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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Leasing the snitch.

They wonder why I dislike them.

I was in my apartment as usual minding my own business, when I heard my door press in, but it's locked so it just makes that sound, like someone is trying the door. Anyways I went to investigate. So I stand there. The door does it again. I check the peep hole, but don't see anything, but the door does it again. Like someone is pushing in my door. I also press on the door from the inside, and the door presses again, like someone is pushing it in. So I open it, cause I want to see who is there.

I know not a sane thing to do at that time of the night, but really. Guess what a shock it's the creepy neighbour guy. So I am like WTH are doing at my door at this time of night? He has nothing to say, because he has just been caught. It's like the last time I caught this loser peeking through the slot at the same time of night. Maybe he has an early morning disease that makes him have to peek into other people's homes, or attempt to push in or open the door. My personal theory is that he is probably an ex jail job, one of those ones they let out, and one that I would keep little kids away from. Then again I don't like him.

These people wonder why I want bad things to happen to them, just like the last time I caught this guy at the door, he had nothing to say and just goes back into his apartment. I don't know if he was trying to break in, or just rip down my signs again, but the f*cker is creepy as hell. He is exactly what I think those former Stasi types would look like.

Let's see as a Targeted Individual, I know better than to waste time with the police. I no longer trust them after my experiences with trying to get the Gang Stalking stopped. The last time I tried to file a report with them, if you recall they were kind enough to twist the details. At the same time, the snitch needs to be put on a very short lease. I really find it offensive that these people get away with this stuff. I would not doubt if the loser came up with a story of how he was out for an innocent stroll, when I just magically decided to open the door at the same time and start yelling at him. I am sure that these people, are are as creepy as they were in East
Germany, or worst.

I don't want to make too light a deal of this, because I am pretty sure they use mentally disturbed people, and he may well in time prove to be one of these types of people, but at the same time, I don't want to blow it out of proportion either. Who knows if he will wonder to any other doors in future, maybe actually break into an apartment in future. Then again they all cover for each other so I wonder if it would even matter, if a snitch commits a crime against another snitch is it really a crime? Finding the right balance, protecting myself, society and punishing creepy Stasi losers.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I enough of those, but a lot of them are just normal citizens who've been "converted" to the other side. So many of these "normal" people I encounter know so much about my personal life, little detailed things as though someone shared surveillance footage with them. Some of these f*ers are as you describe, but they seem to keep their distance with me, as they know what my reaction would be if they tried something like that.

Being a targeted man is bad enough. My experience has been pretty horrifying at times, with all the losers standing around and lying in wait for me to walk past them, so they can mouth some insult at me. And there is always someone waiting there. I really start to wonder if these people need someone to teach them to get a life? For a woman, I don't know what they'd do to me then... they'd probably just be salivating over the prospect. They'd probably see me as someone even more vulnerable. I already get snot-nosed brat types calling me homophobic names wherever I go. And I also get adults doing the same thing... juvenile insults. It looks like society as a whole is just regressing back to that 12 year old and earlier state.

Since I am staying in a separate house for now, I don't experience a lot of that crap. I did have a neighbor, a nutjob, who was using some Microwave weapons on me. Thankfully, he left the neighborhood in 2006. I still get eharassed from somewhere, though. I feel there is a global network of Star Wars type space-based harassing apparatus in usage. Those weren't as painful as what HE was using, though.

Plus, I have the pleasure of having all kinds of cyberstalkers on YouTube posting one word insults wherever I look. Some of them are more wordy, though, and are using some pretty negative psychology to harass me. One was supposedly a college professor, but I'm starting to wonder if he's just some pervert playing the role just to cyberstalk.

Thursday, May 28, 2009  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm sure you've noticed their tendency to attack the truth? Anytime someone (e.g. a TI) states a fact, one that is a very plain, negative yet objective, they have to attack that fact with equal negativity, in order to undermine the credibility of the person stating the unfortunate truth. I've noticed that when you pointed out the neighbor is creepy, obviously somewhat mental and likely a recently released convict, they will have one of their own attack you now accusing you of those same attributes. There may be one of their operatives trying to paint you with the same brush you painted the neighbor guy. This is THEIR way of getting even with anyone who agrees with them, and they do it with unwavering consistency. Even the ones that show some intelligence have the same level of creepy insanity, which makes me wonder if the smarter, more respectable snitches aren't just the classic sheep in wolf's clothing.

If you point out that 3+3 does not equal 33, they will try to tell you, well, 1+2 does not equal 3 just to take you down a few notches for stating a fact. I'm sure these stunts are just psychology to take the target down a few notches, but I wouldn't doubt they honestly and truly believe their own bullshit.

Thursday, May 28, 2009  

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