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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Amnesty International response, at last.

I finally received a response from Amnesty International. After 2 months of emailing, phone
calls etc. The response as you will see is below. Though they do and have taken a stance on
tasers, they have not yet taken a stance on electromagnetic weaponry.

[Your question regarding Amnesty International's position on Directional Microwave EMP rifles was forwarded to me.

The reponse is that Amnesty International has not articulated a position which specifically mentions these weapons. I will double-check with some colleagues (who are absent today) and, if I find any information I missed in my search, I will forward it to you.

Amnesty International does have active campaigning going on concerning the use of other similar weapons such as tasers, which use electro-shock waves. Some information about Amnesty's position and actions being taken on this subject can be found by clicking on the following links.

I hope this provides an answer to your question.


Though similar, tasers are not being used on the civilian population in the exact same manner. Tasers are not being used to harass people for years at a time, often while they sleep in their beds, in their very homes.

I think it's great that Amnesty has taken a stance on tasers as a weapon that should not be used, but I would now also call upon Amnesty International to take a stance on electromagnetic weapons.

Let me be one of the first to openly and publicly declare to you that they are being used on
people in their homes, to torture and burn them while they sleep, if they can sleep due to the
vibrations that these weapons put out.

This falls within your guidelines, so this is a public plea to once again do what you have always set out to do and help those that are in need.

These are being used on a variety of people, especially dissidents, activists, and others who
these people have chosen to target or to keep quit. Let me attest to you that they are painful,
they burn, and they leave EMF vibrations that allow little sleep or peace.

I call upon you and ask you to help and to take a stand on this issue, because if you will not,
who will? This is one of the things you do best and have always done best, so I ask that you
will consider taking a stance on this.

I also ask anyone else reading this to find out more about these weapons and consider taking a
stance as well, before their use amongst the civilian population gets any worst.,,1887256,00.html


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The problem this presents for Amnesty is in the lack of absolute evidence for the use of directed energy weapons. Many of us believe that they not only exist but are being actively used as weapons of state sponsored torture; the difficulty is the very, very limited body of evidence to support this. What concerns me more is that your narrative missed presenting Amnesty with the elements of Gangstalking that are much easier to prove and provide evidence for, - such as the collective harassment of targeted individuals, the use of agent provocateurs to destroy the targets reputation, blacklisting for employment purposes and the illegal hacking and interception of the targets telephone and e-comms.Other areas such as illegal entry to property , in particular vehicles using cloned RFID's that leave a audit trail.... The associate issue with DEW is the difficulty that Joe- Public has with it.. Most people simply wont believe it. As a GS victim credibility is everything and our mantra must be to avoid at all costs the possibilty og 'going off half cocked'.....

Thursday, September 11, 2014  

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