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Monday, December 04, 2006

Corporate Corruption.

Last March after about a year and a half of constant and steady harassment at work, I finally had someone stand up and do the right thing. In my presence and in the presence of my director for the call center someone in a position to do so, stood up and drew her attention to the subtle noise harassment/mobbing that I had been experiencing.

One of the few people that had been there from the start and I guess someone who finally saw that what they were doing was never ending and just wrong.

Do you think she then stood up with such overwhelming evidence and did the right thing? No. Do you know why? It's because Mary by this stage knew what was going on and was constantly having sessions with Carol my HR manager to see how the situation could be controlled.

Instead she first came over like a vision from Hell has no fury to advise me in that if I could choke you I would tone of voice that it was her birthday. Later she was sit with Stephen Snell on of our Mangers and talk about people and there betrayals and the ides of March, and then Stephen decided to look over my way glare and smirk and back at Mary and said don't
worry about it.

At this stage it was not only obvious that they intended to not do the right thing, it was obvious that these two planned to get even for what had just happened. For someone standing up and doing the right thing. At this stage I probably should have just gone to HR, pointed out what had just happened and had done with it. However it was not only my hide at stake, but the person who did the right thing would have been really put to task, so I left it as is, with the fact that at least one person had stood up and done the right, honest to God human thing, which is what I had wanted for so long.

About Stephen. He is good friends with our Prime Minister. (So he keeps telling everyone.) He ran for Mp last election for his platform and did not get in. He seems like he would rather be in politics than a call center. Has trouble keeping ethnic minorities on his team. Here is a clue Stephen, stop sending them for coffee. He does this little thing, where he will have a team of like 15-20 people and the one or two ethnic people on his team will be selected as coffee prime, and asked to go get coffee for everyone else. I could never understand if he just didn't get it, or if he got it and just knew that he could get away with it. I sat close enough to his team to observe this, over a period of about 6 months, when the team members would change periodically. It was just interesting.

About a week or so later I was there one Saturday, one of my coworkers had a bit of an outburst, I guess you would call it. It was such that one of the senior Managers had come over to ask what was wrong? The coworker declined to comment, but being me, I found out what the source of the anxiety is. For me if something affects those around me, I will do what I can to help. The coworker advised that they had changed seats about three times, because of computers that were not working. Then the coworker was reprimanded by a manager for not following instructions. My coworker expressed that no one listens, and no one cares. My coworker was really upset.

So a few days later when I had the chance, I mentioned the incident to Stephen cause he was the manager that was there at the time. I explained that the coworker had been upset by the incident, and the details of the incident, and jokingly said, and you know, I don't want this person getting upset, and then through chairs through the window one Saturday. (The person in question has a really non violent temper and the outburst had really been out of character for this person, so the joke was just that, a joke.)

Stephen for some reason automatically thought that I was talking about a member of his team, and advised that he had already spoken to the member about the computers not working. I advised that, that's not the person in question who I was talking about, and in fact I had no idea that this person on his team was having trouble with the desk. (The person I was referring to, who's anonymity I kept, was wholly unrelated, however I didn't want this person getting any office backlash, so I kept the persons identity a secret.)

So a day or so later, there is an investigation going on, and he walks past my desk and smirks and goes, hum I wonder what this is about? Then walks off. To my understanding, he seems to have used what I reported to him, to indicate that he had been somehow threatened with chairs being thrown through the window, and had those in ear range, verify this in some way shape or form.

I contacted him via email to follow up on what I had reported and made sure that he was clear on what had been said. I also emailed my senior manager about the incident, and my manager a few days later, had the exact conversation repeated to him verbatim. So between these three there was not a question about what had been said.

However since the company at the time was trying to use everything I said and did to shut me up, by making me out to be something I am not. I did take steps to try to find out if Stephen had ever corrected this, and I don't think he did. I fully believe this company might have left the incident on file. This false incident. Which my Senior manager Ian was made aware via email of the conversation that took place with Stephen, and my manager had the same conversation took place. Also the other Senior Manager that was there when the incident took place is aware of this.

In fact Ian a few days later asked if I had every had to move due to computer troubles, I reported that I had not. Yet I have Stephen trying to frame me, to make it look like I have had some violent outburst where he was threatened with chairs being thrown through a window or something like that from what I later understood.

This company not only tried to cover up what was happening, but when someone stood up and pointed it out to them what I had been saying all along. This is after a year and a half of me trying to get the right things done, did they act on it? Not in the way that you would think. What they did do, is take a fit, unnanamously. Then try to set me up. These people had no moral
boundries to speak of.

So that is another thing that was left unfinished. Cause for all I know Stephen never (Mr I ran on the honesty platform for the conservatives. Yeah right.) took the time to get this corrected, because it was by this stage in the companies best interest to make me look as unbalanced or violent or whatever as possible. He used an innocuous incident to basically set me up. This is the company that I worked for.

You expect companies, directors, Managers, Senior managers and HR to do the right thing, but too often the right thing for the company and the right thing for the individual seem to be in collusion and I don't understand that. I mean at this stage doing the right thing would have meant reprimanding quite a few of their managers and people that worked on the floor,
because that many had taken place in my workplace mobbing and this was just something the company was not willing to do.

Instead they decided it would be better to try to neutralise my reputation in this manager. Once again targeting me further for something that was just unnecessary and uncalled for.

I think it's important for others to know how these companies work, and the little things that they are willing to do to destroy some one's life, cause if more people knew this stuff ahead of time, they might not make the same mistakes that I did. Looking back the first thing I should have done is contacted a lawyer, and then gone to HR. This way when they failed to do the right thing, I could have followed it up from there, instead I continually kept trying to work within the company, and hoping that they intended to do the right thing, and they really just never did.

People, companies, will get away with what they think they can get away with and that is the bottom line. Corporate corruption will continue as long as they think they can get away with it, and since I have failed thus far to get any justice for the situation that most recently happened, they have essentially gotten away with it, and this does not bold well for the next target, cause one they see that they can get away with it once, they continue in the same vain till someone can stop them from doing so. That is one of the reasons I think it's important to share some of these experiences with others, if someone can learn from the errors in dealing with these companies, maybe they can make better decisions for their futures.


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