacted mayor and state attorneys office. I have countless audio and pictures to prove what is going on and I have spent over 3000 hours of research on the subject which most information in my notebooks were stolen as well as countless items of personal items and heirlooms ! Microwave torture and harassment has been going on for over a year now that I at least know of'! This electronic harassment has caused severe and psychological damage and I need to find and seek justice for my mother ANC myself as well as victims of this horrific punishment! If someone can help us please call my cell phone at 203-824-8099 Naugatuck ct. I've read and studied countless number of hours of research only to be brainwashed or so called hipnptized to be manipulated ANC of destroyed mentally and physically. I'm looking to stop this torture that no one should ever have created whether legally or from underground groups that thrive on this sick and disgusting behavior! My name is David M. Ismail and I live at 7 orchard Terrace Naugatuck CT. I live with my mother Linda Ismail please help, thank you

Tuesday, January 01, 2013  

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