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Thursday, September 13, 2007

False Prophets

David and David.

I was just thinking about two of the David's that I came across during this gang stalking stuff, and the warnings about false sheppards.

I have been blogging about how impressed I was with David Icke recently and some of the stuff that he had to say. I don't agree with all of the stuff, but that's not what caught my eye. In an interview that he did back in 2000, he made the claim that there were several saviours in the past that exactly mirror the life of Jesus. Virgin birth, gifts at birth, angeles, miracles, crucifixin, reserrection, etc.

He slips it in quite nicely. The funny thing about the clip is he talks about people taking things at face value without questioning them. This is what he roughly says...
[The human race has allowed itself to become a human herd of sheep... and until we start questioning and asking a key question about what this guy wants me to believe....]

He also says a lot of really relavent things, then slips this in. Now for the average listener, who has no bible knowlege, it's pretty easy to assume he knows what he is talking about. However this was the first time I was hearing of this and thought I would do some quick research. Seems that someone else had the same idea and has a site about it. Now I still want to do my own research, but some of the names that David Icke mentioned in the interview I am familiar with, and thier lives do not mirror the life of Christ.
The site above goes over the multiple saviors that David Icke lists in his book the biggest secret on page 89. The sites saved me some research, which I still plan to do, but if you know some of your mythology, then you can pick at some of the names quite easily and realise that many of the names had lives that were nothing like the life of Jesus, as described in the bible. However the lie smuggled in with all these other interesting things almost goes unnoticed, and probably has by many.

So again that brought to mind false Prophets/Sheppards, which has been a reoccuring theme lately.
The website above which is a website for ritual abuse survivors talks about false sheppards and the 95% to 5% rule. They will feed you 95% truth and then 5% lies. The lies are so cleaverly slipped in with the truth that you are bound to either not catch them or believe them outright.
The site talks about the common tactics that get used.

1. Perps make themselves experts.

2. They pretend to be under attack.

3. They fight and argue with each other to get the targets confused and to choose sides.

4. They will get real targets to speak on their behalf.

5. They make up crazy stories to make real targets look crazy.6. They try to find out info about targets so they can revictimize them.

There are several other really good points, but this brought to mind the David Lawson, the other David of gang stalking fame, and some of the sites that I first encountered.

When I first learnt about gang stalking, I heard all about David Lawson. He had written this book called terrorist stalking in America, and he had apparently travelled and infiltrated these street level stalking gangs. Apparently David Lawson, gave all the details about how they work, opperate, techniques etc. So ofcourse most targets bought into the bs. Street level vigilante gangs. The book was being sold on a site that teaches you how to steal satalight signal. As mentioned before the US government were notorious back in the 90's for setting up those sites, to catch satalight stealing people. The site has since been changed, and he has re-written the book, this time he is blaming gang stalking on right wing extreamist and anti-government groups.

Now remember David Lawson (Agent Lawson) was to have been this detective, that had over 12 years experience, and he had travelled with these groups for over 5 years or something like that. He also was not available after writing the book so no one could ever ask him questions about it, how convient. He would later reappear in time for the new book, as I predicted he would.

Now I have no proof he's a government agent, he could just be a really bad Private Investigator. He gave 95% truth and the really relavent part, the who is behind it, he sort of threw everyone off about. Targets like me, had to spend months, and my own money to figure it out.

Anyhoo, once I did sort of figure it out, and saw the community for what it was, it was also not hard to realise that most of the groups that had been set up, were full of perps, being run by perps, or just not very effective. I can think of one such group, and you can go back 10 months from now and things will be the exact same as when I first got online. The goal is to make sure that targets never get organised enough, and never really make any true progress. The only time progress will get made is when a real target is about to do so, then they sweep in, and steal the thunder from the real target, so that they can continue to look legit.

This does not only happen in the gang stalking community, it's happening for recovering victims of all sorts. Many of the organisations that people think they can run to for help, were set up, taken over, or highjacked by the very same people we are trying to run from.

Jesus knew about false prophets and that we would be seeing a lot more of them in this time period. Now we always think we are going to be able to spot them right? However they are wolves in sheeps clothing. They come off as sencere, they seem knowledgeable, have a lot of airheaded followers, ok and many genuine ones, they are charismatic, leader like abilities and unless you examine them really closly, you would not know the differece between the real deal, and a false prophet.

Matthew 7:15-20
15 Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves. 16 Ye shall know them by their fruits. Do men gather grapes of thorns, or figs of thistles? 17 Even so every good tree bringeth forth good fruit; but a corrupt tree bringeth forth evil fruit. 18 A good tree cannot bring forth evil fruit, neither can a corrupt tree bring forth good fruit. 19 Every tree that bringeth not forth good fruit is hewn down, and cast into the fire. 20 Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them.

So that's something to think about. Now I am not saying David Icke is a false phrophet. I can't even proove that David Lawson is an agent or is purposly throwing people off, all I am saying is the 95% to 5% rule should be kept in mind. Even for people that are sincere, if we are given the wrong info by those we trust, we can find ourselves in the same situation. I would also add that a false prophet would come across as really knowledgeable, open, someone you would trust.

So just be on your guard. We live in pretty crazy times to say the least. If you believe the stuff in the bible then at some point in the future, some such leader is going to come along and seem like a savour to those lost, chipped and tagged people of the planet. By that time I am sure they will have wipped out the history of Christ's existance, thrown out enough disinfo, confused enough people, till the people don't know what to think, and will easily fall for who ever comes down the line. It won't even be that hard.

Anyhoo those were just some things that I felt were important to be mindful of.

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