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Thursday, January 21, 2010

From the inside

The best way to bring down any system? From the inside, that's what the government has been doing for years. They infiltrated the civil rights movement, panthers, 9/11 truth, etc. They have also done this with gangs, mafia, etc. Often they put their people on the inside and use them to destroy these organization, set people up, etc.

That is also why they want to join these conspiracy, extremist, and other forums. They plan, manipulate and work for years to get into positions of power and authority. They do this in society too, judges, lawyers, politicians, they get in and further advance people like themselves, (corrupted, immoral, deceitful, etc) and suddenly they are in charge. The innocent get mobbed out of these jobs, and what's left is an organization with the corrupt, obedient, or those who just don't ask questions, or maybe with a few who are too afraid to.

Well the interesting thing is this concept can work, and eventually will work with this system one way or another. Two things can happen with a sytem like this, if the people could ever effectively wake up, realise there is something wrong, they would have the power to change it. If they unanomously got together, realised that things are wrong, then from the inside they could bring in down, sabotage the system the same way they do to other groups and organizations.

The other method is an eventuality. They destroy themselves because they get so immoral, so corrupted, so debased, that all that is left are the stupid, immoral and corrupted. People of independent thought are often long gone by this time, and what is left eventually like what we saw in the movie apacalypto destroyes itself from the inside.

One process is what we might call revolution, this is a process that they fear. That the people will wake up, stop believing the propaganda, stop believing the lies. Get past all the lies they have been sold to keep them seperate, these lies that keep you seperate are part of their control structure, till you can overcome these, your chances are much more limited.

Revolution can come by bloody battles, it come come by peaceful protest, it can come by popular sentiment, but it can happen if a people truly wake up, feel that something is wrong, and decide to do something about it. Most people try to make revolution happen at the voting booth every few years, but if all parties are the same, or working for the same side, then revolution can not truly be fascilitated this way.

If revolution fails, and the people remain silent, then an eventuality of tyranny almost always happens. Then the people suffer, the good are destroyed, and freedoms are suppressed. However a society like this eventually eats itself from the inside, however this process is much slower, and it usually involves the systemic destruction of the innocent, the independent thinkers, dissidents, etc.

A society as a whole has great power to decide their fate and the change the course of their lives for the better, they can choose a future of enslavement, or they can sit down, realistically look at the problem, and start to believe and realise that they have the power, they have the capacity to make a change for the better, and then start to go about making those changes.

A desire for change, getting past fear, awakening of society, organizing, and eventually action of some kind are all keep factors in starting to make that change happen, if society wants the first outcome vs the last.

This system already has people on the inside that can make a difference. If you can wake up, realise this system is broken and corrupted, you can make a change for the better. There is still time, and more importantly, the members of the society, have the capacity, and the people have the power to bring about this change.

I think taking an it starts with me attitude is key, but people have been down for so long, it takes a lot to change behaviour patterns and enslaved thinking patterns, we have in ways gotten lazy, many want change, but change is scary, and also many are just comfortable enough, but we know that if things are allowed to continue this way, it will eventually get very uncomfortable for those who value any sort of freedom, or independent thought. Interestingly enough thought is the key, we have the capacity to change the world for the better, but we have to desire that, believe that, and work towards that, otherwise this corrupted system will destroy itself, but before it does, it will take a lot of innocent people with it in the process.

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Blogger gang stalking said...

The key to making change in this time period will involve organizing but not in the traditional sense, we are in a time where people live in some fear, the worst is fear of each other. Because of this system, the people fear each other, do not truth each other, and thus have not been able to effectively organize with each other.

So for change to happen, people will have to find other methods outside of the traditional and standard means that have been used for years to get together and organize. They have their people on the inside, so how can society in this case are also the people on the inside, waking them up, making them understand, and effecting change, will most likely be key to bringing about these changes.

Thursday, January 21, 2010  
Blogger john said...

Dear Friends,
I have been “gang stalked” since moving to Regent Park (the old Heritage USA property) in Fort Mill, SC in 2005. It seems the community organizers of this property use gang stalking to control and to try and destroy anyone that moves here that does not fit into their own agenda.
Along with the many other types of harassment that have been mentioned on this page; these people who claim to be “Christians”, use witchcraft prayers and all types of ungodly means to try and destroy the targeted individual and also any people in their vicinity that are friendly to the targeted individual.
In 2006, at Halloween, they illegally entered my home and killed my dog in a horrible way, and they stole all of my keys, garage remote, and other things, and they left a mess.
These people must be the most insecure people in the world, as they try and destroy any competition. What makes it worse, is the main perpetrators pretend to be upstanding and very spiritual Christians Leaders.
I am a Christian, and I totally trust in The Lord Jesus Christ, as He keeps me safe no matter how many times they try to run me off the road, etc.
I am very thankful to Almighty God that I can have my faith in The One Who is all-powerful, all-knowing and Who always is with His people, protecting them, and working everything for their good.
I feel very sorry for the many people in this area who are being used by these false prophets, apostles, etc. as many of the people being used to build up this evil empire are unsuspecting and often times they are good people. The deception here is very strong because those involved spend great sums of money on covering up everything and whitewashing everything that they do to make it all look very “good”.
The old Heritage USA property was paid for by Christians, and it has now come into the hands of those who are making a great deal of money off of the property. They have very huge plans to make big money in the future here, and I pray that the unsuspecting young people and others will not be deceived into joining up with them and building up their empire only to be led to the slaughter in the end.
Please pray that this property will be used to help people and for God’s glory, and not to be used to build up a man-made kingdom of self-appointed apostles, prophets, etc.
Thank you for listening.
The Lord bless and keep each one of you in His loving arms.
In His love,
Peggy Kannaday
707 Torrey Pines Lane
Fort Mill, SC 29715
803 547-2164

Wednesday, February 10, 2010  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh, My God Peggy! or John!

My gang stalking has recently also involved a convicted felon so-called prophet. I recently met his wife, Donna (and I'll insert a 4 in the middle of the last name so it can't be googled) Mid4kiff. Her husband is doing time in the federal penn right now.

She is living around where I do now and oh my god for the evil and weird and yes stupid people they are. I think the world might just have to give up on churches for awhile.

Only her husband went to prison, and the rest are all playing golf and tennis all day long I read on the internet. Nobody down in Texas can figure out why. I think they have all agreed to gang stalk instead of do time. They got to keep their money. We are in such big trouble in this country. In Minnesota it seems the police are glad to palm off their work on these community policing groups.

Have you heard about the Smiley Face Killers? Look them up. I am afraid I have met some of them. Not too happy about this but what can I do?

I guess God doesn't give you more than you can handle. Who knows, maybe we were sent here and now by God to do something about this. That is what I think, no use thinking anything else.

I have even been told by a few of these "people," you are very brave." Can you imagine?

I think Minnesota is full of weak lazy hypocrites and that is why there is so much of it around here. There is a palpable sense of evil. Can't wait to get out...

Take care. Good to know I am not the only one who ran into these Prophet and Prophetess types. Makes my skin crawl.

Sunday, September 19, 2010  

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