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Monday, March 26, 2007

Gang Stalking. How it's workding.

The Deception.

Apparently Gang Stalking was a form of something that we have seen before. The same year that 9/11 happened a book was written called Terrorist Stalking In America. Author David Lawson. He left everyone with the Impression that Gang Stalking was being carried out by illegal vigilante groups or gangs. The book was called Terrorist Stalking In America.

Now from what I can see, either he is a really bad detective, or he is a government disinfo agent who wrote the book, that is available on the Satellite Stealing website, another popular government project that they had back in the day. I think he wrote the book to throw targets like myself off of what was really happening. Eg. Targets that had never heard of Cointelpro, or Red Squads. We don't want the finger getting pointed at the State and since he's a detective who claimed to work with these stalking gangs, why would we not believe them. Only he failed to mention that they are citizens of the state, for the state. Controlled by the state and allowed to do this stuff with the permission of the state.
The Investigation.

With Cointelpro what they use to do is open up investigations of activists and dissidents. Now with the corporations and private security being all in bed together, just about any of these people can open up an investigation on anyone and it does not have to take much. Just try to assert your rights a little too much.

Your friends family, neighbours, community, co-workers, landlord, business associates, will all be told lies about you, they will be questioned to see what dirt they can dig up, and yes people will follow you around for months. Now back in the day it was the snitches, and paid informants. Today's it's more of the same, mixed in with our fellow citizens. The modern day Red Squads, and community based policing.

Everyone around you still thinks you are a criminal or crazy. Today instead of communist, just insert the word Terrorist and you are good to go.

Modern Day Repression/Cointelpro.

The videos explain in very good details what's happening to some of us. We are not just being stalked in some cases, we are being tortured in our homes and used as State Sanctioned Torture Targets. This is stuff that most people do not, will not and can not write home about.
It's an endless covert war that has you as the target against an army of darkness. Those movies start to make so much more sense now. The world has seen this stuff before.

Some targets of this modern day Cointelpro have again been killed, or they are on the run, many of the old faces are in jail, on the run, been killed, or have never been able to get their lives back together.

We have people on the run because of this. Primarily the minority population, woman, activist, dissidents are being targeted again. The same as it ever was.

Martin Luther King Jr, is one of the most famous targets of this infamous State treachery.

Monitoring the targets.

How do Suburban Spies communicate?

Communicate happens in a number of ways. When on the street or in cars patrolling, they use baseball or Stasi like signals.

These include things like grasping the nose between the thump and forefinger, pointing using the finger and noise for directional signal, rubbing the eyes, watch out target is coming, or touching each corner of the eyes, brushing back the hair 3 times, the infamous double blink to say I know, stroking the side of the chin, pretending to yawn to begin communications, etc.
These are some of the signals our spy force use in the city where I am, and I suspect it's a universal language for signalling, that many also have been used in their country.

It may be based on a one handed sign language that the police use called Talking hands to communicate. There is however a one handed sign language being used amongst them to communicate with each other.

Here is a list of Stasi signals that the East German Army use to use. Stasi secret police.


1. Watch out! Subject is coming - touch nose with hand or handkerchief
2. Subject is moving on, going further, or overtaking - stroke hair with hand, or raise hat briefly
3. Subject standing still - lay one hand against back, or on stomach
4. Observing Agent wishes to terminate observation because cover threatened - bend and retie shoelaces
5. Subject returning - both hands against back, or on stomach
6. Observing Agent wishes to speak with Team Leader or other Observing Agents - take out briefcase or equivalent and examine contents.

Many countries have been repressed like this for years and many people like living under these repressive conditions. They like the purpose it brings to their lives and the sense of connection they feel. They also like the order of a repressed state, no independent thought, no dissident, no one complains, everyone just complies. Great for social order, and conformity, bad for free thinkers and the artistic.

A video about gang stalking, that someone tried to record, to show how they operate.
Here is one gang stalking video with the voice over.

The outfit or operation.

Carrier pigeons

- I named them this, because these are the ones that will follow you onto the subway, or into a store and they will pass on the fact that you are a target and that people need to be on watch for you. So if ever you have no peace when you go to a store, it's our carrier pigeons that you can thank for this. Their only purpose seems to be to make sure that the signal gets passed to at least one other in a group. Then once one person has the signal, you will see it go out like a wave, and then everyone will start doing the same signal.

Suburban Spies.

- They use to be just called foot soldiers, but that is not as classy or as cool, so now they are called Suburban Spies or the S.S. for short. I think it's a far more fitting name for them. These are the ones that follow you around, you know what I mean. They will try to give each other signals on which way to go, which way to walk. They work in 15 min-30 minute intervals and they will usually patrol a target that is stationary or out on the road. You will have the mobile version of these people in the cars.

Fashion police.

- I fondly call them fashion victims. They will in my city prance around in the really bad military outfit. Many don't even try to coordinate an outfit, they will just throw something military on, which classes with everything else and looks just awful. Now for the ones who have been able to pull off the look, I applaud you, it's not easy to coordinate military out fits, or accessories. For the others, maybe hire a fashion coordinator or something I don't know.
In other cities, I understand they do the baseball caps or some other form of coordination. I can not confirm this at present, cause I just have not had the chance to travel. Being stalked in my own city is bad enough.

Merry Melodies.

-I call the ones who have the matching LG phones or those matching MP3 or Ipods. You can always tell, because they will pull out almost the same equipment. I have seen them use it once to identify each other.
Then of course we have the phones. Many of these have been provided by the corporation that is in bed with these people as part of the covert spying things. Let's give a hand to bell for all the donation.

The conductor.

-I call this person the conductor, because they stay on the train the longest and they will usually give directional signals, or tell the uncoordinated spy force where to go, who needs to get off at which stop, and so forth. They basically conduct things.
This person can also be called the handler. I have seen Suburban Spies that are just scared witless of these people. So I don't know what they are holding over some of these people, but it's nothing nice.

If I have forgotten anyone else, or any position that you occupy, I will have to update that stuff later.

The Spotters.

-Sorry I forget to mention you and your important little roles. These ones will stay and they will watch till a target leaves the area, they will report things like if the target, entered the subway and or if they got on the train, and other stuff. You see them all the time, and the moment your back is turned they are radioing your position or where you went on their cell phones, etc.
Now the good. I have seen much better postures the last little while. I mean people are actually taking their roles a little more seriously. I actually saw the guy who works in the store near where I have lunch with a straight posture today. I was in awe.

Also some good North American postures last week. I saw straight marching postures, way better than some of the stuff that I was seeing before.

Now as much as an improvement as the North American persons were, the Eastern Europeans and the Asian members of the spy force still have you beat in many areas.

I guess they have just had longer to practice. Not to generalise, cause I have seen some bad Suburban Spying from this group as well, but I have to say that I was really impressed by two performances last week.

Once was an Eastern European chick, that got off at YM. She had the make up trick down pat, but she also had another trick that I am seeing used more frequently and it's very impressive. Now as a target, I use this myself, so I can't go into too much detail, but the DRMT is one of my favorites.

She had both down pat and so high praise for her and her performance and her outfit.
The other member of your spy force that I would like to draw attention to is this young Asian female, that was at O. last week. She was perfect as a spy. The outfit was militaryish, but also suburbanish. She was so subtle with her signaling, but she was able to conduct the whole platform into place and really good order.

She was so subtle, but so commanding in her lithe frame. I had nothing but high praise for her performance as a suburban spy, and I think the rest of the S.S. could learn from someone like that.

I really just wanted to give her a pin for best performance in a Suburban Spy role. Unfortunately I had to ruin all her efforts, but she was so good at what she did.
Other good things, we still have the kissing couples of course. Pretending to make out while spying good. Over sucking face while doing that, not so good. Cause then it draws the wrong kind of attention. It's called moderation.

The picking of the nose to pass on directional signals, I have said it before, it's crafty, but nasty looking. It's your choice. I see more people doing this now, men and wowen. I guess it's up to you.

Bad Performances.

The spy who threatened to pop a cap on me. Ok. The threat part I understood, but the street theater was just so bad, it was not even funny. Also to the other spies, the scene was straight from my blog postings, hello.

You and the spy from several months ago who was pretending to be on a coke high, worst performances in Street theatre ever.

It was such bad acting. You can threaten people's lives without the bad acting. That's all I am going to say.

There were some other need improvement performances, but I think I can go over those another time. Oh and for the white male who thought it was funny to do the hail Hitler thing, not funny. I see nothing humorous about my society becoming a Stasi State. Maybe you have managed to find some humour in this, but I rather have not.

For the rest, I see some scared targets, everyone looks frenzied and scared. I can't tell you not to be scared, but I also can tell you it's just as much effort to be a little bit brave. It feels easier to frown, but it takes less muscles to smile. We are living in some dangerous and crazy times. People are being lied to, and deceived, and for the ones who know what's really happening, they don't know what to do any more than I do. These reigns are brutal and they will kill and harm their own citizens, that's not a joke. However the people have the power, you always have, you always will, you just have to find a way to reclaim it and stop being so scared and so frenzied. You are scaring yourselves into becoming slaves of the State, and that should frighten you more so than Terrorist, because a State that is all powerful all Omnipotent is more frightening than any terrorist, and they will commit worst actions, all in the name of the law and protecting it's citizens.

What's happening is not right. You can be good citizens and watch out for each other and the society, but you don't have to be snitches and spies for the state. Watch out for each other, and that means keeping an eye on what your governments are asking or telling you to do. Question things, don't fall for everything, or else you will be able to stand for nothing. Rise up and take your power back. You are more powerful than you know.

Just remember "Any society that would give up a little liberty to gain a little security will deserve neither and lose both." Benjamin Franklin.

The price of freedom is eternal vigilance. by Thomas Jefferson.

Keep watch, but not necessarily on each other, on the state that is starting to control your lives more and more. lose both."

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Anonymous Scott said...

I know you're very busy guys/gals, but please try to watch my 19-minute video on gang stalking & 9/11 truth, an pass it on to anyone who may be interested in it:

Keep up the great work!!!


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