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Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Working Hard so you don’t have to

Working Hard so you don’t have to

I have been working deligently to get Targeted Individuals the information that they seek. To this end I have been in touch with legal services for Threat Assessment Organizations, and even law enforcement. I wanted to get a better understanding of how these teams worked, and the community monitoring. Before I do there are a couple of quick points I wanted to touch base on.

Indigo Ribbon Month

Now before I get to this I wanted to say it’s November so it’s Indigo Ribbon Month, place your ribbons on your websites, wear them in public, or where ever you think is applicable. If you don’t have your buttons you can get them at the store.

Randy Quaid and Gang Stalking

Now this story has taken a bit of time away from some of the issues that I wanted to focus on, but I remember that Jeremy Blake and Theresa Duncan at one time sought help. I don’t think they ever discovered the Gang Stalking World website or they might have developed some strategies that might have assisted them. I don’t know, but they were lost, and I really would like to see the Quaids get through this.

I want to thank the posters online who have taken the time to say keep an open mind to this story, or to point out that Gang Stalking does happen, and that their story is either similar or identical to what others are going through.

The Quaids have not expressed or identified themselves as Targeted Individuals, but I know many have protectively welcomed them and embraced them, and I know that many will be keeping an eye on the story. Gang Stalking World was the first in the Targeted Individual community to see a possible link, and to report the story, and will try to keep the community updated in the coming days.

Threat Assessment Teams and F.O.I.A.

Recently I posted about discovering a clause that would prevent these teams from sharing the information under Freedom Of Information and I wanted to find out some more information, so I got in touch with some of the teams. I heard back from legal and police officials regarding the various policies.

The request really seem to differ from organization to organization. Eg. Some do allow you to make the request and will release information, many others hide or squirrell the information away under school or workplace security and thus the files are not stored in the employment records, or school records, but are stored as company security files, to which you do not or can not have access.

In these cases I think it would be good to try to use the available resources to gain access to those records.

This is what I found out. Threat Assessment Team records are part of a student’s education record, and are governing not by FOIA but by FERPA.

Apparently this should give students a right to access the records, and make corrections, but records of employment records ae not covered by FERPA, but at state levels, by employment privacy laws.

Some schools try to get around the FERPA freedom of information by listing these records as law enforcement records. The same is true for companies as well.

On the Threat Assessment Team documents it mentioned a central database where information is stored, so this again is something that needs further clearification, but this is something that targets might wish to look into.


I contacted the ACLU, but they prefer that targets take this up with the individual offices for their state. If you do try to gain access to the information from the company you believe might have your files, or some files relating to this type of targeting, and you fail to gain access then what you might wish to do is use your local office. The same is true for Canada, the U.K. and other countries. If you try to gain these records and if fails, you may wish to try the referal services, or see if there is a way to use the commissions.

Example Request

Let’s use the case of Randy Quaid. In 2008, Mr. Quaid had a problem with some co-workers. They filed a complaint against him. Now let’s suppose that he is a Targeted Individual and is on some kind of occupational health and safety, or Threat Assessment List because of this.

All 26 members of the Lone Star Love cast brought Randy up on charges with Actors’ Equity Association, claiming he physically and verbally abused his fellow performers and that his oddball behavior onstage and off forced the show to close, thus depriving them of their jobs.

On Friday, Equity handed down its decision. According to documents obtained exclusively by The Post, the union has banned Randy for life – life! – and fined him $81,572.

So this would be a good place to start, check with Human Resources, find out what they call their Threat Assessment Team. I am not sure if this would have been his employer, or just a division that handed down the decision, not familiar with Hollywood, but I am guessing he can find a lawyer who is, and will have more of an idea what to look for, then find out if you can make requests for your information, and if not sue, till you can.

I know it’s a simplified strategy, and again I am still in the research stage for a standard procedure, but these are some suggestions.

Happy Indigo Ribbon Month

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