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Friday, December 15, 2006

Getting gang stalking stopped. Step by step.

Getting the harassment stopped.

Ok I have just had to file a noise complaint with the police again.

I should say with the police, or someone pretending to be from the station. They gave a badge number, but I am not positive it was the station. I will have to follow up to see, if any report was filed. Sometimes I know it's the station and other times I doubt it. Based on the conversation I just had, I don't know if it was, but I will check when I do my follow up about some other stuff.
The complain is for my neighbours in 1408 and 1501. My little gang stalkers must be bored and restless it is Friday Night, around 11:40 pm. I don't know if they are just trying to aggravate me to file reports or just have nothing better to do, at this stage I really don't care.

I have had to take so many steps so far to get this settled down, and I am perfectly willing to take other steps legally. Then we can all battle it out in the courts.

So let's see some of the things that I have had to do so far. I can't list everything here, or every action that I am taking to get this gone, however I will list the standard ones that I think others might want to consider taking as well.

*Filing a police report. I recommend fishing around first. You can talk to 5 different officers and get 5 different responses, anywhere from nothing we can do, to sending out a car, etc. (Although with gang stalking, you can't always be sure who you are talking to, I have litterly have peope pretending to be people they are not.)

*Try to get some legal advise. Again shop around. You have the nothing we can do lawyers, to the ones who are willing to try to help, but they all want a certain degree of proof. Always go for the free 30 minute consultations, to see the bulk of opinions you will get.

*Missing mail. File a report with the post office. Keep on it. Even if they harass you more, keep on it. Getting these people and their illegal actions exposed is our only weapon.

*If you live in an apartment, file a report with the housing tribune. I wish I had done that in summer. This way if the tribunal is no help, you can look into legal or other action, to get this stopped.

*For the hacking into my computer they know my password for my online login. I know this, because I have spoken to someone who I know was not from the Internet company, but they were able to give me my password. I am not computer savvy, so it's been a real journey, with trying to get them out of my computer once and for all. I am still working on this.

*Use free email accounts and change the passwords often.

*When you speak to someone on the phone, get badges, reference numbers. Transcribe the calls if you have to. This will not always ensure that you are speaking to the person, but it's good to have the dates and times.

I have spoken to people pretending to be companies, and others that they clearly were not.
For my missing mail, I have had to file a complaint with the post office. Here is the saga of just filing a report with the post office. This is why targets are so tired from these experiences. It's not bad enough that they try to ruin your sleep. Eg. When I try to get sleep, they literally start to use whatever electronic gadget they are using and it's leaves my skin feeling like it's burning. Leaves no marks, but it burns. Plus other things to try to keep me awake. My philosophy is if I can't sleep, then I am doing activism. Posting on forums, writing, sending out letters, etc. So either way, my time is being spent effectively.

Post Office Complaint.

*I filed the complaint over the phone and got a reference number. I think this was at the start of November. The girl on the phone advised that a letter would be sent out and I said that would be just fine.

*The middle of the month the letter never arrived. Since I suspect the letter carrier is the one taking the mail this is not a surprise.

After calling back and getting a reference number, from someone I am sure was not with the post office, I decided to email instead. The person on the phone had gone into a long spiel about, oh we talked to the mail carrier, he was reprimanded etc, which is not what I was after anyways. I just wanted to have a record on file of what was happening.

I emailed to say that no letter had arrived, this is about November 15, 2006. I received an email back that said the reference number that I have been given by the second girl was wrong and it was for someone with a different name. This was not a surprise.

He gave me what he said was the correct reference number. I explained what the details of the letter should contain. He then made a big production about the whole thing having to be cleared with legal, and then see if we can get that sent out. This was different than the first girl had said, and I am pretty sure she was with Canada post.

I would email him 2 more times before the letter arrived. The letter arrived with the incorrect information. Late mail, and bruised packages.

I then had to email back the post office, and after looking for my original reference number gave it to them. It seems that other 2 reference numbers were wrong for whatever reason, and I have never heard back from the guy who supposedly worked for Canada post.

During this time I also received a phone call from someone who said that he was responsible for the mail carriers in the area and that the letter carrier had been talked to and was on vacation, but would be back soon. I again think this person sounded really phony and never bothered to call.

Since my goal was not to get the letter carrier reprimanded for stealing my mail, it didn't matter. I just wanted a record on file of the incidents.

So with that in hand. I got an email from another Canada Post worker who said a new letter would be sent off, this is now December 1 2006. I advised her what had happened to the other letter, and she said if it didn't arrive by the 11th to email her back.

Well the 11th came and went and there was no letter, so I had to email her back.
This is just my adventure with getting a stupid letter that should have taken a total of three days to arrive.

In the mean time, this is when I was getting the bulk of the physical eharassment. Eg. Either laser or electronic harassment that left my skin feeling like it was burning, however not leaving any burn marks. So either my harassers don't want me to get the letter, don't like me talking about Masons, or don't like me going on about New World Order stuff. This is what I have been looking into over the last month or so, when the bulk of this eharassment was ongoing.

If anyone wonders why this is so hard for targets in a situation like this to get help, or anything resolved this is why. That is what I have, had, am going through to get one little letter regarding mail stealing, opening, mail not delivered, and late mail. Now if anyone thinks that it's a picnic think again, the goal of this harassment is to wear down the target to the point of exhaustion.

The good news however is if they are going through this much trouble to stop a letter arriving, you can tell that the the things that they are doing are fully illegal and this is the only way to stop them.

So my other brush with the police was the other day. I spoke with someone, who I would have to say sounded really decent. I said I thought they could be using some kind of laser to do the harassment. He was pretty open and agreed to follow up with me, once I sent some info over.
Again it's a matter of how targets approach the situation. I am sure many of us probably are having electronic weapons used on us, however there is not the general knowledge like there should be about this stuff, so you have to them put it into a context that people can sort of understand.

I will include info on both lasers, and eharassment, for the follow up, but that just goes to show that you really have to know which way to go with trying to get help for this.
In the mean time, this has taken up a lot of time, and it's been distracting, however I am coming back into my own, and starting to actually use my time more effectively.

The harassment has made me way more aware of the things that are going on in the world, and it's also helped me to take even more action for other causes. I think it's made me more of an activist if anything. Where before I didn't care as much about everything, I do now. I also think it's horrible that I did not take the time to be more actively aware of those things that were affecting those around me in society.

I hope if I can get these harassers out of my life, I can continue to be as active as I have become and to be far more turned into the things around me. I think for the longest time I was not. I think the harassment that I had been going through for the last 6 years had stripped and taken away a lot of that activism, but now I find that I am getting a lot of that back, and for that I am grateful.


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