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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Gang Stalking Reloaded.

What if everything you thought you knew about gang stalking was wrong. Or Gang Stalking Reloaded.

[b]Outside the box[/b]

I have been trying learn more about what might be behind gang stalking. I think it's nice to think outside the box. So here I go with some questions. These questions do not reflect anyone else in the gang stalking community. These are not official questions or answers. They are just queries that I hope to find the answers for by having them expressed aloud.

[b]Gang Stalking links removed[/b] no longer operates in Toronto. As of some point in summer of 2006. I have heard from Eleanor White that Citizens Against Technological and Community Harassment stopped operating. I emailed Norma in the summer and she said she was too busy, but the meetings would start again maybe in fall. I recently spoke to Eleanor White and she has advised that CATCH has officially stopped operations. If it's a case of Norma being too busy to host the meetings, I am wondering why no one else from the group took over to host the meetings? Don't know. People do get busy, stuff does happen.

The gang stalking links are being removed from google. Since I started being a target of this harassment, I have used google to find info and other websites. When you do the term gangstalking there has always been over 30,000-45,000 hits. Now there are about 16,000. When you search the term gang stalking there use to be 1,300,000 approximate hits, now there are 75,000 hits. This has happened within the last week or so, or has been happening pretty gradually.

I don't know what is happening exactly, but it does seem weird to have 55,000 search strings removed. I know search terms do take a hit once in awhile, but this is so irregular to have that many links removed, that it bears remarking upon, and in part that is why I am making this really long post.

[b]Scrambling News[/b]

I had been on the website scrambling news a few times, it's the place that sells the book, Terrorist Stalking in America. I however never really felt comfortable ordering the book Terrorist Stalking in America from the site. What had completely escaped my attention was the fact that in addition to the book, the site sells Satellite TV piracy materials. I had missed this fact each time I had visited the site, until someone on my site pointed out this fact to me recently.

That brought to mind something from a decade or so ago. I remember reading about governments websites that were being set up to catch people that were stealing satellite television, etc. Sting operations to catch people who wanted some free TV. This was a growing problem and the websites were one effort to stop this.

Scrambling News started about 10 years ago. Now I know nothing about scrambling news, and anything I write is pure conjecture, however since the wheels have really been turning here are some things I am wondering about. They have been operating for about 10 years. If they are not a website set up to steal satellite TV, then are they another of these government websites to combat the problem of satellite TV stealing? (Which was huge back then.) If they do have a government connection, then why is David Lawson's book available on their site?

[b]David Lawson[/b]

The other question that the visitor to my site expressed is about David Lawson. Who is this private investigator who wrote this book? I mean he travelled with these people for 12 years. He became one of them. He was allowed to write a book detailing all their secrets and techniques, and then he was allowed to go on his merry way.

If what he says about these stalking crews are true. These crews are illegal, dangerous, well connected and you would not want to be writing a book about their activities without consent. Members stay in the group out of fear, blackmail, the sense of power it gives them. The reason they work so well, and have become so powerful is because they work in secrecy. Secrecy, and yet he was allowed to write a book about them and go on his merry way?

No reprisals? No revenge? He is either really brave, and lucky. Really deceptive and wrong. Or maybe somewhere in between?

This got me really thinking about this phenomenon. I mean he wrote the book in 2001. No one else has written about joining these stalking cults, as far as I am aware. We have authors with personal accounts of gang stalking. We do have articles about personal accounts. We have lot's of websites, related to or indirectly related to this 77 page book, Terrorist stalking in America, which is available via a Satalight stealing website.

[b]The Book[/b]

More importantly, why is his book not available anywhere else? I have looked and checked and I have not found it anywhere else. In the 5 years since writing the book, why has he not tried to get it into wider circulation? Put it into ebook format? The point in writing the book was to get this info out to the general public right?

If this is not the case then, what is the purpose of the book and who is David Lawson? This got me doing some research about gang stalking in general.

As far as I can tell, he is the only person who has ever written extensively (77 pages) to say he was a part of a gang stalking or multi stalking cult. Almost everything else, goes back to his book, or the other sites written about his work. Everything else is the victim account, small town articles, or the odd perp here and there.

Now gang stalking, multi stalking, or organised stalking is real enough. The techniques, and the organization is real. It's just what's behind it is what has become increasingly unclear in the last few weeks for me.

So back to David Lawson. From what's been said, he was a private investigator who one day picked up his scanner, heard some people talking, then found out where they were meeting up and eventually became a part of the stalking cult, willingly for 12 years. Knowing that these people kill other people, or drive them to suicide and do illegal dealings, he apparently had no problem taking part in said activities for over a decade. At the very least this should make people question his moral culpability.

Then after 12 magical years of fun, he decides to write a little book about their activities? Not impossible. I mean how many times have we seen military personnel filming torture, hazing, and rape conquests? This is not all together impossible, however knowing what these people do to members who betray them, I would then question his motivation for writing the book.


If that's the case, why has he not tried to get it into wider circulation in the last 5 years. I mean it's only been distributed to a very limited circle of people. In fact targets of this harassment are the primary people reading the book.


Maybe he was proud of his exploits over the last 12 years and wanted to share?


Maybe that thing called a conscience kicked in and he wanted to reveal his deeds to the world?


What power would he derive from writing this book? I mean betrayal would mean almost death, or a life of stalking. So if he did something outside of what these gangs wanted, surly they would come after him with a fury. I have heard nothing like this, and it's been 5 years.


The group wanted him to write about their activities? This would accomplish no good whatsoever, unless their activities were already going to come to light, and they just wanted to beat someone to the punch line, however no one else that I know of, has written about being a part of these groups outside of him, from what I can see.

Deceit of a different kind. If this site Scrambling News. (Note the title. Think of what this means. Changing, scrambling the news?) If the site has some government connections, then should we be calling him agent Lawson, instead of detective/gang stalker Lawson?

[b]Cointelpro and MKUltra[/b]

If there is government connection behind the book, what would be the motivation of a government agent, putting out a book about gang stalking? Well that goes back to what is behind gang stalking. Disinformation campaign? This was done all the time during Cointelpro. Stories of fact mixed with fiction to throw the public off from the truth.

Well before David Lawson wrote this book, there were people being stalked and complaining about this kind of harassment, or these techniques being used on them. The problem is the only research that I could find when I went back, is about covert harassment. Multi stalking which was being contributed to covert government programs at the time, such as Cointelpro and MKultra.

In fact before this book appeared on the scene. Sites like and were on the scene talking about such problems. The only difference is they were purely ascribing these abuses to the governments, and their programs.

The more I learn about Cointelpro and the little I know about MKultra. It seems that the techniques are all the same. Long winded investigations, mail stealing, (email tampering is new for the 2000's), but getting your friends, family, neighbours, to take part in your harassment is not new. All the dirty tricks of rumours, slander, those are all standard operational things that they did to people years ago.

The other thing we know about Cointelpro is they rutinely spread false information, or information that was true, with some lies thrown in, and they fed it to the public often times with the media's corportation.

[b]Weed and seed. City Watch. C.O.P.P.[/b]

Based on some quick research some of these programs started up 8 years ago. Programs like city watch, weed and seed and a bunch of others. Local citizen programs with a government edge to back them up. The programs were set up to fight drugs and other crimes, and to help keep an eye on things. You can read more about these programs. Just search for Citizens ON Phone Patrol. (COPP). Weed and Seed. In Toronto City Watch is one such program.

I can imagine the calls that would have started coming in to police stations, if the general population were aware of these programs. It also does not take long for humans to turn something with really good motives and intentions into something truly brutal and horrific. Especially when people think they have a license to do harm to another human being.

[b]Diversionary tactics?[/b]

What's a government agency to do, so that human rights lawyers, and class action law suites don't come piling up to your doors? How about write a book about stalking groups, operated by illegal elements with possible government ties? Label all their practices and operations, but divert the attention away from yourself?

Remember, this is just the wheels turning. I don't know David Lawson. He could be what he seems, but if he is there are a lot of questions, that have not been asked. I don't know the people on the scrambling news site. They could be people legitimately selling material to help steal satellite TV, and then I would feel really back about sullying their reps, and linking them with a government agency set up to catch satellite fraud.

However in thinking about everything that I have come across. I realise there are some real questions that need answering. Based on my own experiences, I have taken a step back. I can say, first let me assure you that gang stalking (organised stalking) is real.

The situations described do happen and are happening. Including the stuff about the electronic harassment. The techniques being used are spot on. The question however for me increasingly has become, what is behind this. I mean it seems easier to talk about an illegal group of fiends stalking people illegally, than our governments setting up operations and lame life long investigations on people that are innocent. However the more research that I do, after re-reading the report. I agree with a large majority of what has been written.

Also before the book terrorist stalking in America, sites like had things like this printed on their websites.

[quote]Are you a target of multiple stalkers?
Are you being followed, harassed, or threatened?
Is your phone tapped?
You may be a Target of Covert War!
Yes, this could happen to you!

Think what your life would be like if you were the target of an endless illicit investigation! An investigation that would continue for years! Your phone wiretapped, your residence bugged, your mail intercepted, and yes, even your car would be bugged and tracked by satellite!
Under constant surveillance, followed by teams of agents every time you leave home! Even when authorities find no criminal activity, all information gathered is used to follow and harass you at every opportunity in a perpetual Covert War!

And finally, agents extort cooperation from friends and family, threatening to jail them if they refuse to participate in their scheme to trash your life!

Do you really believe this couldnever happen in America?
The alarming fact is:
Thousands of law-abiding citizens are being subjected to this type of abuse every day!And? Yes, It is Legal!

The very same investigative powers originally granted to authorities to facilitate the gathering of evidence in criminal cases are now being used to harass law-abiding citizens!
Persons usually targeted for this kind of scrutiny are:

Political activists, protestors, feminists, gays, lesbians, people with tolerant attitudes, people who are a little odd or eccentric, and anyone who questions authority, signs a petition, or sends letters to the editor of a newspaper.

Actually, anyone exercising their constitutional rights is considered subversive by authorities, who can then find any excuse to open a never-ending, bogus investigation!
And who is watching the authorities?

The really bad news is: Currently, there is no recourse for anyone who is the target of this kind of harassment! Court orders are signed off with very little scrutiny, resulting in flagrant violations of privacy!

All too often, the real reason for the ?investigation? has nothing to do with criminal activity and everything to do with the targeted individual?s political activities.

There is nothing in place to stop these abuses! No congressional oversight committee, no government commission where a citizen can go to file a complaint, no way to even find out who is conducting this horrendous scheme of harassment or even why it is being done.
This lack of accountability has led to blatant abuse of investigative powers at all levels! What this means is: Authorities conducting these ?investigations? are currently above the law!
Something to remember as we pledge allegiance to the flag proclaiming ..."liberty and justice for all." ---This doesnot apply to all U. S. citizens.

This site is about preserving Constitutional rights for all Americans by informing the people of flagrant Government abuse of those rights. We are NOT a militia group, nor do we believe constitutional rights can be preserved through violence. We advocate citizen participation, education, accountability, and dissemination of information. The observations presented here will demonstrate how the government is turning totalitarian without firing a shot.

Sounds like gang stalking right? However the website came out in 2000 with this info, and David Lawson came out about a year later with his book.

Now I agree that whatever is behind this that corporations, and the powerful do take part and do get people put on these lists to be monitored and watched. Heck there are articles about companies investigating their employees for months, even just to consider them for promotions. There are companies for hire to do this, and insurance companies are known to investigate people for years when it comes to insurance claims.

To conclude. In my own personal research, cause I am only speaking from my own personal experience. The bulk of the people who are following me in public, seem to be average citizens, and snitches. (I don't know if any have ties to government agencies.) Many seem to be part of some kind of community watch program. If I had to take a guess I would say it's the City Watch Program for my city.

I can tell you that I have had people move in beside me and above me for the purpose of harassment. I can also tell you that my neighbour to the right, has been cohered into lending out her apartment to people for the purpose of keeping an eye on me and spying on me. I can tell you I have encountered online stalking as well as the off line. Email and mail tampering. Illegal entry with damage to my clothing. Stolen items like letters. Electronic harassment. Plus my telephone is constantly being redirected.

I can tell you that it's community based, with some form of support from government. I say this because civil servants and agencies like the police, fire department are taking part. How why I would be put on any kind of list would be hard to imagine. I am pretty sure Rogers Cable who I worked for 4-6 years ago played a role in getting me targeted for this harassment. I assume I am on a list like this, because of the people I see doing the following, and my experiences in stores, also because of what I saw and experienced when I filed the police report. Feedback from other targets.

This would explain why it was so easy to get my accounts shut down when I first went online to talk about this. I mean all you would have to do is find someone who thinks they have the right to shut down your account because of this program.
From what I can see in my case. The illegal surveillance, phone tapping, mail stealing, and harassment are not legitimate.

The times I have tried to contact lawyers, my voice mail stopped working. My emails to them are getting diverted, and other attempts like contacting the lawyer referral service are being interfered with. Also at times like that when I have filed complaints about missing mail, and other things, my mail is getting better. I do think the government, citizens groups or some civil servants can get people on lists to be watched. I don't believe for a moment however that things like, stealing mail, illegal entry, phone redirects, tampering with email, or hacking into computers are legal, in every case. I think however activities like this are being tolerated by those in command because of the sensitive nature of these programs, and the need to help out those who are helping the city.


I think if you have a centralised program that is set up to help people that is great, but without proper monitoring you are primed to run into some real problems. You have racists, sexist, homophobic people, power hungry corporations, government and extremists, that already had groups that they wanted to hurt and target. The moment you get some of these people that know the right person to get some of these people put on these list, it's a license to ill.
Then you have these targets going and seeking help, with people trying to make them look crazy to cover for the integrity of these programs, or the cops saying there is nothing that can be done, and you have some real problems. Also you are not going to have media stories about these citizen groups, because of the secrecy involved. There will be general public information,
but there would be restrictions on what the media could and could not report. No point in having a semi secret citizen patrol group if people know about it.

Also this might explain why Amnesty International has been less than willing to lend aid and assistance to the targets of gang stalking.


I just read an article about what some American citizens would like to do the Muslims in the US. They want to put them in internment camps, kick them out of the country, brand and mark them with tattoos, put crescent marks on their drivers licences and passports. Then you give average citizens access to someone on a watch list, and you can see the potential for destruction.
[b]Turning Men into Monsters[/b]You do not need a concept of gang stalking for people to start acting in extreamly dictative and overtly authoritarian ways.

Just look at the following experiments. People changed almost overnight. In less than four days in each experiment, people commited actions they never dreamed of.

Milgram experiment.

Milgram (1963) wanted to test the Germans are different’ hypothesis in relation to obedience from an authority figure.
In a few hours, he had people of all genders and all walks of life delivering what they thought were potentially harmful electro shocks to strangers. Even when the people cried out stop you are hurting me, or started screaming. Even when they said, oh my heart, I think I am having a heart attack, many kept going to the maximum shock level, simply because an authority figure told them to.

Third wave.

Showed how in just a few days, one week, free thinking high school students could be turned into Nazi like Germany soldiers.

Quote: We were studying Nazi Germany and in the middle of a lecture I was interrupted by the question. How could the German populace claim ignorance of the slaughter of the Jewish people. How could the townspeople, railroad conductors, teachers, doctors, claim they knew nothing about concentration camps and human carnage. How can people who were neighbors and maybe even friends of the Jewish citizen say they weren't there when it happened. it was a good question. I didn't know the answer.

Stanford prison experiment.

In just three days, people could be turned into sadistic creatures, willing to do pretty bad things. Human nature can be under the right circumstances very easily manipulated.

[b]The innocent do get targeted[/b]

One primary target of the cointelpro opperation was Martin Luther King Jr. The FBI tried everything in their power to ruin him.

-24/7 survellence.
-Tried to make it seem like he was stealing money from his foundation
-Tried to stop him from meeting the pope
-Tried to stop him from getting the peace prize.
-Tried to get him to kill himself.

They hounded and disrupted his life, and when that failed, they wrote that he could be a black Massiah to unite the masses and scheduled him for termination. Coincidentally he would be assissnated a month later.

[b]Government corruption[/b]

Most people will blindly trust and go along with whatever their governments are doing, however there are times in recent history where the government did not have their own citizens
interests at heart and they did horrific things.

[b]Operation Northwoods[/b]

This was a plot to kill American citizen, hijack planes, blow up boats, and blame it all on Cuba so that they could start a war. The plan was signed off on by all the joint chiefs of staff and other higher ups. If you read the whole document it sounds like a precursor for 9-11.

[quote]Code named Operation Northwoods, the plan, which had the written approval of the Chairman and every member of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, called for innocent people to be shot on American streets; for boats carrying refugees fleeing Cuba to be sunk on the high seas; for a wave of violent terrorism to be launched in Washington, D.C., Miami, and elsewhere. People would be framed for bombings they did not commit; planes would be hijacked. Using phony evidence, all of it would be blamed on Castro, thus giving Lemnitzer and his cabal the excuse, as well as the public and international backing, they needed to launch their war.[/quote]

[b]The Tuskege Spyphils Experiment[/b]

This was an experiment that was carried out on black men in the American south. It was carried out on about 400 of the poorest. It was an experiment that lasted for 40 years and the goal was to find out the effects of syphilis on black men. In the course of the experiment the men were repeatedly denied treatment and were left to die, so that the experimenters could find out the affects by autopsies on their corpses. Even the Surgeon General of the United States was aware and took part.

The Tuskegee Syphilis ExperimentThe United States government did something that was wrong—deeply, profoundly, morally wrong. It was an outrage to our commitment to integrity and equality for all our citizens. . . . clearly racist. —President Clinton's apology for the Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment to the eight remaining survivors, May 16, 1997For forty years between 1932 and 1972, the U.S. Public Health Service (PHS) conducted an experiment on 399 black men in the late stages of syphilis. These men, for the most part illiterate sharecroppers from one of the poorest counties in Alabama, were never told what disease they were suffering from or of its seriousness. Informed that they were being treated for “bad blood,”1 their doctors had no intention of curing them of syphilis at all. The data for the experiment was to be collected from autopsies of the men, and they were thus deliberately left to degenerate under the ravages of tertiary syphilis—which can include tumors, heart disease, paralysis, blindness, insanity, and death. “As I see it,” one of the doctors involved explained, “we have no further interest in these patients until they die.”[/quote]

What I have learnt. Governments and citizens are capable of truly horrific things. If the right controls are not put in place and the right monitoring done, then innocent programs set up to do good, can quickly deteriorate into something malevolent and evil. Once things get out of hand it's almost impossible to get them back in line. Whatever is going on, the fact still remains that we have innocent people being followed, and abused in their own homes, via psychological harassment and electronic torture. The police are less than willing to help, and lawyers will only help if you know enough about the program so they can direct their letters of cease and desist and even then that might not be enough if you are really being targeted by the government for unknown reasons.

We really have to be careful not to repeat history. From what I can see, we are slowly becoming a Police State in many ways, we are watching and spying on each other, some of our citizens are torturing other citizens, and people are just going along with it. A new madness is gripping our societies, and we are letting our fears get the better of us, we are letting governments take away our rights and freedoms, we are letting them militarise our police into uncaring people who are capable of pepper spraying young children at protests. I think there is a time where you can pull back and still do the right thing, I don't know if that stage has been passed, but I do know that there is something terribly wrong and that we need to wake up to the realities of this, before it's too late.


Blogger Jake Fluckery said...

I too have noticed how some of these gangstalking web sites suddenly disappear. I think what we have to face up to is that we do not live in the free democracy that we are led to believe we live in. I absolutely agree with you that the perps must be behind mixing truth with fantasy to spread misinformation.

Saturday, December 09, 2006  
Blogger Jake Fluckery said...

Something else I've noticed. Why are there so many connections to gangstalking and Canada? Although I live in the UK, the gangstalking I am familiar with was orchestrated by a Canadian company.

Saturday, December 09, 2006  
Blogger gang stalking said...

Hi Jake,

It's the worst thing to realise that yes, these countries are not in the least democratic like we were lead to believe, it's a big joke.

I think there is an alarming rate of Gang STalking reported out of Canada, what does that say?

Also yes there is a lot of disinfo on the web.

Saturday, July 05, 2008  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

There is the Echelon spy network, government based surveillance of email, phone-calls, etc., which I believe joins together Canada, USA, Australia, New Zealand, and Britain. Do these english speaking countries all experience a significant amount of government surveillance? Is there an increased amount of gangstalking in these countries, and if so, does that mean that governments are behind it? - though not solely of course.

Thursday, July 31, 2008  

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