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Saturday, October 07, 2006

More Gang Stalking Tips and tricks.

4. Due to gangstalking stress or the electronic harassment that often comes with gang stalkingyou might find that your skin gets intensely dry. For the face may I suggest the occasional avocado face mask. Find one at your local cosmetic store that is good for re-hydrating the skin.(It does not have to be avocado, but I like the smell and feel of this.) After you finish your skin should feel so much better.

For really dry hands and skin, use a water based moisturiser, oil based if you are being eharassed just holds in the heat, not fun.

5. After a bout of electronic harassment I suggest a cool bath for an hour after. The coolness of the water draws out some of the heat from the skin. Depending on how bad your harassment is, you might be doing this every day. I suggest adding bath salts, or minerals to the water. They don't help with the eharassment, but they just feel really goods, and again it helps the skin.

6. For the electronic harassment itself try do it yourself tiles. (Those tiles with the peel away sticky back. They are not really tiles, they are linoleum, but they are called do it yourself tiles.) I know this sounds really tin foil hatish, but hear me out. I don't know if this will work for anyone else, but try it, it's cheap. Get some do it yourself tiles from Rona, home hardware, home depot, you know those places. They range in price from 12C a piece to a $1.80 per tile. Somewhere in the middle should be fine. I am using the thicker higher priced ones.

Don't buy a whole box, unless you find that it works for you as well, then you are good to go. I know some people say miramar blankets reduce the electronic harassment problem, I've never tried them, but from the feedback I've read, it's not that promising.

So depending on your bed or sleeping area, buy enough individual do it yourself tiles to cover the space, keep the receipt, if this does not work for you can always return them. Leave the sticky backs on, and just spread them out over the area that you are sleeping on. Lie directly on them. That's it. For me the vibrations are reduced. (Not stopped, but reduced.) The burns or pin pricks or whatever you call the eburns, also seem to be reduced, to the areas that are on the tiles. I think the coolness of the tiles is what helps. Don't cover when lying on the
tiles, just lie on the tiles. If this works you will know within the hour, either it works or it doesn't. Try sleeping with them and without and see if there is a difference.

If it works for you, then buy a box of the tiles, if not, you kept the reciept, return them.

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