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Thursday, December 14, 2006

The chip. Soon the world will be in it's grip.

The above must read article came out to advise that it will only take a generation before we are all chipped and tagged.

The article went on in beautiful detail to describe how they will do this to us. It said that they won't come busting down the door's at 3:00 am in the morning demanding our compliance, but that they would do it slowly and subtle. They would target the poor, welfare recipients, prisoners, the people society have learnt to not care about.

Then once this is done other will laud the benefit of this program. Eventually you will have social and governments also until the whole population sees the benefit and willing comply with the concept of being chipped and tagged. They will socially cohorst the country into this. It's already begun, and all it will take is a generation.

What the article did not mention was the, eroding of our individual rights and freedoms to accomplish this feat. Our rights that we like sheeple keep letting the government take.
It forgot to mention the mass amounts of people that are getting mobbed out of work, and other high positions. They often end up jobless, unable to work, emotionally crippled, suicidal, or homicidal. These are intelligent, independent thinkers, the ones that might have been able to help resist and stem the tide. The people that might be able to stop this, are being pushed and shoved out of the workplace in America, Canada, UK and other countries. Note the increase in mobbing?

Also then you have the subjugation programs by the government going on in our communities. People are being harassed, followed, monitored, and tortured in there homes, in our countries. People that are innocent, and believe it or not, many can not get help from the police, ACLU or others. These are the same ones that do not fit into their scope of the easily manipulated, and so therefore must be dealt with another way, to ring in the New World Order.

Then you have the world being made to care less and less about what happens to others, never realising that the same fate we let happen to others will be our own someday. Eg. The world letting none lethal weapons, like microwaves weapons, and sonic blasters be tested out on other nations, never realising this will also be our fate someday, if we resist what is to come.

The US letting over two million sit in jail and the rest out on parole probably as part of their snitch programs. The world letting innocent people be corralled into illegal jails, where you are not charged, or given the right to a lawyer, and being allowed to be tortured. Never realising that the fate we let happen to others will be our fate when we resist.

The slow eroding of freedoms and liberties. Also the changing of our societies into police states with snitch forces.

These are the little things that the article does not mention. When the subtle persuasion fails, and the mind manipulation is not successful, this is what will be left. This is what will happen.
We are just seeing the beginning of it. I feel sorry for the ones that will see the full implementation of what's to come.


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