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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Still pretty happy

Still pretty happy

I am sorry that I have not updated this sooner. I pretty private person, but I think sharing bit's and pieces here and there would not be too amiss.

The last couple of years kept me on the outside of a part of my life I really wanted to be in on. I felt excluded and I hated that, it made me feel like I was not a part of the equation, just a passive viewer, if even that. It's like being semi-remote viewer on your own life, always on the outside, wondering what is going on. Feeling only valued for one purpose and not much else. I have been there and I hated it.

What I hate even more would be to unintentionally make anyone feel that way, cause that would not be the case. People have value and that's how I feel.

Lately I have been trying to stay out of my spiritual side to a degree, again not cause I want to be, because I am happier than I have been in a really long time, but it's cause I realise like I said before, spirit is just not as divisable as I use to think, and maybe that is because I was on the outside looking in so much.

I am failing miserable at times, cause being happy is contagious and who does not like to be happy? Anyways I find myself happy, smiling, and that flows through, wither I want it to or not. I feel at peace, balanced, and just hormonic.

I feel joy, and that's a good thing. On a spiritual level, everything is fine, and in a legitimate place "to the best of my knowledge." My internal dialouge seems to be fine, I do find that I am picking up a bit of a "Hick Twang" from somewhere, when I tune into my internal dialouge it's there, and it cracks me up, wonder where that could be coming from? :-)

Anyways, I think that's as much appropriate sharing on this side that I can do. I am happy in spirit, and it shines through into this realm.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

maybe you're picking up your "hick twang" from ME on your Closed Circuit "TI TV" Screen, my friend?

Why don't you post the possibility of implants and how to destroy them without having surgery? You guys already know this information, why not incorporate it into your "script?"

Even FFCHS won't post what I sent to them in email that would literally end the electronic harassment overnight (thought reading (the one you posers love so much) dream manipulation and GPS tracking). They won't post it because, like you, you are a shill/actor in this sick game.

Do you fap to me at night? You know what, I don't wanna know. You can keep your sick obsessions to yourself.

But be HAPPY!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010  
Blogger gang stalking said...

You can read the new definition of Gang Stalking. Though implants might be happening, it's not a topic I am well versed with. Don't appreciate the shrill comment.

Honestly tonight I am just not in the mood for this, and I will leave it at that, but don't ever put me in the same category as that other group you just lumped me in with.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010  

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