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Thursday, November 30, 2006

Gang Stalking Police Report.

Today I went into a station and filed a police report. I feel so much better after doing this. Not because they were helpful, cause they really weren't. not cause I feel that they are going to do anything, cause I really don't. I feel better because it's who I am. I hate sitting back and doing nothing. I hate watching the suffering of others, and most of all I hate not knowing what the heck is going on. So I went in face to face cause I wanted to be sure what is going on.

I went because the harassment is really getting bad with the transducers or whatever they are using and it's causing some physical problems. Also it feels like I am on a grill all day long, along with the vibrations. Plus from what I have read this will cause long term damage over a period of time. I think it's safe to say this might be the case that is starting to happen here, so since I would rather live my life than let a bunch of useless people take what is mine, I felt something had to be done.

I also went because it sometimes takes so little to take some action, even if it really did not help, I felt better about doing something. I wish it had been more effective, but at least I know where things stand on this level.

My other reasons for going to file a report, is that one person on my website was threatened for posting and she wanted to have her information removed. I was really sad to hear this because Gang Stalking targets should not have to feel threatened, just because they want to tell their stories. People should not have to live in fear for their lives like this.

The other thing was reading the blog of a woman who has a small child and in addition to her gang stalking she has to worry about the stalking of her child. She is scared and often tired because of this, and it's hard to read these stories, knowing that we live in a democratic society, yet many of us are afraid to go to the police because they won't help, or worst they will try to get us institutionalized or I have heard cases of backlash.

The other reason for going is because I had to know for sure how involved they were. This is why I feel so much better. I think I can say now without a doubt that they are involved, and I doubt very much they will do anything to help, however I don't feel ambiguous anymore when I say the police are probably involved. I can say it and not feel bad, because of this experience. For me it's like a burden lifted. Again is every cop involved? I don't know, but I doubt it, however enough can be involved or aware and not willing to do anything to make going to the police useless and ineffective for many targets.

I however wanted to make sure that someone mentioned to them that the City Watch Program might be getting abused, this way there is a record of me having made a complaint about gang stalking and having provided this information.

Have I left myself wide open for retribution? I know other targets have reported increased harassment after going to the police. I don't know if my report will be used against me, but from what other targets have reported, I will be vigilant. I also want to know that reports are being filed. He said he had never heard of gang stalking, multi stalking, stalking by proxy, or organised stalking. He also said he had not had any other reports. The detective I spoke to at another division said he had had many reports, but there was nothing he could do.

I advised that I have been followed by strangers, I advised that I believed that part of the city watch program might be getting abused to help with gang-stalking. I advised of illegal entry, noise harassment, email and mail tampering, online stalking, offline stalking/ community harassment, I also had to show him my research on transducers, or whatever is being
used to try to fry me alive in here. I explained my concerns about my health and that it might be transducers. (I let him read the information, I had put together.)

He said that he did not think they could do anything. He would however take the report and hand it to his supervisors. When questions about the city watch program he closed off right away, except to ask if I had ever been in trouble with the law? He said that if I felt my health was affected that I could move, I explained that gang stalkers just follow where you move to.
I left him a website to visit and I went over all the information, got his badge number, name and today's date. I can say that I truly feel that it confirmed my feelings about the police, and their lack of willingness to help with gang stalking. I feel at peace with saying this now, and I feel so much better. I wish I had better news, but this is what I have for the moment.

I asked when I could expect to hear back from someone, he said he could not say. I asked if there was the possibility that I might not hear back and he said yes there was that possibility.
So I went to the police and expressed my concerns about online and offline stalking. Illegal entry, mail and email tampering, being followed by the citizens group or strangers that I don't know. Also advised of my health concerns, and all this to be told there is nothing they can do. So you are getting this straight from the field, it's not speculation or hearsay, it's the facts for the police station that I went to. It's also I am guessing the fact for other police stations. Now if anyone remembers the Raven1 site, based on her off the record conversations with the cops, it's usually the supervisors who advise the cops to stand down and not investigate gang stalking, so I doubt his handing off the report will be of any help. More than likely just the opposite.

Officer Leo was ok to deal with, I am not saying the cops are a part of gang stalking cause of my interactions with him, it was my hour and a half wait and time spent with perps, and watching officers communicate or do other things with perps, that has made me feel secure in making my declaration about police and their involvement or awareness of this.

I will write more about this another time.


Blogger Kenn said...

Our Missing Police Report! November 29, 2007

NOTE: Names of persons and places have been changed to protect the authors.

First off, we are good people with a good background and have had not problems with police in the past. We have worked and still work with charities, and are very honest.
I’m a victim of Full Blown AIDS, live in Anytown Florida, and I am writing to you because I feel I need assistance involving strange “stalking” and possibly slanderous–type activities aimed at my housemate and me. These strange activities started as soon as we moved into our new home located in Anytown Florida in January of 2007. From what we have witnessed, we believe a person or group of affiliated people have been spreading harmful rumors meant to discredit us with our new neighbors and law enforcement officials, and are also meant to harass us to make us feel uncomfortable and unwanted in our new Anytown home. These incidences of harassment have involved people following us in cars, people suspiciously showing up in droves shortly after we arrive at our destination (such as a restaurant, park, beach, or Post Office), having our neighbors and there children taunt us with verbal insults and unfounded accusations. We have also encountered tactics known by “Gang Stalking” researches as “Street Theater”. We have had incidences of trespassing, theft, destruction, and defacement of our property that has been reported to the police, but with no action taken. The worst of these harassment tactics took place on October 8th, 2007, and involved the local Anytown police department, and the Anytown River Medical Center.

On October 8th 2007, I was forced to call 911 at around 5:20 a.m. and ask for police assistance. We heard a person knocking on our outside house wall and / or privacy fence at our Anytown, Florida home. When my housemate John and I went to investigate this noise, I heard the prowler clearly say, "We are going to get you!" in a low threatening and somewhat theatrical voice. The prowler was behind our privacy fence and on our property. After he made the statement, he ran away from our property before I could get a chance to maneuver myself to see him clearly, and it was also still very dark out at this time. This action was surely meant to disturb and intimidate us. And it had at first, but we collected our thoughts and relized what was going on.
It was “Gang Stalking”!

This prowlers actions has followed a string of strange events that we have been documenting in emails, such as some neighborhood people suddenly lurking in the vacant lots around our home (sometimes taking photos of us and our property), strange cars parking across the street of our property with the drivers clearly observing our house and our normal everyday activities. When we have tried to approach these people, they drive off. We have had our neighbors’ children passing our house, repeatedly making rude comments and accusations to their friends such as "They’re watching us" when they see we are in hearing distance. Also we have had a strange man approaching us (then passing) holding a club when we had taken our dogs for a walk one afternoon in early October. A few people that have been kind to us have informed us that these types of events are very unusual in our area. We have also reported bags of trash dropped on our property (away from the road) and a brand new yard tool stolen from our gated back yard. We had reported these actions to the local police. With little evidence in hand the police said they could do nothing to help us. Again, we have documented these strange events and others like them in emails, and have sent them out at the time when they had originally occurred.

Well, back to the events of the morning of October 8, 2007. I called 911, and an officer (Deputy Policeman) of the Anytown Police Department arrived at our home to investigate. His investigation was minimal and he seemed unconcerned and in a rush to leave. In my opinion, his actions and investigation were highly unprofessional, suspicious and aloof. The officer also made statements to me that suggested that John or I might be under some type of investigation. When I questioned Deputy Policeman further on this matter, the officer informed me that he could not elaborate. I am a person disabled with AIDS, exacerbated by severe medical problems, and this event was not helping my situation. While writing out my police report to Deputy M, Policeman about this prowler incident, I had asked the officer for a paramedic to be called to assist me for chest pains I had as a result of my scare. John also requested to fill out a report form, and I made sure these police reports were scanned into my computer before handing them over. We felt it best to scan our reports mostly due to the officer’s behavior. At around 6:30 am, I was transported by paramedics to the emergency room at the Anytown River Medical Center via ambulance. When in the ambulance, I informed the paramedics of my disabling condition. When I arrived at the Sebastian River Medical Center, I was very briefly seen by a doctor (for about 5 minutes) and then held for many hours just waiting in an emergency room bed with little or no concern by staff for my reported pain. I was then taken to the ICU ward in the late afternoon, but never saw a doctor in ICU. I also waited there for hours and then that evening I was told I was being sent to another facility that could help me, but neither I, nor John was given any other information by the nursing staff as to where I was being sent. John was forced to leave the ICU due to visiting hour regulations. In the late hours of the evening I was transported to the Clinic for Emotional and Behavioral Health in Generic Beach Florida completely without my consent under the Florida “Baker Act”. When I arrived at this facility, I was informed by the staff that no doctor back at Anytown Medical had signed my documents, and I would need to "sign myself in" to this facility. I refused to do so, knowing full well that this was some sort of trick to incriminate myself. After I refused to sign myself in to the Clinic for Emotional and Behavioral Health, I asked to be released. The staff then told me that I must return in the ambulance to Anytown Medical for a doctor to sign the papers, or otherwise I could go home. I was taken back to Anytown Medical in the A.M. hours of October 9th where I asked to be released but was told by Emergency Room staff to stay where I was. An armed officer of the Anytown police force then entered the emergency room and faced me in a threatening manner. About 30 minutes later, a doctor walked into my cubical at the emergency room, took my vital signs and signed the papers. I was then taken by ambulance once again to the Clinic for Emotional and Behavioral Health. This was all done without my consent! This is all on record, as I now have the hundreds of dollars in bills from the ambulance company for the back and forth transports. When I did get to talk to a doctor at the Clinic for Emotional and Behavioral Health (Dr. Psychiatrist ) on October 9th, he informed me that the reason I was taken to the Clinic for Emotional and Behavioral Health was due to Deputy Cop’s statement and report that I was "Psychotic" and my reporting a prowler at my house was all just some deranged hallucination. I am sure Dr. Psychiatrist 's report has much better details than I can give you. This news was a shock to me because my housemate John had seen the same prowler, and had also made a written report to Officer Policeman, but funny how John had not been taken to the Clinic and called "Psychotic"! This is no joke! I was truly kept at the Clinic for Emotional and Behavioral Health for over 48 hours before they had to release me by law. And, I was also released from my involuntary incarceration because the center’s psychiatrist Dr. Psychiatrist would not agree with the officer’s assessment of my condition. In the days after this horrible ordeal, John and I attempted to gather all the information we could about our situation and seek legal help to possibly sue for misconduct. Our resources are limited, and my disabling health condition had soon after become much worse. Due to poor health, I have not had the chance to pursue this matter as much as I would have liked to. When John and I contacted the Anytown Police Department's records department in the days after my October 10th release (to obtain copies of our written police statements from October 8th), we had been told that John's report was never filed by Officer Policeman! This was a red flag to us, and a very suspicious action. We talked to legal professionals, but they said little could be done. This is so disturbing to us, and we are disgusted!

How rude and highly suspicious it was for that officer not to file John's legitimate police report; and how unfair for the Anytown River Medical Center to deny my request to be released. And, it is also disturbing how I am still dealing with the effects of my unfair incarceration at a mental health facility when I have AIDS. I clearly informed the Anytown River Medical Center staff of my medical status. All of this trauma just because Officer Policeman had stated that I was "Psychotic" in his police report. What could his motivation have been? I had legitimately called 911 about a person making disturbing and violent threats to us on our property at around 5 a.m. in the morning. This was the second time we had to call law enforcement to our home in under two weeks! Of course I was scared, but not "Psychotic" as Officer Policman had reported! It is peculiar to us how no professional mental health official or medical Doctor I have seen after these events agrees with Officer Policeman’s assessment of my mental state. We can guess that this is. Could it be good old-fashioned harassment tactics, or “Gang Stalking? We sure think it is!

It is our opinion that everything we have stated in this letter is somehow connected to some organized form of harassment called “Gang Stalking”. It is also very sad, and I would go so far as to say even abusive how some people use their own children as tools in these harassing games. When walking our dogs in our area, we have seen parents call their children to them, point at us, then encourage the child to scream at us. We have also had some adults from our area make rude slanderous comments at us when passing by our property, but later change their demeanor to be completely friendly when other people are around who could possibly witness their unusual actions. This type of thing distresses us! But we never lose our cool, and just stay smart.

We believe and fear that there may now be an organized effort to have us accused of making contact with children / minors, based on the tactics we have witnessed, and by the statements and actions made by the people involved in these “Stalking” like events. Again, we have attempted to document every bizarre and suspicious action taken by anyone at the time of the incidents. We know that this “Stalking” pattern fits a known harassment tool used by some groups to discredit people, and we are just not that stupid not to take action, or fall into there trap. These events have also forced John to have to go to the Anytown Police station on his own to re-file a report that should have been entered into the records department on October 8th 2007 by Officer Policeman. The clerk working at the police department’s records section told John that he could obtain a copy of this 2nd written police report he had made to Officer Cop at the police station on Friday November 30th. We sure hope there is no further unprofessional actions or tricks played on us by our paid local law enforcment, but it looks like some people or groups just do not know when to quit. We are shocked by all of this, because we do not deserve this unfair and abusive treatment. But after we have done more research on “Gang Stalking” and the tactics they use, we feel this is very common in our culture. We are peaceful people who just want to enjoy our new home. We hope these events would just end, but from our research into "Gang Stalking" we have learned that it continues non–stop for these people. So we are learning to turn it into something positive and useful for other victims.

I did hope someone could help us resolve this situation, but am not sure how to proceed. We do not wish to take any action that would incite further abuse to us, but doing nothing seems to just invite some type of "Set Up" that will be used agents us. We hope that informing you of our situation will be of some help. Please contact us for further information. The case number of the October 8, 2007 event is (07-****-OF) and recorded with the Anytown Florida Police Department. We also ask you to research "Gang Stalking" tactics so that you can better understand our situation. We would like to be able to feel safe and assured of assistance when we call 911, but that seems unlikely. We feel it is very important to work within the law, stay cool, and not take any type of direct actions ourselves. John and I also feel that it is very important for us to gather hard evidence and seek professional advice before making any type of direct accusations to law enforcement officials against any individuals in our area doing this sort of thing. We are friendly and law–abiding people, and do not wish to lower ourselves to the types of negative behavior that has been aimed at us. One other strange event I must mention also involves the Anytown River Medical Center, and took place on November 5th and 6th 2007. I went to the medical center to have blood drawn as per my doctor’s request on the morning of November 5th. I had my order form for the tests with me, and a number of vials of my blood were taken. I then was told I could leave. That afternoon, I was called by the Anytown River Medical Center and asked to return, as they needed more blood for the tests. Because I had to get this test done for treatment of my bad health, I agreed to return on the morning of November 6th. At least two further vials of my blood had been extracted and I was told that I did not have to sign in, fill out any documentation, and I did not receive any proof that more blood was taken. Because this was highly unusual, I had John accompany me to the lab to be a witness to this. I sure hope there was no nefarious activity connected with this action on the part of the Anytown River Medical Center. I’ll be sure to avoid that facility at all cost in the future. I hope my story helps someone.

Mr. Gang Stalking Victim & Housemate John

Saturday, December 01, 2007  
Blogger gang stalking said...

Hi Kenn,

Thank you for sharing your missing police report. I appriciate it. I am deeply sorry for all you are going through, and I do thank you because the more we know about what is happening to others, the more we can try to help each other.

Saturday, July 05, 2008  
Blogger gang stalking said...

I have added your story ti the website. Sorry it took so long, but toay was my first time seeing these comments.

Saturday, July 05, 2008  

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