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Tuesday, December 07, 2010

It not just you

They Know.

I was on another targets blog yesterday and she was talking about how deeply betrayed she was by her family, and how horrible it was to discover that they were in on it.

The other thing she talked about was taking a bus and being targeted and wondering how people around her could be so unaware. The reality is they might not be unaware in a lot of cases.

My first awareness of this came at a job, I was experiencing the vibrations, which I sort of thought was maybe just me, cause no one else seemed uncomfortable, but I did notice, that two other people in the room, who had something in common with me, were falling asleep the same time I did, after the vibrations begun. I started to suspect that it was not just me, but confirmation of this came later.

One of the persons that I ended up sitting near, could not stay seated when it started happening, and he pointed out to me a good temp way of avoiding what was happening. I was like in totally shock, so from there I realised a lot of this is not just you, but what is really amazing is how people just act like they don't notice, and like nothing is going on.

Anyways on subsequent jobs, I would have more forthright coworkers, one would always call the boss over when the vibrations would start, and we could all see the plexi glass shaking, and this co-worker would get upset and be like it's happening again. Eventually this co-worker was allowed to move. I changed locations, obviously the vibrations started again, and again those around me over time moved, so it's not just you. Also in the new area, someone around me would also call the boss when they would start happening. The fun part for me by this stage is that I had found a good workaround, and I could just sit there and pretend that nothing was happening. Remember if they complain, they are listened to. If the target does it, it's viewed as part of their mental illness, or delusions.

Realising this, what I do now when they get too happy with shaking the hell out of me at home, and it starts to vibrate my heart a bit too much, I just ensure that I am at a location that is sure to be felt by those outside of my location, and let them complain if they wish to. It's worked on a couple of occasion.

Remember people that I worked with were complaining about this stuff, after 8 hr shifts. People that have not had to sit around me for months or years at a time. As the target I am getting this at home, work, job after job, day after day, week after week, month after month. Like I said however, I was lucky to find a temp work around that worked at work, and somewhat at home, to lessen the effects. Ofcourse the idea is to leave the target so tired from lack of sleep they can hardly function, but then these creatures are the lowest level of degenerates. It's hard to believe that these Threat Assessment Teams, at least some of them, don't know exactly what and who they are contacting out these assignments to. Ofcouse if you can make the target look crazy, it's more funding for them, and they can pretend their fake Threat Assessments work. What the target committed an act of violence, clearly we were right to have this person on our list, when the reality is, the sick freaks that you hire to torment and torture people are often what cause them to lash out, commit suicide, end up in jail, and institutions.

Can't say that I never mentioned it.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lots of times, they aren't unaware, but just pretending to not know about it, because they don't want any part of getting targeted themselves. Or else they are not actively participating, but are looking on in approval of what is being done to the target.

I've seen cases where neighbors and others I am in frequent contact with who aren't going along with the harassment are getting harassed worse than I am, and I am a target. I've heard about that, that as targets, we get protected to an extent, and the System always knows where we are at and who is messing with us. But perps have to carry out their mission exactly as they are told to, else they get destroyed. So it's no wonder lots of people pretend not to know. For example, my neighbors routinely get trash dumped on their lawn, but I get very little if any. So they are being coerced into going along with the harassment, such as participating in directed conversations.

This thing is too big and powerful to be stopped. Not only are many sheeple going along with this, which is bad enough, but there are powerful covert factions with access to some seriously scary toys that can cause diseases and cancer, and you can't even see or get to these weapons in a lot of cases. It seems to be integrated into the cell network and via satellite, among other covert methods. Even the water company may be able to transmit a modulated signal through their water, which will carry through the copper pipes in your house.

Tuesday, December 07, 2010  
Blogger gang stalking said...

It's not too big and powerful to be stopped, but the people have given their will over to this garbage, and that is what needs to be stopped.

Sunday, December 12, 2010  
Anonymous Zapp said...

Exactly! what i've come to figure out iz that it can be seen az a badge ov honor to be a TI, az we're the onez they...the current, soon to be destroyed, hidden powers that be...fear us. We're the onez that, if strong and persistant, which we obviously are to be here chatting about past/prezent/future(?) horrorz, will win in the end, whatever realm that may be. This iz just a temporary test, "humanity", & they know they are failurez, no matter how much power, $, etc. they may have. They're lozerz among lozerz, tryin' to make other lozerz, & if we don't succumb to their BS, it weakenz them all.
Stay strong, survivorz! Stay true to yourselvez & your core strength, az that's what they're after, the cowardz!

Friday, April 22, 2011  
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Monday, August 12, 2013  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Tuesday, February 24, 2015  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Do not fear them, stay strong.

Monday, April 04, 2016  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Everything goes wrong when country's struglle financially and they sell, privatize. I believe situation change when contractor take over and use sometimes other technical terms to keep country safe. Security is very important project and can be very costly. When is in private hands they do not need so big crew. I believe stalkers are part of that program. Governments they do not want to be responsible for hurting people with invisible energy or microchips, mind control and reading people thought.
Very likely majority of the government is not aware of the situations what targets go through. Technology always is good but there only problem is when is in wrong hands and when they target wrong people. There are cases when whistle blowers are targeted. I'm target because I reported on judge. Why I'm target? Someone on top of the pyramid is worry or even paranoia from people as me. Or there is much bigger plan. Why POLICE is not helping many innocent victims(targets). Why taxpayers moneys is use sometimes for wrong cause.
Every country like to be safe and their citizens.
I believe that stalkers are uneducated about the target. I had conversations with some of them and they were surprised what I told them about me.

Thursday, April 07, 2016  
Blogger Jewely said...

Even our own families refuse to listen, believe, love and support us. No one will help and the older we get, the more vulnerable and easily dismissed we become. I am in hell! The worst part is everybody is going to get taken down by this eventually. Sticking your head in the sand will not save you. God help us all.

Friday, November 18, 2016  

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