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Thursday, November 04, 2010

“Internet of Things”

“Internet of Things”

How many targets are there online?

I keep seeing some really inflated numbers. Now you will get to meet more targets online than you do offline, but if you really believe the majority of people online are targets then you would be wrong.

A lot of these groups, sites, blogs, and posters are citizen informants. Their goals are at times to find out things like the identity of targets, which cities they live in, and other details. They keep the illusion going, and most importantly they ensure that nothing real get’s done. They waste the time of real targets.

Many of them are good at pretending to be real targets, real orgainzations, and when called out they fake shock, and aw, oh but I am a real target, how could you say that, and on it goes. They form these interconnected networks and most times support themselves, promote themselves, and the worst thing they do is suck up the resources that should go to legitimate organization. Thus ensuring legit sites suffer, while their parasitic intellegnce opperations florish. I have seen this across many parts of the internet, not just within the Targeted Individual community, but with other communities. They also waste the time of genuine activists. Some of them use to be real targets and now they are working a double agenda, or just working for the other side.

I don’t know what the true numbers are, of real targets vs fake shrills pretending to be targets, but 90-95% of the sites, blogs, initiatives are fake, and were there to ensure that only specific information came to light, or that if something significant happens, or the movement progresses, they take credit for it without doing anything. Watching how this works across the board is annoying, but it’s the people that make it work so what can you do.

From what I have seen people would rather be a part of a group initiative, even if it’s something they know is fake, rather than be off by themselves, or part of something that is not being portrayed as grand. From what I can see it works everytime, and across the board the shrill money making, resource sucking opperations are taking over, while the legit sites are falling by the way side.

Even outside of activsm and online movements, you have large name companies that are taking over, the very search engines used are controlled. Ensuring that specific terms are blacklisted out, hard to find, or that some results just never see the light of day. Soon these same companies will be inside of your homes, not just as your search engines, but as your connection to the web, and your T.V. that you watch. It’s small scale now, but 10 years from now, this might be one of the few companies or the only company you connect to the internet with, who’s T.V. get’s used.

You have specific social networking sites that are really taking over, and the control has been so great, that they want to branch out offline. They now want to have initiatives like an open id, but for all offline phones so that when they download an application it’s just one login, sounds great and really convient in theory, but not if the resource is controlled by one company. A company that has played very loose with privacy.

“Internet of Things.” And what is the “Internet of Things?” Well, from the perspective of the vast spy agencies, the internet has one fatal flaw: if you’re not on it, they can’t spy on you. Bummer. So, to get around this little inconvenience of privacy, the latest push is to get every physical object in the world online. That’s right. Everything from your car, to your toaster, will eventually be connected and controllable through the internet. It seems that the Gods on Mount Olympus have had such great success with the virtual world that they now want to bring everything into it. And that means more control for them and less freedom for everyone else.

The latest marketing-speak word from the architects of the “Internet of Things” at IBM is “smart.” So, in the near future, when the CIA can log into any device you own–from your toothbrush to your bookshelf–and determine who’s been using them and when and where, that’s not an invasion of privacy–it’s “smart.” Of course, in reality this is only “smart” for the temporary controllers of the machine world. For the rest of us the “Internet of Things” is not only dumb, it’s the next logical step to automating the entire planet under the control of a single machine intelligence. Fun times ahead!

I think that the internet has been a success. So successful infact at controlling the masses, that they want to take what has worked online, and use the same to control them offline. It’s hard to see it now but in just 10 years from one, you could have one big corporation in control and in charge of your internet access, the equipment you use to access the internet, and then once online, or even offline, they and their cohorts, control the content you have access to, and even the applications you use.

People are predictable, they like convience, and we will slowly enslave ourselves over time, with these companies having to put forward very little effort. If you build it they will come.

I always thought it was weird that the military decided to share the internet with humanity, a wonderful accident that allowed us all to progress and advance so far in such a short space of time, but I am looking ahead, and I see the tool that once offered a great deal of freedom, has the equal capacity to offer humanity, control, confomrity, and enslavement only previosly dreamed possible.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

If it wasn't for the Internet I wouldn't have known this was happening. I wouldn't have the language for gang stalking. Certainly the majority of the sites are fake. I personally believe in using the fraud to my advantage. The most vocal TIs, those allowed to speak and be heard are likely phonies, but I use them. If it helps to make people aware, what is the harm? The main issue I have, is that these site just provide definitions. There are enough sites with definitions, evidence please. I have seen only one good video by a TI. Any recordings? Something. If someone is doing a direct conversation and put it out there. If criminal cops are following you videotape it. Share real daily happenings if you are being gang stalked. They don't go away. There is nothing to lose. If that isn't being shared, well, they probably are not a TI. If the story is too outrageous, they probably aren't a TI. There should be some coherency, even when people are angry, upset and disoriented. But that is in the beginning, over time, crazy as it sounds, you get use to it. I have gotten use to the police intimidation, let them waste people's money. Tea party people are full of crap. Strange happenings in the world. People run out into the woods literally and figuratively. Flaccid and foolish people are.

Saturday, November 06, 2010  
Blogger gang stalking said...

You can use the fake sites only so far, then they are a real pain, I personally just try to stay away from them, and only challenge them when they try to pull really significant bs like changing the term Gang Stalking, otherwise, I just stay away from them for the most part. It's pointless.

People can video tape but what they need is to be able to sue or at least expose who is behind this, with the threat assessment teams there is finally a chance.

Saturday, November 06, 2010  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Maybe there is no point. But, I like to listen to Alex Jones. Alex Jones is everything that I am not and has ties with the conservative religious. Every now and than he says something or has a production of something that I disagree with and think is over the top because of his associations. But, there are also times when I hear things that add to my development. Like listening to an economist he recently had on his show. It was nice to have a reaffirmation of what I was thinking regarding why American's are so disengaged about things. So if I were to avoid Alex Jones over a few bad comments and productions I disagree with, well, I would miss alot. Sure as a TI you have a choice, say nothing and pretending and self deluding this is not happening or you can say something. Both have consequences. Surely you can say, what is the point of saying anything at all about any crime happening. Why should anyone care about Sudan? Their problem, it's not my news or my life, why should I care? That is one attitude I have often heard. I disagree, but, the gang stalking issue is evolving. It is interesting to look at the players, the voices and faces of those connected with these exclusive TI organizations and TIs with 'jobs' and connections and assistance. Tim Wise said "always ask yourself when you hear someone talking, why this person and not someone else." But that one story with a tadbit of information may make a difference to you and the tadbit of information I have may make a difference to someone else. So bad sites can be useful. If they become to bad, too much illuminati conspiracies, too racist, no useful information or the board goes haywire, no I do avoid them because pointless and I get grossed out. It is nice if the info you have can make a difference to someone.

Sunday, November 07, 2010  

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