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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Frame Up's

I think it's important for targets to remember that these people will try to do anything to Frame their targets.

In the last month I have had about 4 incidents with informants who are pretending to be crazy, I have documented some of them, but the theme seems to be to have the informant act crazy near where I am, then have them scamper off as quickly as they can, so when the impartial other informants come along, the target can be left holding the bag, or rather looking crazy, or in other cases as what ever they are being framed for. Eg. In Jiverly Wong's case it was spread about his community that he was a drug user, and apparently the bank robbery thing might have been out there also, even though I can find nothing to say that it was true. I have also never found anything more about this so called wife that he had. Wouldn't that be interesting to have a spouse that you knew nothing about? Apparently Jiverly might have, because I can't find anything to confirm the existence of this wife that his parents knew nothing about. Anyways I digress.

Frame up's should be expected. Eg. Recently I had an encounter with one person who was I believe just pretending to be crazy, the very next day this same person who had pretended to be crazy on the street the day before, was just coming off the elevator for my building as I was entering. It highly possible that the person had been performing additional acts of craziness, and the informants who as we know are all honest, decent, upstanding citizen, who would never purposely frame a targets, not have probably all given their false testimonies.

Anyways, that's not too bad, I remember reading about a man who said that they had gone as far as framing him by making a video. He said that from what he knew, because he had never seen the video, they had made a video of a look alike of him, in a I believe "sexual situation" with another man of a different race. Now the guy in question is a straight white Nationalist and the video from what he is aware of is of him and a black gentleman, so needless not a video that he would have made.

The point is, you would think that most people would just realise that it was not the case, but from what he wrote it seemed to be a real point of irritation for him, that and the other stupid things that they had been doing to him for some 20 years. He says his goes back that long involving the mafia. When I read about it on one of the forums, as I was catching up on the case of another person also being Gang Stalked, I was not surprised that these informants would go to those lengths, but that people were just willing to believe anything.

When I use to be in some of these jobs, rumours, slander, and workplace mobbing were a standard feature of each job, and the pattern of harassment, slanders, rumours would continue and I am not going to lie, it use to really bother me, that people that you thought you knew would believe the worst without having all the facts, or at the least little provocation, but that was then and this is now.

Now that I know what these people are, (not all of them, remember there are still good people out there) but many of them are just low, and base. They believe the worst about others because it's what they are inside, it's who they are, and so they judge others by what they are, and in most cases that goes without saying much. So when you look at it from that perspective, I can't get angry anymore and find it hard to case. I would no more care about what dirt on the street thinks of me, than care what some of these people think of me. It has no significance in my life, and zero relevance. Would you really care about what mindless brain dead zombies think if you saw them on the street? NO and in many cases this is just shy of what you are dealing with, so it's often little or no loss. What many of these people find to be acceptable or normal would horrify most decent people. The problem is that conditions like this are not known for creating decent people and so you can't put too much weight or care into it. That does not mean that you should not try to be aware of what is out there about you when you can, but let's face it, it's not worth losing mind over.

Primarily with frame up's and other games, the idea again is to keep the target engaged, it's a game and it's no fun unless you are playing. Beyond that as far as frame up's go, just be aware of them. We have a corrupt system and a corrupt society and they create circumstances to defame others, because often it's a mirror of what they are on the inside. Targets just need to be aware of that.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I always wondered about why I was questioned so much about certain things, such as "would you date a black girl" or "date a guy". Then your post demonstrates possibly why: to construct a video of a doppel of me doing these things.

Again, when I come across some of these perps carrying out their roles, I just take what they are doing at FACE VALUE. I always knew why they were playing roles: because they were shown "evidence" that I deserved (in their minds) to be harassed. But now, I just write it off as, if they're stupid enough to believe these things without good solid proof, or if they're being manipulated into "going along" with the "system", then it's their, not my, problem. I can only deal with what I see, not deal with the reason behind with why I'm dealing with it in the first place.

Example: some students are disrupting my classes, and yet they don't do it in other instructors' classes, and I knew the reason why (perps). Yet, I just told them "like it is", and just said, I won't tolerate their behavior, and just simply threatned to toss them out of my class. See, if they've been told things about me or have been sold out in any way, too f-ing back for them and the perps behind it. If they're doing something because they feel I deserve it, too bad, because they should not be doing what they're doing, regardless if it's the right thing (in their minds) to be doing (harassing me because I'm "bad" or whatever).

So, we should be doing something about the gangstalking, but keep it separate from the other things (people harassing us/disrupting us/spreading lies and slander about us) as a RESULT of the gangstalking. Make it clear it is NEVER acceptable to harass or spread lies about someone just because someone thinks the person deserves it. Treat all harassment at face value separately from the system of gangstalking that sponsors the behavior.

I personally feel that most people going along with this are doing it as an excuse to bring someone better than they are down to their level, regardless of the reasons behind it. There is so much denial it isn't funny. Nobody seems to want to "own up" to their actions, but would rather blame the victim instead of deal with their own inner sins.

Friday, September 18, 2009  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Useful blog,
Im so sorry you are a tI, too....Im a TI already for 12 years and just recently I realized...Its the worst thing which can happen to someone...undoubtedly...I dont know the motives behind my targeting, but for some reason I believe it has something to do with my ancestry...or DNA even or so I targeting got worse when I started to express my political views online...Im a liberal but I dont judge nationalists any more...I used to think bad things about nationalists but now in no way. Moreover Im sorry for them...cause I think they get targeted too...It seems to me that NWO hates not just the democratic values and true liberals, but Christian nationalists too...they hate Christianity overall you know...and so true democratic values and freedom...yes frame ups happen...they tried to do this to me, too...then the thing is, what I realized..its sad, but it seems to me that they dont let TIs having a lot of true friends, being in love, being rich, being happy...They do everything what they know that annoys the target, or what they know the target dislikes, etc...They dont let me to gain respect, authority in communities...they dont let me to become rich, they dont let me to date men I like, etc...there are many things they dont let me btw...Im a young woman btw. They do everything what the TI dislikes and mock the TIs cultural, political, social opinions and lifestyles...E. g. they know Im a liberal so they mock me for being a "delusional utopistic hippie" according to them, then they know that marriage and having kids is not the most important thing in my life, so they mock me for being "selfish, egotistic and bitter spinster" again its their opinion of me. They know I like tall men with blond hair and blue eyes so they try to disrupt every encounter which I try to have with this types of men, etc...instead, they try to force me into "relationships" with the exact opposite types of men - short, with dark hair (or totally bald or balding)and brown or hazel eyes, etc...of course the men they would like to date me are not even good and honest in character...they are the same perp mentalities...they want me to end up in abusive relationships...then they know Im a natural lady and I dislike wearing makeup, so they mock me for being "lazy, not caring enough of my appearance", etc..which is again their opinion...They try to force their views and opinions on Im sure that they suit every scenario depending on tIs views, lifestyles, etc...If I was the opposite - conservative and fond of marriage and kids, then possibly they would mock me for being "an old-fashioned, child-pumping machine, a golddigger", etc...similarly if I was fond of makeup and fashion, they would possibly say Im a "vain, golddiggerish prostitute", etc. So its very probable the perps design all the harassment according to the type of TIs personality...

Thursday, June 23, 2016  

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