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Monday, December 08, 2008

Trying to keep me off the net

Since last week there has been a real effort to try to keep me off the net, well more so than usual. I think I am finally making some progress in several areas and apparently that's not a good thing, for some people.

So in addition to the usual burning of my skin, etc. They seem to be using a pulse kind of technology. You can tell it feels different, and it's what happened the last several times that I have exposed more of their dirty deeps to the light. I have my normal physical targeting/torture, and then sometimes they try to take it up a notch, this would be one of those times.

Let's see, last week I deconstructed David Lawson, but that does not seem to have had the same reaction as pointing out that a certain letter, that targets were being told to mail out to the Federal government was most likely to be detrimental to their well being.

That and I did point out that there are people online, which everyone should already know, being hired by various governments to frequent, join, disrupt, find out information, and spy on various forums. I would like to think it was this very witty article that had something to do with it, but it seems to be not the case.

Apparently pointing out the fact that these government shrills, like to come online and play stupid games with targets, such as fill out this destructive letter here, or follow this destructive advice there, or put your name on this stupid petition full of fake targets here, was not appreciated. Well you know what, that's just too bad.

I not a stupid person, but when I first came online, I was naive about what was happening with the targeting, and I could have and to an extent was one of these people who might have believed that it was maybe extremists rather than the government doing this. I am one of those people who might have signed a petition or emailed out a letter, before I knew what was going on. I didn't at the time, but it could have happened. I at the behest of someone who did not have my best interest at heart unknowingly, could have done any of the above actions, as could many other targets. So for me to sit back and let another target do something that will potentially get them labelled even more paranoid, or have a case file permanently opened on them, not going to happen, if I can help it.

Anyhoo, so there seems to be a major attempt to harm the target, for doing what I do best. They also seem to be playing use the laser pointer to burn the target, more so than usual. Otherwise it's a nice normal day. I think some good progress is being made, and since I appreciate what is being done to me so much, I am in a sharing mood.
So let's see here. Other things targets want to be aware of. People who pop up to join your friend list. Not everyone who does this is bad, but be aware of who pops up in your friend list. They have a way of not only trying to get you to say or do things that will get you further labelled, but they also do things that might paint you in the wrong light. Just be aware of this with comments left on blogs, YouTube posting, and other locations.
So that's just some extra sharing to say thanks, other than that there is a lot to blog about, but I have been really busy, so I have not had as much time as I would like, then there was the extra special targeting over the last few days designed to really harm my physical being, and so I thought it would be best to share.

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