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Saturday, March 17, 2012

When I am World Ruler

When I am world ruler

Have you ever wanted to change the world? To ensure that children in the world are looked after, cared about and protected?

I was trying to imagine why such a cute child would have such a sad look on her face. There are too many children in the world that are sad, unhappy, that need to be cared about and looked after, and it made me realize, that when I am world ruler this is what I would do.

Right after I alleviate the pain and suffering of Targeted Individuals by confirming that threat assessment teams are responsible for all their pain and horror, the next thing that I would do is look after the children of the world. I would do whatever it takes to alleviate their pain and suffering.

Eg. I would seriously look to have every child predator be branded with the label 'The Bastard', and this is why, so that people in society could identify the animals that are hurting innocent children, and actually do something to remove them from the society, cause I think that would be the right, correct and accurate thing to do. Anytime someone yelled or said "The Bastard", it would give a list of all their crimes, that had been committed against child. I would also use the tag to ban them from specific places.

The next thing I would like to do is list all the stupid people in society that are wasting everyone time and energy. I would like to brand them, and those agents or informants in society as whores who are doing anything suitable, and anytime you asked if they were whores who weren't doing anything suitable, you would get a warning message.

I would also allow everyone to request a new feature that allows them to check if anyone was doing anything suitable. This way idiocracy wouldn't have to be an every day reality, or an eventuality.

If anyone has ever seen this movie, this is a fate that humanity needs to avoid.

I would set up a defense, slash protection grid. The grid would monitor what was happening in society, and whenever anyone yelled help, or help me, the grid would come to their assistance. Anywhere in the world where you were located, this grid could file a report, and work with local services.

I would over haul the prisons, by reviewing every prisoner that's in jail. I would decriminalize drug, because I think a lot of innocent people are in jail because of this. If you have read the blog, you have likely visited the website, and it's really opened my eyes about people in the American prison system.

I would also have everyone in the mental institutions reviewed, because after my work here, understanding threat assessment teams, this is what would happen, I am aware, that a lot of people being listed as mentally ill in society, or a danger to themselves, are the ones that should be in our society, and a lot of other people being listed as suitable are the

psychopaths of society, the ones that appear suitable on the outside, but are true monsters on the inside.

I would like to know that the correct people could get into the correct situations, and I would love to see that happen. I would also look at issues of homelessness and poverty. I hope some would use this list of things to further their own agenda's. I would remove shallow things from society, and focus on the things that count.

I would create safer structures, structures that use unique or personal identifiers to access buildings, because that way everyone's personal safety could be ensured.

I would also revamp the financial systems of the world. I would like to see a different system used. Eg. The Royal Queen Authority Financial System is a system, that I would love to see used. You would just request to activate your earth accounts, and then voila, you would be ready to go with your banking, safely and securely.

Health care, I would also love to have health care reformed, I want each citizen to have proper comprehensive evaluations, and I want them to do it in an affordable manner. You would honestly just request a health evaluation, the help system in conjunction with your personal identifiers would provide a health evaluation.

I would lastly provide remote councilling, to each person who requested it. They would honestly be abel to request remote councilling, and then remote coucilling would begin. You would simply say, I want to have remote councilling and then it would be there.

These are some of the dreams and goals that I would have, and instill if I was world ruler, because then maybe humanity would actually stand a chance.

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Anonymous bongstar420 said...

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