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Thursday, April 05, 2007

Hero vs zero move.

Zero move not a hero move.



My thoughts

Ok is this what it's come down to? This is what being heroic now is to you people? Shocking. Give me a break. This is not heroic. I think I enjoyed his move up to the point where he actually put the litter back in the guys lap. I think that's going way too far.

I hate litter as much as the next person, but I hope you will not see me going that far. Now I recently had an incident with a S.S. (Suburban Spy) After coming on the train and signalling frantically to the other S.S. to find out what was up, and them all pointing to me as the game of the moment, he decided after a couple of stops to get off the train and to leave his garbage. I was like ah an, I don't think so. I signalled to him to pick that thing up and take it with him. He was one of those slow looking ones that look kinda now quite there.

Just cause you are an S.S. it does not give you the right to litter the city. However I was not about to go and pick up his litter and force it into his hands. If I see someone littering, I will give them a look, or kinda on the rare occasion point to the litter they are leaving behind, but to go and place the litter back into their hands, might be going a bit too far. If they don't have enough respect for the city or whatever, to know to pick up their own garbage, you don't need to walk behind them like their mother and put the garbage back in this person's lap, which is what this guy did.

Then he's all like, I feel like batman. Hello have you seen batman?
Here is a picture of you, oh wait, you are not in wikipedia and I would take a picture of you, but you are too busy running off like a *itch. Give me a break. You are not batman, and people lauding this as heroic, either don't remember what heroic truly was or the standards have just come down so low, that this is what passes as heroic in this day and time. Snitches and
wimpy men who run and flee after throwing ashes into someones car.
Now just so you can remember, heroic use to be, war heroes, the person who donates their bone marrow, or liver to someone else, use to be fire fighter, the single parent who sacrifices everything so their kids can have a better life, the person who saves someone from choking, the child administers CPR till the paramedics can get there, the dog who drags their owner to
safety. These things use to be heroic, and maybe because we see so little of this stuff nowadays, we mistakenly think that throwing ashes into someones lap cause they are a litter bug, and running off is heroic.

I am not trying to disrespect this guy's move, but come on heroic? Like I said, I liked what he did, up to a point, after that however he just lost me. However he seems to have attracted the mindless media and a few other followers who think this is what passes as heroic for this time period. Maybe for him it was heroic, and maybe he deserves his two minutes of fame,
but this is the world that laudes the maundane and lifts and elevates it to the level of fame.

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