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Thursday, March 08, 2007

The Trojan Horse of the Russians.

I have been watching everyone tricked out and spying on each other, like good little Stasi citizens and it has me wondering, did the Russians really lose or did they pull a fast one on those lazy, assuming Westerners?

I mean here we are 15 to 16 years later and we are being tricked out and played as much as the
German citizens were.

Everyone is busy spying and snitching on each others, people are learning that they can't trust those around them, and people's love is growing cold.

People are doing things they would have dreaded 20 years earlier. While our attention in the West shifted to Islamaphashist or whatever the distraction of the day is, communism has been making a comeback, in fact it's making a killing.

This got me to thinking and wondering. I mean is there anyway that they pretended to lose the cold battle, so that they could win the Cold War?

Think about it, it's the oldest trick in the book. Long war, it's wasting resources, no one is winning. You pretend to lose the war, pack up your ship, or break down your walls, and then send a gift to your enemies, make them drunk lazy, let down their guards and then, you slip in when they are sleeping and boom you have conquered Troy.

Well did the Russians or Communism conquer the West. Well let's see, they offered us Peace, Paastroka. They packed up their ships, or they let down the wall, and pretended that Communism was dead and fully gone, and that we had conquered them with our democratic society.

Then they had all their agents slip quietly and stealthily into our shores, and while we slept, somehow their system slowly took over.

Maybe a bit simplistic in the comparison, but it's something to think about when you think about the spy society that we have become. We have systems in place that we would have been shocked at 20 years ago. We also have in some Countries, former Stasi Chiefs, and KGB heads, handling the countries homeland security.

Our children, parents, brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, are all spying, and betraying others. Many in society live in fear of discussing this stuff. Young ones are learning to speak in whispers and hushed tones.

Spies and looks outs at every corner, and people do not know who they can trust or what they can trust. Government is doing scarier things to people than the mafia ever did. The mafia if it exists at all anymore, are probably so over run with agents inside, they won't know what hit them when their organisation runs into trouble.

The rest of use are here trying to make sense of it all, and I think maybe they won after all either intentionally or by default they won. We have become what we always afraid of becoming. I think sometimes the horror that they lived in must have left a deep morphic resonance in the human conscience, something that had to be experienced by others to be understood, and I think that they imparted that experience on the human conscience so that the rest of us could understand the horrors they saw and experienced under that system. Somehow it's become our own, a living breathing spymare that no one can wake up from.

I wonder what happened to the generation that was so afraid of becoming Red. How short human memory is. How changeable they are sometimes, what would have shocked and horrified a generation ago, has become perfectly acceptable and trendy. We have our children tricked out and whored spies and ears of society. Hard to believe sometimes that it has come to this and so quickly. Slow, slithering and insidious, like a sleepless malice, it crept in while we slumbered and wrapped it's coils around humanity, and now it squeezes slowly, killing us as we try to loosen ourselves from it's grasps, each time we breath and convince ourselves we are close to becoming free, it tightens it's hold, till we it's human prey will become no more. Then it will open up it's hingeless jaw and devour all humanity. As it was then, so it shall be now.

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