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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Exposing Gang Stalking

*This was my response on the forum regarding exposing business that allow gang stalking.

Hi Anthony. I am not sure what you are talking about? There is no need for a list of places that allow gang stalking. Every place allows gang stalking. I bet you would be hard pressed to find one company, one government building, one tribunal board, one law office, that does not have this happening.

This is a system that most people are taking part in. From what I have seen we have the young, we have the old and everything in the middle taking part.

We have men and woman, trans-sexualas, bi-sexuals and one else in between.

We have black, white, Asian, Russian. Indian, African, Caribbean, European, Eastern European and anything else in between.

We have activist, dissidents, anarchists, communists, Taoists, Buddhists, Christian, Muslim, Hindus, Jews, Atheists, etc. We have anything that you can name taking part in this.

I just observed two teens probably 14 years old, doing there skate-boarding thing in the subway, while keeping watch on what was happening till reinforcements came and then they pretended to go off and do their own thing. The really insulting part was one was wearing an anarchist t-shirt. That use to mean something, now it does not.

I am sorry Anthony, but I don't have a clue as to what you mean. Who can we expose, except to say that an extremely large chunk of our population and other populations are taking part in this. I am not sure if you missed it, but this is happening all over the world, or soon will be. Most of the democratic countries and several Asian countries have already reported this. Community based policing which is actually based on a communistic system is alive and well, and thriving and it's starting to be used all over the world. The best you can do is to get countries that use to be free like Canada to talk about it openly, but they won't.

Just like in Red China, Red Russia, or Stasi Germany, people take part, and they keep an eye on the population. These countries have got everyone so scared of looking for terrorist over there, that we don't see that we have become Red over here. There is no one to expose but society. Remember this is a partner ship with corporations, companies, private citizens, snitches, private security, government, the police, civil workers, etc.

All you are seeing is the smaller picture. This is happening on a local level, but within companies it's being used to mob out the vocal, the whistle blowers, the overly moral. They are getting rid of them left right and center. That's why workplace mobbing is on the rise and will continue to be, till those dissenting voices are gone. Then you have whole entire cities that are spying on each other, keeping watch on each other. They are doing what the former East German's did and they are controlling the population with just a small fraction of society, Eg. The East Germans used 1 in 65 to control the country of 16 million. America wanted to have 1 million spies. Canada must have a number closer to what the Americans were going after, because our programs came forward unquestioned, unchallenged.

This is part of a larger system that is working towards, world government, one world government, NWO. So I really don't know what you mean. I mean it's great I guess you mean think global and act local, but most people are too afraid to break rank and talk about these programs. They feel a sense of community that has far too long been lacking in much of society, unfortunately that sense of community that they feel is false and it's a lie. It's being used to kill and destroy innocent people and innocent lives. It's being used to squash and destroy dissidence, it's being used to stifle the voices that would cry out in the wilderness and tell them to repent because what they are doing is wrong. These people will crucify and nail to the cross pretty much anyone they see as unfit.

They have become the terrorist that they have been tricked into fighting, and much like the former East Germany, I don't see how you are going to get this system changed. Since I noticed the gang stalking, do you know how many people of Eastern European decent, I have observed also taking a part in this? I am sure some must be from the old country and were probably on these types of programs in there countries, this also goes for people of other decent. This programing does not leave these people. They seem to like taking part in this, and it will more than likely spread, than not spread. All you need is a small portion of the population to control large sectors of society, and it's working, it's been working for I don't know how long. It's creepy and scary to wake up and realise that your city has turned into a Stasi State. I grew up with warnings of don't turn Red, you don't want to be Red, and now we are Red.

We are increasingly coming under communistic like conditions. The State is trying to tell people how to live, how to behave in society, and the people of these countries are falling in line like mindless sheep, or mindless zombies. They just go along with this and they don't think at all it's scary, it's frustrating, but it's where we are. So when you say that companies should be exposed, I am just simply not sure what you mean. They will work together to destroy a person, remove them, weed them from one community to the next, one apartment, house to the next, one job to the next. The idea is to destroy the person, emotionally, mentally and physically, and when that fails they try to employ other methods, just like the former Soviet Union.

Then they are also trying to put away the dissidents and the activists, mental institutions for the outspoken and the defiant. The homeless and the poor are being systematically eliminated right before our eyes in cities all around the world, but especially it seems in these free thinking Western countries. We have become like those we use to dread and fear. All they had to do was distract us with a new enemy over here, so that we would forget about our old nemesis over there. Now who is in bed with the former Heads of Stasi and KGB? American's that's who. Who is spying on who now? That's right Americans are. Who has to show id cards now? Americans do in some places as part of drills or regular practice for their safety, you understand. Who gets arrested for being outspoken and for not showing id on demand? Americans can and do. Who gets arrested for speaking out about the President, and the War? Americans do. We looked West and the East won, or whoever you want to phrase it, and for some reason people are too blind, deaf, or dumb to realise this, and so the horror just continues.

So it's a system that you would be exposing, a system that will not give justice, or fair play to those that are outside of the system. A system where you can just signal that someone is crazy, a terrorist, pedophile, undesirable, and they will get the short end of the legal system or tribunal hearing, depending on where they seek justice. They will get the short end of the police report, they will be treated like vagrants and vagabonds. It's happening all over, and it's all just part and parcel of a larger more insane game, that may well not end until the world is fully subdued.

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