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Sunday, April 05, 2009

Follow Up's

I was doing some more follow up on the Gang Stalking threads, I checked on the thread over at Stormfront. It's an interesting thread. I keep track of several threads across the net. I was seeing who was still a part of the thread, if anyone had been banned, out of the targets, and if any new elements had introduced themselves. Is there an effort to introduce the term organized stalking to the community or to influence the thread?

It's been one of the more interesting threads around. There seems to be a couple of people who are no longer a part of the forum, although I am not sure the reason they were banned, well I am not sure of the reason one was banned.

There is a new element that seems to have joined the forum for the express purpose of joining this thread, and the postings are pretty specific, it's what I look for.

See it's important to understand trends, and pay attention to things that are happening, again we have agenda's being played out, and people do have to realise this, it affects every aspect of society.

I am also hoping that Pipers friend is out of the mental ward, but I am not holding my breath. No I don't know these people personally, anymore than I know any others, but I worry about legit targets and their plights.

Paying attention to various threads, trends, gives me an idea of where we are, what's happening to legit targets, what the other side is up to, and it helps me to try to understand what can be done if anything. I do believe something can be done, i have to believe that, but what do you do when you wake up and find yourself in a nightmare? Maybe nightmare is too strong a word, but what do you do, when you wake up and the world is not what you thought it was, how can you affect change for the better?

How can you get others to wake up? You can't each must come to their own realisation in time. What you can do is you can provide as much legit information as possible about what is happening, and hope that they will wake up, but this is not an easy truth. Most people want to believe it's not that bad, they want to believe that the government is going to save them, and that this system is just a few bad elements. People have to come to their understanding of this in their own time, and in their own way.

In the mean time you have to find ways to helps yourself, and then try to help others the best you can. I do believe knowledge is power, and having knowledge can help, but then what do you do? Try to find a way.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I honestly don't know who is behind it. I do know it's all-pervasive, and it's very hard waking up to the reality one day that you initially thought the jealous ex was behind it all. But wait -- now you realize it's even bigger than you realized, and now you discovered that family members, friends, and pretty much any element of society you can think of is doing it too. Then how could it be the jealous ex then?

For example, read:

You'll see that this guy who committed that terrible act had the same beliefs as many TI's. I suspect that a lot of TI's that don't get 'converted' by this system are 'going out' in a very violent way like this.

Note the attempt to discredit the shooter, portraying him as a violent racist man who was just some nutjob into conspiracy theories.

I believe there already must be a world govt. in place, that dictates/controls/influences what goes on in each nation's govt.

I too initially thought some jealous people around me wanted to get even with me were behind it. Then one day it just struck me like an anvil falling out of the sky that this is an all-inclusive operation, very sophisticated and covert, that has many operatives and spies and snitches (as well as plenty of criminals) working together to single out 'enemies'.

Keep up the good work. And don't give the enemy what he wants... try to not get angry, because that is what they want from us TI's. Stay calm, and fight the system.

Take care.

Sunday, April 05, 2009  
Blogger gang stalking said...

Have you read mark's pdf and the bridging the gap book? I think they could both help you to understand this better.

Monday, April 06, 2009  

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