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Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Sensitivities and Setup's

I have written about this before, but let me write about this again. I was recently watching the Russell Tice interview, you know the NSA whistle-blower and at the end of the show Keith Olbermann thanks him enthusiastically for at least letting him know what's coming down the line, cause at least when you know what's coming, you have a chance and you can fight against it.

See this is what the Gang Stalking World website and others like it are equipped for. I remember when I first learnt about this stuff, it was shocking and if I had no idea what electronic harassment was at the time, I would have done really badly when they started burning and torturing me in my home.

It's shocking at first to realise that you can be burnt, fried, and remotely tortured in your home. That you might have trouble proving it. But knowing what was coming down the line, I knew it might be a possibility and when it started happening, I knew what it was. I didn't want to accept it, and it took me three full weeks to truly believe that it was happening, despite all the physical evidence to the contrary. I shared the details with very few people at first, and eventually started to talk about it more openly.

Being forwarded meant 100% being forearmed. The other thing was at the time when this was going on over 2 and a half years ago now I still had my sensitivity at the time. This means that I was still sensitive to the original sensitivity that they purposely sensitised me to.

I really needed to know what was happening, so I left the job, and used my own money to do the research into what was behind Gang Stalking. I think if you are dealing with something like being targeted in this manner you have to take the time to figure out what is happening, and how best to deal with it. At the time I ran a site for other forms of harassment and Gang Stalking World came to a little bit later that year.

I remember at first trying to talk about this stuff and posts would get deleted, or people would try to get the subject discussed, and threads would get closed. People wanted this out in the open but they just couldn't talk about it. So for me, I couldn't not talk about it. I think for people to not talk about Gang Stalking, is like when rape victims couldn't talk about their rapes openly and it was a taboo subject. Well only by bringing taboo subjects to the forefront, does this change.

Today the topic is openly discussed and debated online, and it's become much more normalised in society. I can look back and see from whence we came, and we have made some ground.

Anyways back to my sensitivity. During the time I started to research this and my electronic harassment began, I stayed close to home, mostly spent hours online researching, you have the proof of that, via my various posting and the websites. I am good at researching. I love and did well in programs at school with researching. I think Karmically it's in etheric genes. I think it's always been a part of my makeup in one capacity or another. Even before Gang Stalking, my energies were diverted into research in other areas, you get small quirks of that via my postings here and there.

So during my time of initial research, they would burn me in my home remotely and try to sensitise me to loud drilling noises. Knowing about Anchors and what was coming, I never become sensitized to anything new. More importantly I had time to deal with my previous sensitivity. By the time I started a new job, the next year, my original sensitivity was about 75-80% removed.

The fun part was they were so sure they had tortured me till I had linked loud drilling and negatively correlated it. I would go to places, and by the time I would leave, a mini construction project would pop up. Someone with loud drill on the street, or sometimes even just fixing this elevator shaft, drill. I got a kick out of their stupidity, and my awareness of what they were trying to do. It was always a false report that I had become sensitized to this, but that did not stop them.

The original sensitivity would go away a few months later, while I was in between jobs again. The nice thing about those times is not only do I get stuff done, but I am able to work on me. The sensitivity didn't just go away, I mean I had to work at it. It wasn't just like it magically went away, I had to condition myself to not have a negative correlation anymore. This took time and practice, but I have not been sensitive since about June almost 2 years now. This coming June will be about 2 years.

They constantly try to make it look like I am sensitive. I have seen them, but I have not been for some time. This does not stop setup's and the attempts to make it look like I am. The problem with the targeting is even if the target does not show a reaction to something, and they want to set up the target, or some nasty informant does, it's quite easy. Much like getting someone fired from their job by bearing false witness against them, there are amoral douchebags that are willing to crawl out of every corner if you let them.

I have blogged before about being on the train and witnessing them harassing someone who was not the target, but they thought it was, that person was not happy about it, and eventually let them know it. The problem is, it get's reported back as the target reacting. In another scenario when I was back at the original financial institution when I was still sensitive, a incident happened outside of the workplace, that much I am aware of. People kept coming by referencing this and that, and how could you? (Blatant idiots.) Since I wasn't responsible, I just said nothing. A couple of days later, it became apparent that I was not the person at the heart of said incident. No apologies ofcourse, just the stupid fake niceness, which is almost as nauseating, if not more so. The point is, incidents happen all the time. It's very possible for a snitch to misrepresent an incident, false report one, or just make stuff up. A lot of these people don't have morals, and if they think you deserve it, they won't hesitate. I have said it before and I will say it again,these people shouldn't be anywhere near me, and in any position to come and judge me.

The problem is if they think that you are one of them, or on their level for some reason, they will do what they like. Usually I avoid things and people that might mistakenly lower me to that level, but no one is perfect, and well if you hang out with people that are dirt, people will see you as the same. Avoid people that are dirt. A simple lesson. Keep it in mind.

For targets who are sensitive I do think you can break your sensitivity. I have written about this before. I have shared the techniques that I used to break mine, and I think you can gradually breaks yours. I can't teach you however how to stop yourselves getting set up by snitches, who have no morals or decency to speak of. The truth is, you don't even have to be in attendance to get set up. These set up's were prevalent during Cointelpro and they continue. The people that run these programs are not above it, and no matter how many times you relay that you are not sensitive, people are dumb enough to believe anything. You can't and should not be held responsible for human stupidity.

Sometimes I think these people don't like what's happening to them, then other times I realise they are right at home with it in some cases. They are the same kinds or types of people that a specific messiah dealt with so many years ago, and the same is true now. You get people who are just there to try to provoke you and set you up, bear false witness against you. Then you get the few that really want to learn and that you can do some good for, and then the rest that are of the world and will continue to act accordingly. The reason these people have done so well in controlling these societies is because they know human nature they have studied it. They know the weaknesses, the vices, the failings and they manipulate and work on it. I like to believe people want to change, but most times when I see them, more and more I just think they are comfortable where they are. I am not saying they like it, but it's just still comfortable enough so they don't see a need to push back, it has not yet fully crossed that pain threshold, and by the time it does, people will be so hopelessly enslaved and monitored it will make little difference. (which reminds me I need to do a post about the switch from analog to digital.)

If you are a target, I would just say be aware of set up's. The people running these program will set you up, they have no morals, no decency and you have no way of knowing what's being said about you in most cases except for the fact that it's not true. The army of informants are not moral, and they are not designed to be. They are designed to follow and carry out orders, and to find it funny to destroy targets. Again this is a broad generalization, because within this are decent people who are caught up in the informant game. There is good and bad everywhere.

For me personally I will be my own witness, since about June of just under 2 years ago, the original sensitivity has been gone, and I have never acquired a new one. Could it ever come back, don't know, but so far it has not. I was able to recreate it, in scenarios with a normal functionality for a long enough period of time for the negative association to be removed. Again though snitch are stupid, not all, but enough so that they believe anything, and a people that will not think for themselves, are primmed to have other do it for them. Don't like it tough, it's true. I get that snitches can't be everywhere at once, and trust the snitching hotline for their information, but this is where they are strong, and people this is where they are weak. The same way they can use it to destroy us, we can in turn use it against them. What's good for the goose can work for the gander. Keep it in mind.

Not much else to say. For the people that are out there that are decent, I appreciate you, I am sorry for you, and I do hurt with you, and I don't always know what to say, or do. I send you my best, I hope for you the best, and I do pray that we find a way out together. For the others, you are right where you need to be, with each other, and when you get your fate met, and dealt to you, you probably won't even know the difference, because you already live, work, breath and vibrate at that level. I am going to leave the rest of this post for now. This is already long enough.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Still get really childish name calling by some idiotic immature people, who are like, well, let's say 20-40 years ago they should have grown up, but never did. Or maybe they've regressed, or perhaps have always been that way. Who knows.

I really believe a lot of people know the truth, but have this itching or sick desire to go about their harassment, because they love to see the target get hurt. Most of mine qualifies as somewhere between emotional and psychological abuse.

I get childish namecalling. And when I post about it here, they will do it intentionally the next time they see it, just to let me know they've been reading my posts.

A lot of it seems to center around a sort of childish envy that people in kindergarten have. Like little tiny insignificant things they notice about you, that they can make a huge deal out of.

Some of them are very nice, like they know my situation, and tell me to 'take it easy'. I appreciate those kind remarks. When you've got all kinds of people doing it, people in college/universities of all places, it really does add up.

Tuesday, March 03, 2009  
Blogger gang stalking said...

I have run into a few sorts those who go along with this willingly, those that don't know any better, and those who don't want to go along with this at all.

Monday, April 06, 2009  

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