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Friday, October 06, 2006

Gangstalking noise disturbance offensive part2

After writing the note, which the landlady (superintendent) said she would respond to the next
day, no response. I called and left a message asking if she could remember to drop off the note.
Much like my call last month, and the month before that, nothing. No note. She has done this
with at least one other matter when requesting a note, which she failed to deliver, but I let
the matter slide cause the problem stopped. The next day I call and I get a hold off her, oh
yeah I have the note I'll drop it off in a bit.

(The moment I get off the phone with her, I get the wrong number call from Canadian Bonded
Credit Limited. I could go into the wrong number thing from them, or someone using a recording like theirs, at exact moments like that but I won't. I suspect I could tape a recording
something similar and crack call someone at the exact moments, they crack call me. I can't prove it, but the timing is too good to be true.)

So I wait the whole day no note, the office is closing in an hour and a half.I get dressed, go downstairs in the very quick elevators. She is not in the office, I pace
around for about a minute, am about to go back up, she comes off the elevator, oh I just dropped off that note. I kidd you not when I say these people know the exact moment I leave my
apartment. I know in a society like this it's hard to imagine that people do these things and go
along with these things but they do. Gang Stalking just like the Enron thing, is a big dirty
little open secret, that many people know about, very few talk about. Look at how many lives
were destroyed by the enron scandle, because no one said or did anything about it.

So the landlady (Superintendent) comes back to tell me the noise that I was hearing was coming from construction at the top of the street. I have been hearing my neighbour upstairs drill for
30-60 seconds, into something at floor level, 5-10 times a day, for the last seven months, or
so. The construction has been ongoing for only a few months. I have never heard the construction at the top of the street, also the construction project across the street was very different. Also it's quite easy to differentiate between noise inside the building vs noise from outside. Also it's easy to differentiate a home power drill vs a loud construction drilling.

(Oh first she was like, it couldn't be a a home-power-drill, must be a leaky faucet, then I
persisted.) The apartment is at the bottom of one of those long city blocks. Construction from
outside does not sound like a 30-60 second home power drill. There is no way that could be it,
but since she is helping them, this is her cover story. So the noise continued.
On a hunch that others might have complained only to have her fob off their complaint in similar ways, I wrote a little note to the other neighbours, explaining about the noise and if they have
heard it, and that I have spoken to the landlady (superintendent) regarding it.

So since late yesterday it's been quite. Except last night I was reintroduced to eharassment,
(electronic harassment) which hurts and burns, but oh well, I guess someone didn't like my
letter writing campaign.

Oh one more quick note, just this morning, there is some kind of loud construction like clanking
ongoing. I wonder if she will try to fob that off as the noise that' been on going for the last
seven months or so? I wouldn't be surprised.


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