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Sunday, December 24, 2006

Try and try and try again.

If at first you don't succeed.

[b]Canada Post[/b]

After having to make arrangements with Canada Post to have my mail couriered out to me, I was able to pick it up without incident. The mail delivery person instead of dropping the pick up slip through the door, which he is suppose to, decided to leave it outside of the apartment.
Anyways without incident and after a month and a half of trying to get a letter that should have taken 3-5 days to receive, I finally have a letter that more or less addresses my concerns.

[b]Police Report[/b]

My first attempt to file a police report was done in person. Based on what other targets had reported and demonstrations of the police unwillingness to do anything about reports of organised stalking, I went in person.

This was done at the end of last month. Now I called to check to see if a police report had been filed a few days later, and I spoke to one person at dispatch who said that nothing had been filed. I called the station where I filed it. The person who answered assured me that the info had been filed, but he could not give me any details over the phone. That seemed odd.

I decided to call head office a few days later to see if there was anything filed under my name and there was not.

I would again try to file a noise complaint a couple of weeks later. Not only was the noise complaint not filed, but of-course they did not come out to speak to my harassing neighbour like they said they would do over the phone.

A few days ago I again called from outside my home from a pay phone to file a report, thinking that maybe my attempts over the phone at my place were being obstructed. When she pulled up my file, she said that no reports had been filed at all. Also that there were no officers who could take the complaint, and that someone would have to call me back.

Since I was away from home at the time, if someone did call back, I did not get the call. So the next day I had to again call and ask to file a police report. (I was determined that there be something on file to show that I was being harassed. I mean there is some city wide (vigilante), patrol program that is being sanctioned by the government, police, and other agencies, that is doing horrific tings and no one is willing to do anything.) I was told again no one was available and someone would have to call me back.

I advised I would be waiting by the phone, until someone called me back. Finally I had someone call me back. I filled the police report. Got the officers name, badge number, and police report number.

The only things about the report that I don't like. She did not include the information that I had spoken to an officer who confirmed for me that there is a city patrol program in place. She said that was hearsay. She also did not include the fact that I had spoken to another officer who said that he had gotten quite a few complaints like this, and that there was nothing that could be done. Both those important points, she refused to include in the report.

I can say, the officer sounded professional, and did a decent job in taking the report, but she also did not list the term organised stalking, or gang stalking in the report, and she did not say that I felt that the program I felt I was being harassed by might be City Watch or some other centralised program.

These four points are worrisome to me, because we all know by the reports of other targets, that the police have been know to pass these reports off as paranoia, or worst. So if and when a detective gets back to me, I am going to see that those four points are included in the report.
Right now as it stands, I would be better if that information could be included in the report. This also leaves me open for them to try to use this report against me, as other targets have reported, but I felt the need to still try.

[b]CHRC Complaint[/b]

First I wrote them and they said that the complaint would not be reopened until all the info was faxed over. Fine that makes sense.

I faxed the information over on the 10th. Even with all the obvious collusion I have observed, I decided to reopen my complaint. So I faxed the documents on the 10-11 of the month.
I called around the 12th and I wrote, to confirm receipt. I received a note that said the file had been assigned to someone, who was in the pre-review section.

I also called and spoke to someone who said yes the file was assigned.

So I waited about 10 days for some sort of contact. So after no contact, I called and spoke to the person they said was looking after my file.She said she had received the fax.
This is really odd, because they would not have assigned the file if they had not received the fax.
Based on the first email I got back, and the subsequent confirmation of the file being assigned. She wanted me to fax the file to a fax number that I didn't recognised, and then she would confirm receipt.

I felt that was unusual. (Considering my experience with telephone redirects, I had no way of knowing if this was the right person, so I decided to re-fax, but to the number that was on the form.) The next day I called. She advised that she had still not received the fax, and I should resend it again. She later went on to say that she did receive a fax, but it did not contain my documentation. Which is impossible, because there is only one fax sent, and if you received it, then you have my documentation.

In the course of this transaction, she tried to get me to restart the whole process over again. She was like, since I don't have the fax, do you want me to send you out the package again, and then you can just send it in? The process of just getting the forms took forever last time, and no because I have faxed the info to you.

The whole thing was very odd, and I still don't know if that was the correct person from the CHRC. However based on the stall tactics I have heard about, and the collusion I have seen, it probably was.

Finally after faxing a third time, and repeatedly calling to confirm fax receipt with anyone there, I got a call from the person handling the file, saying she has the fax.

I know I probably don't have a chance of getting a legit police investigation done, or getting a proper hearing for my case with the CHRC, but the point is even if they are going to do a botched or corrupt job of it, I still have to try. I have to stand up to whatever forces set this into play, to mess with my life this way.

So the fun thing about this whole process. In my continuous attempts to file a police report, these are the things I have discovered.

-There is a centralised program that is being operated not by the police, that involves the patrolling that I am seeing.

-I have an officer that is getting reports of this, all over the place. In or near the area where I live.

-Also I found out, that under my name there is a file with the police. I am going to do a longer post on this because it's so involved. However this newly discovered information about what looks like a frame up to cover for wrong actions on their part, might explain this gang stalking. Considering it started the same year, they did what I view as something illegal.


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