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Tuesday, December 07, 2010

These Dreams

My soul belongs to god, and all that is mine. (YHVH. One true God.)

Still not having any regular dreams. What was interesting about the flashback dream, which seemed much more normal is that before the dream, I never realised that demonology was used or attached to mind control programing, but in the dream as part of that flashback, as the memories were being recalled, these things were being cast out from me. They were also guarding different sections where access was required. There were no visuals, I did not see anything in the dream that time, but it was more intuitive.

What is interesting is that there is a blond in one quick flash in a later dream, and she is telling me to repress, as in repress what I am seeing, but I don't think she is usually there. She reminds me of a blond I dreamed about one night, that I thought was on my threat assessment team. How weird is that? She is not like the normal handler in the dreams, that's a guy.

I get the odd flash of that handler, at times when I am not compliant, and I get these love pats, (beatdowns) from the handler trying to bring me in line.

Otherwise I get the dreams with people I don't know, that do nothing and do not go anywhere, but in one recent dream they tried to insert an object in the dream. I realised after I woke up that it had been the whole entire point of the useless pointless dream. These dreams leave me tired, cause they don't do anything, it's like not sleeping. I have to compensate for sleep in other ways.

These dreams have no emotions of their own, all emotions are being pumped into the dreams, via electronic manipulation of the nervous system, along with the pointless and useless images.

What I am calling the flashes of dream, always seem real, but they don't last, they are quick fade in and outs, almost like memory callback, or flashes behind the veil.

In my dreams the scary part is I realise this is being used on others and not just me. Children and others, but again it's all happening remotely in these dreams, and it's not happening outside in the waking world, these dreams all take place on a dream type realm. In the dreams as I mentioned previously, what is revealed is that it's spiritual programing. The only thing that happens outside of these dreams is an odd, corresponding headaches that happened and are now primarily gone, except if I try to access some brain functions.

I don't notice the subvocal stuff anymore in these dreams. In my dreams I do realise that these people are evil, military, higher up's and real psycho's. Power hungry creatures that are in league with dark forces, Eg. In the flashback dream, the long one, I believe it's demonic names attached so to some parts of the programming words, that needed to be cast out. I was not aware of this before, but when I read up on how real life programming works, there was a lot of information about how demonology is used in this stuff. I find this disgusting. In my dream I think it was a done deal, anyone who had any clue about me would know that the moment I was sold out to this type of slavery is the moment you would make an enemy for life. My whole life has been spent on the opposite of the spectrum, against this stuff, and anyone who would bring this filthy, disgraceful stuff into my realm, would be an enemy for life or longer. Anyone, except for someone drunk on their own arrogance, and omnipotence, would know that about me. At least those are my thoughts in these dreams. This type of programing in the dreams corrupts, mind, body, and is designed to destroy spirit.

In the flash back dream, I c hear them cursing my Judeo/Christian programming. Apparently it makes it harder to program someone, when they have this. As you know Christianity is a Judeo Christian religion.

The other interesting thing about the dreams is that these people can patch in and out of a persons head. Meaning if they patch in they can hear thoughts, and see what the person is thinking. They can patch in with certain phrases, so sometimes I will say something common, and they are patched in.

The scary part of this is that there is real world technology that can do some of this stuff as previously described, but what I find really scary are phrases from these dreams that I had no previous knowledge of when I look them up, many have real world corresponding elements. Very uncanny.

Also sort of neat was I caught the movie inception shortly after one of these more recent dreams. I was just flipping through, and found that this movie is about people who try to use technology to enter people's dreams to steal ideas or implant ideas. The movie sort of wasn't that great, but the concept is very interesting.

The other creepy part of the dream is that there is a strong indication that others, others in important positions, or soon to be go through this.

I know these are dreams, but can you imagine if this had a real world application? Just like people are always saying it would mean that those in key positions of power are into this demonic dark forces garbage. The struggle for good and evil would indeed be alive an well. Technology exists that can mind control someone at a distance and it's no longer necessary to strap them down like you did years ago. You can experiment on their spirit or astral beings and program them that way. You can do all that you would to a persons body and being against their will, but it all done remotely at an astral or spirit level. Underground bases exist, but on a spiritual level, just like their real world counterparts.

The Egyptians believed in this stuff, remember how they would kill all their servants, cause they would take them to the afterlife with them? I always thought that was so stupid, and such a waste of human life, but imagine if they were correct? Imagine if these remote viewing experiments that the CIA and mind control experiments went further than imagined, if they actually went to the others side, and not just into the past, present and future, like the CIA claimed? Imagine how many in society could be programmed and controlled this way, bidden against their wills. Programmed at a subconcious level?

I am sharing these dreams, cause I find them distinct enough, and different enough than anything else that I recall, but also because things that happen in the dream of phrases that I look up, have an uncanny reference to corresponding real life things.

Take the dreams as insightful, or ignore them, I don't really care, but i hope you will bear with me in future if I do decide to share anymore of them.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello, I've just started researching into this problem, which I've had for quite some time.
Why? From what I've read it could be as simple as the time That I pissed off a local two bit radio "Celebrity", and video taped him threating me about a property line dispute, between me and my next door neighbour (his friend).That I've come to notice the Chemtrails in the sky and have mentioned them openly and on line?
That , I've voiced my opposition to Canada's involement in Afganistan, and that I believe that the Loto Max was created to fund that war and all manner of other of our governments illegal activities, including Gang Stalking.Think of it,only about 35% of the revenue that is collected, is returned to the winner's pool, where dose the rest go? I've also repeatedly, questioned, why were the publicly televised ball drops, stopped? A local lottey ticket Kiosk operator and I both agree that there were more winner's, shared around the province (B.C.), on averge once a month. Now, there may be a major winner every 6 to 10 month's. I also believe, and this I attribute to the Chemtrails,which contain Aluminium, Barium. and Strontium, are "Dumbing" our whole population down, and this is why the majority of the people don't question, the obvious discrepencies that you and I see. Is this for the supposed coming New World Order,maybe Orwell"s book was a prophecy?
So, I too notice that everytime I go into an empty store at any time of the day, in short order it's full of people and they flow in a herd around and with me through out the stores /Costco/Wall Mart ect.Just this last week end my wife and I wanted to have a "quite" brunch at the local Mario's, we arrived at 11:00, just after the breakfast crowd had left.We, politely asked for a secluded area, and that appeared to be no problem, and for about 20 minutes I thought, you know I've been imagining this. Then the head waiter, who only just O.K.d us being alone in one, quiet area, brought in two women, with kid's each, and sat them beside us.Them moment later two single women walked by our table, headed to the reception desk,spoke with the head waiter and they too got placed in the booth to our front.The reality had set in again.As I've read more on this problem that too many of us share, there dosen't seem to be a limit on money, personel for this to go on, and also the technology. I often wondered, if I'm tracked by my cell phone, because I can see in my older LG phone that it dose have G.P.S. tracking in it's basic programing, that can be turned on or "off"(ya right!)But even when I've purposly left it at home, after a while I start to see them and now I can tell just by the looks in their faces, and I've beagan to "feel" their present's, or I"ve been conditioned to their survielance tactict's. I just thought I'd share and let you know there are other's of us, Respectfuly ****

Wednesday, February 09, 2011  
Anonymous Vertel Patterson said...

Hello, I am also a victim of gangstalking i live in Orlando Florida,but im originally from Detroit Michigan and my mom,my brother,and myself left our hometown because of this.As a child i witnessed my mother being stalked and harrassed by a whole bunch of people everytime we go out in public we would go in any store and they would follow behind us watching us to see what we are buying then if we notice they would grab something small to justify theirselves and then leave sometimes on our way out of the store they would block the exit and talk trash to my mother and they would,nt move until my mother respond to them.We started changing our routine since our local grocery store is open 24 hours we started shopping early in the mourning while everybody is sleep and it worked for a little while and then things got even worse they went from stalking us to throwing and shouting at us they would throw beer cans and bottles,food,and rocks i was being bullied by half of my classmates one of them even told me that they would all leave me alone if my mom stops being gay i had to be pulled out of school because of the classmates had a gun and was planning on killing me.We moved from that side of town hoping they would leave us alone but it they did,nt as they continued to follow us wherever we went just without saying anything or throwing at us i still had some issues with classmates but it was,nt bad we wanted to stay on this side of town but it seemed like somebody was pulling strings to get us back in the old neighborhood everytime we are living on this side of town something dramatic happens i was chased all the way home by most of my classmates then jumped years later by 2 teenagers and 4 adults the three of us moved out of michigan and went to california we were living with our family there until we started seeing the same familiar cars parked across the street from us we tried to tell them what was going on and they would,nt listen to us calling us crazy and working against us to favor the stalkers just like our family members back at home did.we went back to detroit one last time nothing changed so we left for good went to conneticut did,nt like it came to florida where we stayed and we,ve been through alot here my mom was ran over twice police harrassing me for no reason our place was broken into police putting wrong dates on our report and now the gangstalking,everyday different people are stalking me creating noise campaighns that consist of coughing,sniffing,shouting,slamming doors,loud car engines.Mocking campaighns strange vehicles parked everywhere with company logos and phone numbers on them.Sometimes they block my path when i walk they cut in front of me when im line at the stores.I was told that i have a twin sister that was stolen at birth she was my classmate back in 1998 so i know who she is.I think we they want us dead so that this could stay secret i feel relieved knowing that im not the only TI.

Sunday, April 29, 2012  
Blogger Andrew Young said...

..."is the acquisition and exploitation of knowledge...from fire, religion, to splitting the atom, and witch craft, but I don't believe in witchcraft. Weaponized knowledge...". – Unkown –

What is the vision...the mission of every king? To rule unrivaled (the ideal state of rule), which encompasses everything from expanding one’s kingdom to eliminating competitors. Three main strategies are employed, often simultaneously, to achieve this end. Since the dawn of humanity, chiefdoms, clans, kingdoms, and nations have fought for power predominantly through the use of overwhelming force. Over time, shrewd rulers realized that advances in technology (the invention of steel, improved shipbuilding and navigational techniques, the invention of gunpowder, etc.) could give them the decisive edge over other contenders and this goal was pursued vigorously. In the modern era, the use of perception over truth has amplified due to the increased ability for common global citizens to communicate, and due to evolved concepts of freedom and universal liberty. As an example, practitioners in the United States stopped running for political office in the 1840s. So, overwhelming force, the acquisition and exploitation of knowledge (including limiting the acquisition of knowledge of competitors), and perception vs. truth are the three main strategies of practitioners of this philosophy.

This is masonry.

Thursday, July 26, 2012  
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Monday, August 12, 2013  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was wondering wether u had a personal email or contact info I could reach you at mr gangstalking victim aka author ? I am also in Canada and I too am targeted by cubic bank in Toronto for filling harassment lawsuit ...

Monday, October 14, 2013  
Blogger KS Chua said...

I was walking home tonight and I saw someone hiding in the dark waiting for me. I believe that someone is trying to kill me. I am a V2K victim.

-koKSeng Chua

Sunday, November 17, 2013  
Blogger KS Chua said...

I was walking home tonight and I saw someone hiding in the dark waiting for me. I believe that someone is trying to kill me. I am a V2K victim.

-kokSeng Chua

Sunday, November 17, 2013  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Tuesday, December 03, 2013  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Csis tortures me has. Richard kovac of bude in devon try to sell me hand guns to frame me up nô Alep torture 403 2441880. Joan cricket mp Knowles has done nothing to héla me i Alep outsider in thé snow mail cals by csis mi5 to faim l'y in Plymouth uk 8 abbotsburyway lowerham Plymouth devonpl22hs uk,héla me sammymcloughlin mail cals stoppée by csis mi5

Tuesday, December 03, 2013  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This gangstalking is a real phenomenon and I have experienced it through a global MNC bank. I have so many experiences to validate that it happened with over years but I don't have any concrete evidence. What can i Do?

Tuesday, February 25, 2014  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can expose the name of the organization in media but shall I do it without proof?

Tuesday, February 25, 2014  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Organized Gang Stalking and Cyberstalking, Chennai, India.
Great blog, keep up the good work.

Please visit my youtube channel 'OrganizedStalking ChennaiCity' and click on the PLAYLISTS section to see Playlist Dr John Hall interviews and Playlist OSInformers

Saturday, September 20, 2014  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Here is a Youtube channel where user posts videos of being victimized by GangStalkers outside. And separate neighbors living upstairs from the victim. Apartment complex, in San Jose California. The property management said nothing was going on, despite video and testimonial proof.

Thursday, January 29, 2015  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

About never being able to have peace in a cafe or restaurant. Like the person above, choosing a quiet time, the cafe would be empty when you went in then it would fill up with people sitting close to you and talking loudly about things which connect to your personal life. I started to wear t-shirts with targed-iindividual written on - also cults, and vigilante stalking. Concepts the gang stalker controllers wish to keep away from their dupes. I have much fewer followers when I go out. Remember they are trying to keep this orchestrated stalking a secret. When you walk down the street advertising these concepts there is no way they can track who has been made aware.

Tuesday, March 03, 2015  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Tuesday, March 10, 2015  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i am in Calgary canaad ,Sammy mcloughlin rcmp police hounds me 403-2441880 joan crcokatt mp helped csis ask her why ,csis will not let me leave Canada ,ne505944b,my mind and body can not take much more wil have to fight back any which way I can .

Friday, August 14, 2015  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You need proof

Tuesday, August 18, 2015  
Blogger Rodney Hamilton said...

Dallas Free Masonry Church’s and Pedophile

I only speak truth in these words and to those who are a true Christians I would advise if you look into this and really check your congregation.
I started Activism in 2011 in Dallas, Texas apart of movements such as Occupy, Guerilla Mainframe, and Many Animal Rights activist groups. Now I have posted many videos in accordance of being raised by free masons and other fraternity Organization’s as well and people still would like to know what it all means. When I started my protest with occupy I was approach by freemasons of a church congregation called Fellowship Bible Church Dallas and they were telling me how interested they were in the things I stood for and how valuable I could be their organization. I then was invited to their church where I met many powerful and successful people such as Myron Ullman,- C.E.O. of J.C. Penny and Cavin Yarbrough a former member of the gap band. The connections were endless. I soon choose to turn it down the offer due to my political beliefs of religion and was not interested in joining something for a political gain. They more I resisted the harder the pulled they began to teach small secrets of their organization like symbolism. They taught me their address which 9330 N Central Express way. They showed me 33 is the highest form of free masonry besides 33 degree and a half and they even sent young female members of the church into my life for pleasure. Now the question of do speak the truth or I am a telling a tale is based on your courage to contact me and ask me yourself
When I refused to accept that as gifts or a buying price for stopping my activism I then started to tell people of my ordeal and then they started using gang stalking tactics such as breaking glass at my family’s house, harassing me in school, running me off the road, drugging my food, and etc.
It got to the point where I fled to other states in search it would stop and no hope was found. Upon my return to back to Dallas I was given something my food to erupt my gallbladder where I at the age of 22 had claims that my gallbladder was going to kill me. Not trusting hospitals I refused this hospital was Parkland Memorial Hospital. I forced admitted and was told that they would take it our regardless. When done so they doctor told me my gall bladder had been taken out and that sutures were put into place only a couple of months to find out I had staples in my gallbladder in which 14 states has refused to take out. I consulted doctors foreign and abroad such as India and china where I have been assured by sending x-rays online that the equipment placed inside my body was not even staples. I was told they were too large and quite suspicious. When I tried to confront the doctor who did my surgery he had oddly been moved to another hospital. When I tried to get a second copy of my x-rays they falsified them without knowing I had an original copy.
After months of reaching out I was then told the equipment inside my body was an R.I.F.D. chip inside my body used Monarch Programming Experimentation.
This website should explain somethings that might not make any sense for now but please let me continue.

Monday, August 24, 2015  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hello fellow victims. i was injured ,severely, in a workmans comp jobsite. i have spent 7.5 yrs trying to get medical services. im getting down to a possible persuation tactic to rid us of these terrorizing tactics.i say we put a list of personal names together,that you even suspect, or you may be know outright, names or pseudonames, on this list, and put it on as many websites that you can. this , and to make sure it is seen by injured workmen or women,as many as possible,as well as people on medicaid or any other govt subsidy programs. l believe this is really one way of dissuading people who would want to do this ,either for money or even in doctors situation,where they are in some form of enrichment, ie..early retirement, more patients thrown their way, and there is all kinds and forms of enrichment,you can be sure there is,and maybe we can put a dent in this horrendous problem, for ever.

Thursday, July 13, 2017  
Blogger theindividual21 said...

High profile targeted individual reveals all by exposing FBI and US Government misdeeds:

Wednesday, August 15, 2018  
Anonymous crystal payne said...

This could be dealing with a government entity in Kentucky- or a past matter dealing with some guys involved in a incident from this date 2011-present or sooner. . I have been electronic survellience all over town, and tortured. Threated by men that our black, white, and races of men from age 18- 80. They threaten to set up my intimate family for rape , molestation, aggravated assault, kid nap, burglary, hitting charges, check- charges, murder, on my family members Thomas Payne family past UofK, and Atlanta Hawks player.This situation started from 2011-to present , or sooner. It it could have been sooner that I was altered as well. They have plan to body dump. They plan to use kids and all to lie on us molestation charges. Also the Jewish hospital does not seem to understand electronic tracking torture, illegal. They have images of my whole family, voices of all my relatives, and they our good muniplators. This could be doing a cover up or dealing with a situation in the past. They have gotten photos of all my family members things. It technology shows clouds in sky-They plan to use all races of women and kids to lie on my son. No one is taking us serious in Ky at all. This situation is what happen to me read info on her page. I am being tracked illegal. They have possible put technology on whole family -to alternate criminal acts-set ups, and has my son speaking real differently as hes loosing speech. Also my mind is blank, and my reading ability has been taking away. I have sent correspondence to FBI, CIA, President of the United States President. 502-631-8260 They sent an image on my video-some images it has never been traced. Image of unknown black male and others, and they have been responsible for emails that were typed, and statements typed in phone. They have been using force speech on me. That connection can be traced by phone.These our also white men as well, and different races.They have added images in my mind as well. They have planned to put this technology on my whole family. They have done it illegal. My son is having a slower speech..I have sent this info to RF/Lens Detector, NSA. I just want you to know that any incident from 2011-present is there responsible. Anything sooner is others responsible.

Thursday, February 07, 2019  
Anonymous Crystal Payne said...

Also I want to make clear that my son is a good son he has never harmed me. So if anyone lies on him he has done nothing wrong to me at all and has not harmed me in anyway. No past friends have , and no family members have. Also no body has threated no harm on us as far past GA companys volunteered and worked. This has been typed by Crystal Payne. Also voice on my phone can be traced with technology to get technology. This technology also alternates like the ones on this page. They refuse to release from technology. No one listening and its serious and they have also video tapped my family members and all there items.

Crystal Payne, Louisville, KY 40211

Thursday, February 07, 2019  

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