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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Redemption Song?

The liberals might just have found some redemption. The liberal party just voted in a new leader. I don't know if the party has actually grown a backbone, but I think they did pick the best candidate for the job. So things could well be looking up for them. They have picked a leader that is liked in Quebec as well most of the other provinces of Canada.

The new Liberal leader is someone called Stéphane Dion. That's right same last name as Céline Dion, no relationship as far as I am aware.

This mild mannered leader is yet another French Canadian. As many people may not be aware, in recent times many well liked and successful Canadian Prime Ministers have come from this group, and it looks like he might be one more to add to the list.

The new leader of this party seems to care about the environment, Canadian values, and identity. Cares about the global image of the country, and likes the stance Jean Chrétien took in not sending Canada to war in Iraq.

He values his french heritage and has dual citizenship in France, however even though it would make him sad to give up his dual citizenship, because it's something he inherited from his mother, he has said he would be willing to do so, because he loves Canada more. I am clearly of the opinion that a person can have dual citizenship and still be Prime Minister, someday.
So with this choice in hand, the liberals have seen an impressive swing in the polls, and I do believe in potential voter confidence once again. It looks like even if an election was called tomorrow, you might just be looking at a comeback for the liberal party.

So even if they might not exactly have grown a backbone yet, they are making better leadership choices than in recent months. It can only be hoped that with this new leadership, the next time someone has a dissenting opinion, they won't feel forced to resign from their post. It can also be hoped that in the following months, they will show some of their gusto that once made them the liberal party of Canada.


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