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Monday, March 02, 2009

Protest and Privacy

Some targets do get help from their friends. Joel is one such example. He has blogged many times before about the fact that his friends were kind enough to share with him that they had been approached and asked to spy on him. He also knows what they are making him appear to be crazy, and maybe some kind of a pervert or something.

What Joel also mentioned which really caught me by surprise is that his friends had been shown surveillance footage of him. I have come across other targets who have friends helping them or whatever, but Joel was the first to share that his friends had seen actual surveillance footage of him.

[quote]December 10, 2006

Known and Existing Video Surviellance

This article makes public the details of conversations I have had with personal friends in which they have described in exacting detail the types of very real and actual surviellance footage of myself that the investigators have gathered to date; in other words, despite the set-up attempts, covert druggings, spreading of false and slanderous rumors and otherwise, there do exist real and actual bits of video and audio surviellance that the investigators have compiled from my daily life and routine over the past six years or so.

The above mentioned personal friends claim that the following bits of surviellance were used in various demonstrative ways as a means of attempting to coerce them into personal involvement in the investigation as informants or otherwise; apparently, the investigators did not count on these few individuals bowing out on conscience and eventually confiding in me personally
These bits of video and audio surviellance do not demonstrate behaviour out of the norm of the average american citizen; nor does the surviellance footage demonstrate abberance of behavior outside the norm of the same; what the compiled footage does provide to the investigators however, and *only* when coupled with set-up attempts specifically designed to supplement, further, or magnify said content ... is a means of forcing the assumption and appearance of my needing some sort of psychological rehabilitation; or, at the most, an exploration of the need for such: psychotheraphy, regression therapy, discussion of past sexual relations, "is he a stalker?, a potential sociopath/violent offender?, worse?"

In other words, "what sorts of forced incrimination attempts would best leverage the existing and rather non-descript actual surviellance that has been acquired? how could we cast it in a more sinister light?" ... or ... "if the target is set up in a way that gives the appearance of his being an obsessive stalker of an ex romantic partner, then what sort of psychological argument could be made if the same target was actually caught on film supposedly 'abusing' his pet?"
This sort of thing.

This article aims to make public my knowledge of the general nature of said acquired surviellance as transferred to me by other personal friends who have been involved at one point or the other with the investigation.[/quote]

How creepy is that? Not only are these people Gang Stalking him, but they are video taping him in his home. When did democracy get that final stake through the heart? Did it ever really exist? Should we not be outraged by this?

The video or surveillance that his friends describe are two specific ones. One where he get's home and the dog has made a mess and he get's angry at the dog. I guess they wanted to use that off moment to make him look like an angry and irritable person. The next video is one where he is in a very private moment. According to Joel his friends have described seeing surveillance video of him self pleasuring himself.

First of all under what circumstances would that be anyone's business? How would that help you make a case? How sick would you have to be to tune into footage such as that, and then to share that with his friends? Joel is pretty easy to believe and I have no reason to doubt this statement. It's a form of violation, the system can't get at him one way, so they go in for degradation of another sort.

I think this is despicable, but very little surprises me. For me personally if I found out that I was being recorded, I would just put up a tent, or something similar in my home and work out of that. I don't believe in violent protest, but I do believe in protest, saying no, raging against the dying of the light, or in this case, the dying of democracy, or what I thought was democracy.
I don't believe anyone has the right to do that to another, but more importantly I don't think that had anything to do with surveillance to see if he was bad or good. It's just one more way to say that they own their targets, that they have control. Before I would give up control like that, I would seriously live in a tent, or something similar inside my home.

So if you ever see surveillance video of me in a tent, blanket, or something similar, not crazy, just protesting. Also if there ever was surveillance video of me like that, then you would know that I was right, and would have proven my case.

People have a right to some freedoms, this is one of them, when do people stop letting the government do this? Only when they have had enough. East Germany had to spend 40 years plus before enough was enough, or rather I suspect that the experiment was a success and the powers that be, decided the same results could be achieved in the rest of the world.

I mean people found out that the government had been listing into their phone calls, monitoring emails and there are no protests in the streets. Journalists found out that they had been spied on, and there is no real protest. People are just so accepting of things. It's tiring to watch.

I use to think people were so brave and heroic and that they would stand up against such times as this. The history books leave out so many things, they put in things that are not quite true, and always to the victor goes the spoils. I see them on the trains, and I think how can you be a part of this? It just bothers me the lack of protest. This surveillance society is just comfortable enough that people don't want to rock the boat. It's bad, but it could be worst, true, but you know what, it could also be a lot better.

People have the power to change this to make it better, to say what will and will not go, what they will and will not put up with, or be a part of. That's why some during the My Lia Massacre just went along with it, while a very few tried to get some of the women and children to safety. I do believe people have the power for change for better or for worst. I also believe that people allow things to happen.

Having been a target for several years, I have observed the people around targets, how they act, what they do when they think they can get away with it. The hideous mob mentality of it all. If they think a target is guilty or responsible for something and they want to punish them, as long as they think they can get away with it they will. They are like bugs, and with the right raid, they just scatter. It's really irritating to observe this, but it's also true. They will get away with what they think they can get away with. This goes from the top to the bottom, and we have to keep drawing those lines in the sand, to stop it or to keep it at bay.

People do what they are told. If they think they can get away with it they will. There morality is based on what is cool and popular from one minute to the next. What they are told is allowable from one minute to the next. People will be in favor of you if you are one of them, if they like your personal circumstances, or associations. These things have some value, but no real value, because they have very little to do with who you are, as a person.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi, I really wanted to blow off some steam here. Here is another example of 'gaslighting' by perps who work for newspapers and the media. When I saw this, I became livid.


as of Tue Mar 3 01:33:31 EST 2009

This was on the front page of the site, among the other headlines.

[Harassing bit of verbage]
He works hard for the money, so he says
His dates think he's a deadbeat. Plus, a "cheap" shot cast a pall over his evening.
[end Harassing bit of verbage]

I've had perps at school where I work call out 'deadbeat' as I walked past (among other slanderous and things so childish and ridiculous), which pissed me off, because I do work hard for my money, and for little pay. Just because my a##hole perps don't like the fact that I save my money, they have to put crap like that in newspaper headlines.

And I haven't been dating, either. Yet when I saw this headline, it gave me the strange sense it was aimed at me.

I can't understand why these losers are so fascinated with me. I have no idea. Maybe I really AM that much better than those jealous perps who work with the system, who won't shut up about the fact that somehow, I'm in denial about all of this.

Monday, March 02, 2009  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Here is what the article links to. Sounds like the guy dating is a target, too. I mean, I've seen other TI's complain about slander just like this. Sounds like the women he's dating are in bed with the gangstalking system. They are so obviously perps co-opted into destroying him, nothing more. I feel that this was somehow directed at me, too. It's an example of gaslighting. Imagine jerkoffs being that obsessed with bringing down one person like that.

I think it's because I am close to finding out who some of the responsible perps are, so they have to ramp up the harassment everywhere I look. There are examples in TV commercials, too, where I've been harassed. The system is well-connected like that.

DEAR CAT: I'm 27 and have worked for my family's businesses all of my life, currently as a controller. I own my home, car, I pay my own bills and I live comfortably. I also have a bachelor's degree and an MBA. I've had problems dating women because they feel I am a deadbeat; incompetent, lazy and spoiled, that I've never worked for anything, and have had everything handed to me -- which is not the case. I have never really found anybody with whom I had some common ground in terms of my background. I am funny, sincere, confident, good-looking, intelligent, and not cocky or spoiled as people assume. Why do women feel that if you work for a family-owned business you are lazy, lack direction and can't make it in the real world? -- HARD WORKER

DEAR H.W.: I don't know any women who feel that way, which makes me wonder why every woman you date views you as lazy, spoiled or incompetent. They are obviously referring to (and perhaps resentful of) the safety net of having a business to "walk into." But that doesn't mean you did walk into it, or that you're lazy; some people work hardest in a family-owned business. If every woman has the same impression (that you're a spoiled money sponge) you must appear notably ignorant of the rigors and realities of working for those who aren't related to you. In terms of finding common ground and/or a great relationship, that can be the toughest work of all.

Cat's Call: Welcome to the "real world" of dating.

Monday, March 02, 2009  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The purpose of my post is to show how the media can be used to gaslight targets at a subconscious level. For example, to me, it kind of looks like it's saying: "All these people are saying one thing about you, but you think otherwise." It really smacks of organized stalking in a huge way. Is it trying to get us to believe the slander told about us, or to perhaps aid in our brainwashing? We as targets are constantly being brainwashed into believing we are the bad people were are made out to be by the snitches. There are examples of this all over the place.

Remember the psych. classes, where you studied about subliminals in advertising, music, art, etc.? Well, those are being used on us TI's as well as the general public. It's yet another weapon they have to get the general public to go after us, and for us TI's to accept our situation. IOW, it's helping the swords to penetrate further and deeper into our hearts and souls, doing even more damage.

But, I take consolation in the fact that if I'm seeing more harassment like this, I must be doing something right. It's like the classic movies, where the evil monster doesn't like to shown how evil it really is.

Tuesday, March 03, 2009  
Blogger gang stalking said...

Agendas that are being played out are amazing.

Monday, April 06, 2009  

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