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Friday, December 08, 2006

International Call for FBI COINTELPRO Victim Testimonies

8 December 2006Contacts: Deborah Dupre’: International Coalition
Campaign Coordinator, or, U.S.A. Coordinator: Lynn Troxel:

International Call for FBI COINTELPRO Victim
Testimonies: Secret In-Home Torture Murder
Mounting documentation with hundred’s of tortured
victim’s testimonies will soon be presented to U.S.
Congress exposing the worst government crimes against
humanity since the Nazi Holocaust. Evidence is
expected to be more shocking than the Church Committee
exposure of COINTELPRO (COunterINTELligence PROgram)
abuses to silence dissent during the Vietnam War era.

Covert, organized, in-home and community tortured
victims globally are urgently called upon to submit
testimonies by end of December 2006 on basis of, and
with regard to pursuing principles and legal precedent
in U.S. Congress Select Committee to Study Government
Operations with Respect to Intelligence Activities:
House Resolution 1026 IH calling to reopen COINTELPRO
investigation hearings.

Such exposure sometimes results in more extreme
measures against victims and their families including
disappearance and murder, a risk that victims are
taking to gain a voice; end their torture; and provide
greater future protection for their families. Human
rights group volunteers are urgently needed to protect
and assist these casualties and loved ones to deliver
testimonies to U.S. Congress.

Peace workers, environmentalists, human rights
advocates, whistle-blowers, scientists, and others are
being professionally torture-murdered in their homes
and communities through terroristic sleep deprivation,
poisoning, ritual abuse, ongoing, frequent break-ins
and thefts, extreme stalking, 1st degree workplace
mobbing, isolation, privacy violation, framing, and
military grade weapon assaults.

Hallmarks of this crime are: law enforcement refusal
to protect victims, investigate, or prosecute;
covering-up the crime with torture tactics created to
appear so unbelievable that “mental illness” is used
to discredit targets that complain, or so
well-disguised that “mysterious illnesses” neutralize
targets; and disruption of progressive social
movements and neutralization of targets.

After the 9-11, 2001 mass murder, COINTELPRO
operations escalated; covert agents infiltrating
virtually every level of society worldwide to silence
dissent by assaulting targets with deployed new
military grade weapons and testing these weapons on
them. Described as Directed Energy Weapons (DEWs) in
Air Force Research Laboratory's Munitions Directorate,
2001; these new weapons include laser, high-power
microwave, and particle-beam.

Former Representative Cynthia McKinney introduced HRES
1026 IH to Congress stating, “A look back at the Nixon
era Tom Charles Houston plan, referred to as ‘fascist’
by Congressional investigators, shows us it is being
implemented in full since 9/11. Congress has a
responsibility to open oversight hearings into the new
abuses as well as their historical context, and to
acknowledge and give relief to its victims then and

Over 55 internationally renowned scientists, lawyers,
professors, former military intelligence officers, and
others representing eight countries united 21 October
2006, “1st World Day to End the Silent Holocaust,” to
launch a coalition to halt of this well-hidden form of

For further information on writing testimonies,
volunteering, or for arranging casualty photographs
and interviews, email ICESH at and
copy to plus

Physical Tactics: financial abuse (money or property
theft, financial contract breaches, legal fees for
frivolous law suits and/or legal malpractice);
cyber-stalking (including but not limited to internet
spying, email spying and/or intercepting, password
theft); privacy invasion (including but not limited to
telephone tapping, misdirecting and disconnecting,
mail tampering and intercepting); identity theft;
forced homelessness; forced refugee status; framings;
lethal bullying (organized bullying resulting in death
of target); food-tampering, poisoning, drink-spiking;
organized bullying (multi-offender lies, threats,
intimidation, ridicule, sarcasm and sometimes overt
assaults) Directed Energy Weapons assaults; and use of
a variety of tactics.

Physical Symptoms: Fibromyalgia (severe pain in
muscles and a host of other symptoms); Chronic Fatigue
Syndrome (CFS); Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS)
(hypersensitivity to chemical exposure); other
mysterious “Environmental” Diseases” and unidentified
illnesses or symptoms, induced heart attacks and
strokes, induced cancer, sudden onset of blindness,
skin burns and sleep deprivation; severe headache;
extreme fatigue; skin and lung problems; sleeping
disorders; general weakness; allergies and
intolerances to chemicals, odours and foodstuffs; and
tinnitus, (nuisance hearing of sounds).

Psychological Tactics: persecution (organized,
multi-offender induced discrimination and harassment
including frequent ridicule and sarcasm); discrediting
(organized vicious rumours such as false accusations
of mental illness, drug use, sexual deviancy, etc.);
vigilante harassment (organized lies, threats, or
bribery to coerce community to harass, alienate, and
isolate target); organized stalking: (multi-offender
“cause” or “terrorist” stalking including ongoing
extremist tactics such as kept under surveillance,
house break-ins, theft, moving of property, vandalism,
discrediting, disruption of work; animal killings);
ritual abuse (brutal abuse of children, adolescents,
and adults, consisting of repeated physical, sexual,
and psychological abuse over extended period,
terrorisation, brainwashing/mind control often with
electronic devices and drugs to create multiple
personality or psychoses so victim is unconscious of
behaviour, always with threats and fear as main
controlling factor); gaslighting (extremist tactics
such as moving of property and lies); 1st degree
workplace mobbing (organized multi-offender workplace
bullying, harassment, and coerced firing);
discrediting (vicious rumours, disruption of work,
gaslighting at work-station, employer coerced to fire
target, set-ups at work); sleep deprivation (single or
multi-offender induced fear and/or electromagnetic
terrorizing at night to awaken, keep awake, or induce
insomnia); intimidation and threats (ongoing comments
to produce fear and trauma possibly including death
threats); and use of a variety of tactics.
Psychological Effects: mental injury (a natural
response to unnatural events); Post Traumatic Stress
Disorder (trauma resultant of abuse, torture and war);
mind control with Directed Energy Weapon Effects
(including sudden change in character such as becoming
severely hostile, psychopathic, or suicidal, hearing
voices or commands from synthetically contrived voice
transmission techniques and sleep deprivation);
misdiagnosed stigmatising mental illness;
revictimization; Depression; and Suicide.

An untold number of targets are unaware that they are
victims of COINTELPRO style abuse and/or
non-consensual human research. They do not attribute
their ongoing bad luck; mishaps; animal killings; or
mysterious, untreatable, disabling “environmental”
diseases to covert operatives using old COINTELPRO
tactics plus new weapons of war to terrorize,
neutralize, and prevent resisting the treatment.

Together, these professional, well-orchestrated
intrusions induce excruciating pain, exhaustion,
terror, alienation, and sometimes result in violent
behaviour against self or others – eventually, one way
or another, “neutralizing” and killing the target.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am a college educated professional and an Iraq war veteran. I am in no way a beleiver of conspiracy theories or anything in that regard. This is not a theory but rather blatant reality. Several months ago I found myself intertwined in a sticky legal situation at work. I undeservingly became a person of intrest in a preliminary federal investigation into some shady business that the company/people I work for may or may not be involved in. It started with phone and computer tapping and went as far as meddling with my personal bank account. A few sting opperations were attempted on me as well, none of which were successfull of course because I am innocent in the above mentioned situation. This investigative activity was elevated to the level of psycological harrasment shortly thereafter. I was followed on a flight home during which such an intense organized stalking/antagonization occured that I litterally went off my rocker. I was flying home for the birth of my now 5 month old son. By the time I got off of the plane, I ditched my girlfriend who was ther to pick me up and took a cab to the beach where I slept (on the beach)for the night. I was taken to a crisis intervention center the following day. This activity continued thruout my stay at home and all the way through the labor, delivery and recovery stay I had with my girlfriend at the hospital. I have suffered severe (in my oppinion) post tramatic stress as a result of this occurence. The psycological state of mind that was forced upon me was un utter embarresment and a downright personal violation to have been perpitrated during such a special occasion for myself and my fammily. This occurence is well doccumented and I have no doubts about my ability to prove. What if any legal rescources exist for a victim such as myself. Please advise.

Thursday, March 18, 2010  
Blogger David Alan Liddle said...

Espionage at the Boston University Boat House

It was at MIT, they set me up with a job and a dorm room for the summer in 1971. I never found out who arranged this, but they obviously wanted a murder solved. Karen and I are telepathic, and she had me get in the habit of riding my bike around the esplanade, starting at the stairs leading down from the Boston University bridge. On a Saturday night around midnight in early June, I met some people at the stairs, they were also investigating the murder; they said someone had a gun and I should go find a cop. That took me fifteen minutes, and he wouldn't investigate. I decided to forget the whole thing and went home. The next morning at six I found the body, she was sitting up with a stocking tied around her neck to a bench. I called the police, and told them I didn't want to be involved any further. The cop said he thought I was much more involved.

That summer I had been sent to the Russian recruiter to see if I could become a KGB agent. He asked about my political affiliation to the international democracy movement, and said I couldn't. Then I was sent to meet the FBI at two on July 27. It was about if I had been raped and was resisting hypnosis. They used scopolamine and a polygraph to break down my resistance, and I and all my girlfriends got raped and knew it. And they had me investigate the communists. In 1977, the communists at MIT and Harvard did what they called the split brain experiment on me; my boss pushed a pressure point on my spinal column, which lowered my resistance to their hypnosis. I thought they'd get caught doing this. By February 1979, I completely lost control of my mind and spent the next 24 years living on the street. And finally, in 1985, I was reading the Boston Globe about a murderer who had gotten out of prison for a murder in 1971 at the Boston University boat house. See

In 1969 I had been recruited to be a shadow telepathic agent of the NSA. To read about these people see; my web site on this is They sent me on a mission to MIT to solve this case. The news article said that the body had been found with a lot of blood under the Boston University boat house, and that the “murderer” had been caught on an anonymous tip leading to a bloody diner jacket found in a church. I think this “murderer” was the guy who told me to go find a cop. The body I found was probably an investigator for the murder. Lark Elaine Turner might have been there also, investigating. As I understand it, decades later, the motive was to blow the cover of the counterintelligence agents to the criminals taking over the government by mass hypnosis, after the Kennedy assassination. But this played into our strong suit, who are they anyhow if they're blowing the cover of counterintelligence; they'de have to be the spies.

Saturday, August 20, 2011  
Blogger nico napo said...

Poisoning are done by FBI / COINTELPRO STASI Scum.
pls visit:

Tuesday, August 04, 2015  

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