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Thursday, November 30, 2006

Gang Stalking Police Report. Part 2.

My decision to file a report firmly in hand I went to the nearest police station to where I was at the time.

First thing I realised when I entered the police station is that I don't think I have ever really been inside one. I really thought I had, since I see them on television all the time, but in reality I don't have any memories that I can pull up of having been inside one.

My first impression is that they are way quite compared to what's on tv. I was expecting it to be kind of noisy, with lot's of people milling around, not so. (At least not the one I went to.) It reminded me of a hospital waiting room, more than anything else.

I walked up to the front desk and told the officer that I had to file a report, she asked what for? I said organized stalking. From her expression, she seemed to know what that was. She seemed to question the need to file a report, but I insisted that I had to. She said there were no officers that could take the report and one of the cars would have to be called in. She told me to have a seat.

There was a guy with a dog who was waiting around to speak to the officers. I know the guy with the dog from somewhere, I have run into him before, but I couldn't place him. When the officers came around to talk to him, first it was something like no one will help me, I keep having to make complaints, that's why I had to speak to a supervisor. He said that he was having trouble with his landlord and the landlord had threatened him and had locked him out from the back door. Basically he said he feared for his life. They basically said we will talk to the landlord about locking him out, but we don't feel that your life is in danger, and he was like, but my landlord has a key to my apartment, and they were like, well there is nothing we can do for you.
So then he went to leave. The weird thing was he was in a wheelchair and the door had no button to press to open the door. I don't see how he was getting out the door. So I got up to go and open the doors for him. I was sure public buildings like that all had to be accessible to people in wheelchairs.

So then a person entered the station and he was subtly doing stasi signals. He then came and sat down saying he had to file a report for fraud. He would be the perp that was there the whole time i was. After there would be another one who resembled Bill Murray a little bit. (He was waiting around for no apparent real reason, and would eventually leave.) He would communicate with the officer, and with the person sitting beside me.

The man sitting beside me had a cell phone with him Motorola. You know the sleek kind that takes pics and what not. So I wanted to kill time and perps can be good for a laugh, plus the phone kept being turned towards me a few times. So I was all like does your phone take good pics? He dined ever using his phone to take pics, but said he might use it for that in the future. I think I also asked if he was with Bell. He went into some ramble about Rogers. He's like no Rogers is no friend of mine. (OK the question was about Bell, but ok.) The next 30 minutes would be spent on his dislike of Rogers, with the name being mentioned like 25-35 times. I guess he thought I was going to chime in on the whole I hate Rogers, but I have made my peace, I will do my best to never use their services, and the company acted dishonorably, and are most likely the instigators of my gang stalking, but I can't waste my time on them. During this stage is when the Bill Murray perp entered the station. There was one primary officer that they seemed both seemed to communicate with.

so this went on, I talked to the perp about a wide range of stuff, including his phone, kids, and society. After about an hour waiting to speak to someone the tall officer they had been communicating with, tells the Bill Murray perp that it won't be much longer, and also the guy sitting to the right of me that it will be about another 35 minutes. He totally ignored the fact that I was there. So after about another 15 minutes. I go up to the desk and the blond female office who seemed to know what organized stalking was is there. I asked how much longer it would be, and point out that her co-worker had failed to inform me how much longer my wait would be, but that he had informed the other two gentleman. She did a oh, I am sure it was fully unintentional. (Almost like meaning the opposite.)

Anyways shortly after this the Bill Murray looking perp left. Shortly after this an officer came to take the report. I went up to the desk, he asked what I was there for, I said to file a report on Multi Stalking, organized Stalking. He said he could take the report. Around this time, the shift change had happened, I think it must have been near 5:00 pm by this time?So he stood at the desk to take the report. Like at the front desk where people walk in and out? While the other officers are all suddenly standing around nearby. It had been almost empty except for the two other officers, until then. He seemed unsure what to do next.

They seemed to be put off by the fact that I wanted to make the report not in the middle of the front desk. Anyways we used a small room off to the side. He had a note pad, and I guess a small flip form for taking the report? I don't know, cause on tv it's like a large form. What I did note during the report taking session is that my personal info like where I lived, place of birth, date of birth, and things like that were of interest. The rest of the report, he seemed to care less about. He also wanted to see if I had any id, like a drivers license. He wanted the home number, cell phone.

I stuck to the stuff that was illegal. Like mail, email tampering. Being followed, stalked online and offline, illegal entry, illegal surveillance, Noise disturbance. He said he had never heard of organized stalking, multi stalking or gang stalking. I pointed out that I think parts of the city watch program might be getting used inappropriately. He wanted to know if I had ever been in trouble with the law. He would talk about other programs, but city watch he stayed away from discussing. Eg. I advised that I was on their website and it said they were municiply coordinated and I wanted to know if this was correct, he was like I can't answer that question. That was kind of odd. Then he said there is nothing we can really do. If the neighbour makes noise, he said I can call in a report.

I asked when could I expect a call back or follow up, he was all like I can't say. I was all like well what would be a reasonable time frame? A week, a month? He was all like it could be tomorrow, a week from now, I can't say. I was like well if I don't hear anything when should I call back? He was like I am going to pass it on to my supervisors, and they might pass it on to the community liason officers, and one of them might call you back. I was like might? Then I was like is there the possibility I won't hear back? He was like, to be completely honest with you, there is that possibility.

Then I recapped all that we had discussed and I also asked, how to help make them better able to take reports of gang stalking, or mulit stalking? So that if a target comes in with a complaint they know what the target is talking about. He said he did not know. I asked if there was anyone that I could speak to about that, again he didn't know.

The other interesting thing was that when I told him that my floors were vibrating, excessive heat was emanating from the apartment below, which is suppose to be empty. I can hear like a humming or oscillating sound, and it's giving me headaches, nausea, dizziness and other symptoms, he didn't find anything out of the ordinary with this. He did suggest moving from the apartment. He did take the time to come over and read the stuff that I had taken off the Internet about transducers, but that's about it.

I got his badge number, which is 5 numbers. Most cops have 4 I think? I got his name and wrote down the date before I left. I asked if he had a business card, he said he didn't have any on him. I asked if he had an extension and he said, just call the general line and they will put you through to my voice mail. Like I almost felt I was talking to pretend cop for a day. Maybe he was just new.

The whole experience was what I expected more or less. I just had to see for myself to be sure.So that was about it and then I went on my merry way realizing that if this is going to change it's going to have to be done on a different level and the boys and girls in blue are not going to be the one's to help get this changed. I was good with this, cause then you can look for real solutions instead of wasting time with none viable solutions.


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