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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Gang Stalking. FOIA request.

Gang Stalking FOIA.

Is this specific FOIA request a ploy by the FBI to discredit targets and profile them as schizophrenic? Will this letter place targets on a watch list? Is it meant to be disinformation for targets? Is this letter actually helpful in anyway to targets?

I came across this letter back in December. At the time I had major concerns about it. I posted those concerns as comments, so that if the user saw the letter they would at least think before they emailed or mailed off a document that could potentially send them to a mental institution or get them placed on a watch list.

Here is a portion of the FOIA request, and for those more familiar with good FOIA request, you can let me know what you think.

[quote]12. Any FBI records indicating coercion or bribery being used by gang stalking groups to force or bribe neighbors, local businesses and others in the community of a targeted individual to participate in the gang stalking methods/activities directed against one or more targeted individuals within a community.

13. Any FBI records indicating the motives behind the stalking of individuals such as personal vendettas, family vendettas, whistle-blowing (corporate and government), employment disputes/lawsuits, political views, sexual orientation, interracial relationships, gay and lesbian relationships, HIV status, business disputes, marital disputes, monetary disputes, and any other similar motives for gang stalking.

14. Any FBI records indicating the funding of gang stalking groups including, but not limited to, narcotic and other racketeering funds, corporate funds, local business funds and government money (e.g. paid informants), monetary crimes by the gang stalkers, or, payment for surveillance or intelligence collected by gang stalking groups paid for by racketeers, narco-traffickers and/or other criminal associations made to the gang stalkers for services gang stalking groups rendered.

15. Any FBI records indicating the number of informants (paid and unpaid) under the control of federal, state and local law enforcement within these gang stalking groups. For instance, during the Civil Rights Era the FBI now acknowledges 20% of KKK members were informants.

16. Any FBI records relating to a List on which gang stalking victims are placed which initiates and/or maintains the gang stalking activities against them.

17. Any FBI records indicating a hierarchy within the gang stalking groups including a chain of command.

Here is a link on my forum to my concerns about this letter, which I have now seen on YouTube, and posted in other places.

When I saw the letter I spoke to the originator of the letter directly to find out what was going on. He claims to have experience with this stuff, claims to be a lawyer, but based on this FOIA request, I had very deep concerns. I believe my comments have been deleted from the thread and the plan has gone forward, so that's why I am highlighting this in several places.

Before sending off a FOIA request you might want to run it past a lawyer. I am taking the time to post about this because I have a few concerns, specifically that this could get a target put on a watch list, or the letters could be used to profile targets as mentally unstable and could be a problem for activists in future. Just think of this letter arriving in multiple forms for all their behavioural specialists. It seems to have been designed that way. I don't claim to be an expert, but I did take the time to find what others had done, and how they had requested FOIA requests.

[quote]Your addressDaytime phone number

Agency AdministratorAgencyAddress

FOIA Appeal

Dear Administrator:

This is an appeal under the Freedom of Information Act, 5 U.S.C. § 552.

On (date) I made a FOIA request to your agency for (brief description of what you requested). On (date), your agency denied my request on the grounds that (state the reasons given by the agency). Copies of my request and the denial are enclosed.

(When the agency delays:) It has been (state number) business days since my request was received by your agency. This period clearly exceeds the 20 days provided by the statute, thus I deem my request denied. A copy of my correspondence and the postal form showing receipt by your office are enclosed.

The information which I have requested is clearly releasable under FOIA and, in my opinion, may not validly be protected by any of the Act’s exemptions.

(Here, insert legal and "public policy" arguments in favor of disclosure, if you wish. You are not required to make legal or policy arguments to support your appeal; if you simply state “I appeal” the agency will review the documents and the justifications given in the original denial. However, it is usually a good idea to try to persuade them to release the information. See the Federal Open Government Guide ( for further information on any of the specific exemptions cited by the agency in their denial of your original request. The descriptions contained there should suggest arguments you can make to counter the agency’s assertions.)

I trust that upon re-consideration, you will reverse the decision denying me access to this material and grant my original request. However, if you deny this appeal, I intend to initiate a lawsuit to compel disclosure. (Don’t include this as an idle threat. But if you do intend to follow up with a lawsuit, say so. Often the agency will more closely consider its position when it knows it will have to defend it in court soon.)

As I have made this request in the capacity of a journalist (or author, or scholar) and this information is of timely value, I would appreciate your expediting the consideration of my appeal in every way possible. In any case, I will expect to receive your decision within 20 business days, as required by the statute.

Thank you for your assistance.

Very truly yours,

Your signature

The first two links above are for generic requests, and the pdf is a link from a group called epic and how they went about requesting info for a fusion center.

It really important how you approach the issue. Based on events that happened during Cointelpro, I am worried that this letter might be another Cointelpro like tactic, that's why before sending in this letter, I would recommend targets check with a lawyer, or someplace that's familiar with FOIA requests to see if this letter would be helpful, or if it's more likely to get them put on a watch list, be deemed as mentally ill, or if this letter would actually be helpful to them.

You can always use the generic letters provided. Those should be safe and pretty effective. I think to the new target on line who wants to be active this letters might be detrimental to them. Again I don't claim to be an expert. I would just encourage targets to review this before putting themselves in jeopardy.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I believe it won't work, and it will blow up in our faces. I also believe these 'controlling forces' at the top are way too steadfast and strong, and any attempt to expose and uncover will result in "well, you can't stop us" type of attitudes from them. That is, if they even fell like acknowledging the harassment at all. My experience has been, they will simple deny it, say something like "well who is it that doesn't like you? Who wouldn't think you're 'cool'"? Something like that. I've gotten both responses before. Either that, or the "you're just crazy" bit. We will never get them to acknowledge anything: denial is their prime weapon. Secondary is "Well, you're the kind of person who deserves it". I've gotten 3 responses of the latter, telling me I deserve it. When I ask people involved if I deserve it, they just go silent, and won't say anything else.

Monday, April 13, 2009  
Blogger gangstalking said...

They will, but then we will keep trying, I get most of us might fail, but the odd few might win. I watched a lot of North Country a few years back, and that case was something, based on a true story. It tells me that people sometimes can win against this system.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

FBI gave up trying to apprehend gang stalkers in mid nineties. I understand that they purged their files of any data so they could honestly claim they have none.

FBI could have stopped them when they emerged late eighties but did not do its job. So no here we are.

Sunday, April 19, 2009  
Blogger gang stalking said...

They will deny it and so what, who freaking cares, they can deny it, but people are starting to believe.

There is a time that comes when they can no longer deny what is happening, the time will come, but how much will change?

The FBI did not give up anything, since they are fully complacent with it. Read what people like Anita E. Belle have said, and others. Katherine Moore and her stalking, it's the same thing over and over again.

Saturday, April 25, 2009  
Blogger J said...

Folks, we have the winners, the new saints of the world. Not once have I read any crime or nuisance committed by millions of volunteers of community oriented policing. Every old school "saints" has been charged with a crime; teachers, police, priest, pastor, even the president. The only reason is zero accountability of these badgeless volunteers. Yet we trust them to covertly police our community in groups of unknown members.

A small number of these members form corrupted group known as "Gang Stalkers". Google "Gang stalking" These are for hire groups to harass, smear, vandalism and destroy enemies of their clients.

How can you tell Gang stalkers from community oriented policing members? You can't, they are part of community oriented policing. It is an unintended consequence of lack of oversight and/or accountability on the members of these groups.

Sunday, August 30, 2009  
Blogger gangstalking said...

Jay The harassment is not being done arbitrarily, it's being done and sanctioned just like it was in the former East Germany, and making it look like a few corrupt elements is not going to get this resolved.

I can't speak for every city, but the city where I am, this is a systemic practise where the citizens are parts of these programs period.

Each generation being inducted, not everyone, but large portions of the population. People I grew up with when to school with, associated with, all now useful idiots, sorry I mean useful citizens, who do what they are told. By hook or by crook, a part of this.

Monday, August 31, 2009  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Check new site and exchange link with:


A dash or hyphen between 2 words.

Thursday, April 14, 2011  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

For people that can't figure out how the high level stuff works (when friends and family appear "in on it") this site explains it all. They've created a BioAPI, everyone on earth has it. You simply won't believe it.

Tuesday, November 08, 2011  

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