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Saturday, February 17, 2007

Tips for targets.

In the last seven to eight months I have learnt so much about gang stalking and what it's really like to be a targeted individual. To wake up one day and discover that you are literally being followed around and spied on wherever you go and no matter what you do, no matter where you are.

I have spent the last 8 years being harassed and mobbed, at work and in the community, however the last 7 months were a discovery. It's was to awaken from a nightmare to learn that not only was I not alone, but that this had all been planned, coordinated and carried out.
To have friends, family, neighbours, coworkers all be a part of a grand conspiracy designed to destroy your life and drive you to ruin, suicide, jail, institutionalisation, or poverty. It's been a real trip and one that I would rather to have done without, but it's let me become more aware of my world at a critical time when I might not have been otherwise.

To learn that your city, much like many others around the world have become mini Stasi States, with people spying and informing on each other, allegedly to protect their communities. Realising that this horror and this nightmare is not only encouraged by the State and the government, but also fully sanctioned.

The worst part, having no idea why or where it started or originated from. Trying to trace back your history over the last decade or so, to try to find out where this might have started from, to try to see if there was any rhyme or reason for this and discovering that there might not be or that you might never find it.

On top of this was getting a first class introduction to electronic harassment, and then having a full intense session for the next 4-5 months. Your very home becomes a torture chamber and you physically tortured with weapons that can actively be denied by the neighbourhood sociopaths who are taking part in these harassment's. You don't get to see or know the damage that has been done and most doctors, either won't openly acknowledge that these exist or they don't realise that these exist and can be used and are being used at none governmental levels.

To find out everything you ever learnt about Democracy and your country is not really true. It's only true under certain conditions, To find out that the world is not really the place that you learnt that it is. It's to live through a silent nightmare that has taken the lives of others, driven others to take their own lives, made other beggar and vagabond on the streets or in jails, made others permanent residents of institutions where they may never been heard from again.

In the midst of this storm you have to find a way to live, to survive, stay alive so that you can share your story with others, so that you can leave for others what others have left for you. To try to understand the living day-mare that has become your life. Somehow through this all you have to find your strength and your character must prevail or you realise that you may not. In the midst of this you learn all about human nature, and all the lessons that you learnt from the past start to make sense.

You learn to understand how the Salem witch trails took place, the Nazi Holocaust, the interment of the Japanese, all those events in history begin to make sense with such clarity, and you vehemently hope for the best, but you constantly remain aware of those who have gone before, and those who will come after. The ones who were not so lucky or so fortunate to find out in time, to try to stem the tide of malice that would over take and conquer their lives.

You learn to adapt to the unfathomable and you try to make others aware of a reality that is just so hard to believe that you would not believe it if you were not living it. Yet you still try, because you realise that awareness is the only way you can make others aware, and maybe get this nightmare stopped, and so you learn to do what you can for yourself and for others.

In the course of all this, I have found a reservoir which I always believed that I would have, should something like this come along, but who would ever believe such a thing could be. I have learnt to have perspective that I did not fully have prior to this. I have learnt in some ways to have less compassion for somethings, and some people, and in other cases to have more compassion for some things and some people.

I have had to cut ties that I thought would last a very long time, but I realise for me to be healthy and well, some times must be severed and so they have been. I not realise that I am most likely in this fight for some time to come and so I plan accordingly and don't look too far ahead, but I remain very vigilant. I find comfort in helping other targets, having a place where they can come and be heard, or just being able to impart my knowledge on them and being able to help them understand and learn what it took me months to do. It' s pretty rewarding helping others, it's something I have always strived to do, and I find even in the midst of this storm I have found new ways to do so, and so that is where I am currently on my path.

Here are some tips I hope can help others going through the same situation. I hope it can give them a basic structure with enough information to help them get adjusted quicker and to arm themselves with knowledge and defend themselves sooner, so that maybe they can stem the tide.

I am becoming the person I wanted to be. I would have preferred avoiding the clip trip through hell to do so, but it's made me a stronger, better, more aware person and much more compassionate about the suffering of others and the realities of the world that I really live in.

1. Try to gain some idea as to when your stalking might have started. Try to narrow it down to a 5 year time frame. If you think you know when your stalking started, think back further and keep looking for the answers. Eg. There is a guy online who thinks his stalking started because he dated a woman who he later learned was married. He thinks that's where it began, however unicorn another forum member suggested that it might have started even before this. The man had mentioned that his friends at work had introduced him to the work site, where he met the woman who ended up getting him stalked. Unicorn thought that the friends from work had set him up to go to that site, meet that woman, and then get into trouble for dating a married woman. Unicorn thought that plots like this happened many years before a target ever realised they were targets. That's why I say when you think you know, go further back and see if there could be anything else.

2. Many targets seems to have strong moral, ethical, or religious beliefs. This is something that a lot of targets do seem to have. They get picked off for being whistle-blowers, dissidents, activists, etc. Again it might appear that these are the reasons, but it could also be that you are placed specifically in such situations so that you will have to blow the whistle and thus getting stalked.

3. I recommend asking for a copy of your FOIA. Freedom of information records. I think this is a good idea at the local and federal levels.

4. You probably have a slander campaign ongoing, with people trying to make it seem as if you are crazy, a sex predator, drug dealer or a combination if not worst. Slander is something they use.

5. When they are in public, they are using a one handed sign language to communicate, look for things like baseball signal. Touching the nose, pulling on the ears, stroking the hair back, Things like that. I believe it's a one handed sign language called Talking Hands. It's a sign language that the hearing impaired use out in public and also the police to communicate.

6. The gang stalking is part of the new community based policing initiatives, that means many people in your community, neighbourhoods, workplaces, school, etc are a part of these programs. They are suppose to be an extra set of eyes and ears for the community. These people cover for each other and go out of their way to harass someone till it's impossible for them to stay in a community, workplace, school, homes, etc.

7. If you file a police report, keep it short and sweet and get a copy. The police have a habit of not filing these reports. Filing them and leaving them blank, or twisting around what you reported to make you seem crazy.

8. The network is becoming international, which presents a real problem for targets. Even when they travel they are not able to find safe places.

9. Places like Amnesty International, and other human rights groups, refuse to help or lend assistance with what is ongoing. It does not mean that you should not try to get help from them, but just be aware of what is happening.

10. Start video taping what they are doing to you, get a camcorder and tape recorder. For you home, also tape record your home when you are out.

11. Stop leaving your food opened, perps have been known to drug and tamper with food, and they will try to make you ill or give you drugs to make you act out.

12. Place extra locks on doors, and windows.

13. In your house and apartment they know where you are because they will install through the wall sensors, which you set off as you walk and that is how they know.

14. Your best defense is a lawyer, if you can find one who knows what's going on and who is willing to take on your case. You should try to find a lawyer that is aware of what is going on with community policing, but who is not a part of the program. You need someone who is aware of what's happening, but who can be neutral.

15. The police and the fire department are involved. The police and the fire department are involved, because the police are the ones who are running, or helping to run these community based program. You can try to get their assistance, but don't count on it, and it has the potential to make your situation worst.

16. Try not to loose your temper out in public. The ones in public are going out of there way to make sure you loose your temper. They will follow you and cough at you, stand too close, they coordinate the actions, if you watch them long enough you will begin to see this. Just look for the hand signals. Usually they will yawn or cover their mouths to start the communication.

17. Don't trust anyone but yourself. The reason behind this is that many people on line are perps. Even people who run support sites, and websites, some are perps. This is true for other community platforms not just gang stalking. For some reason, I guess to throw targets off, we have people who are total perps, pretending to be targets, to gain info from targets, find out stuff about them that can later be used.

18. Anything you share online assume it's public record. Nothing is private nothing is sacred.
This is true offline and online.

19. If you joined the spy network, this might stop the harassment, but I am not sure, and why would you want to join in with villains that are terrorising you.

20. Start an online blog and document all the things that they do. It's important to have some sort of record, let others know what's happening, or just vent a little and get some feedback. Again careful what you say, cause it has the potential to be used in an adverse manner.

21. If you are being gang stalked and you have a family, some of them might already have been compromised. Many targets have families that have been compromised. This would happen long before you discovered you were a targets. If you have a family just be aware of this and take precautions to protect yourself.

22. They will try to put people in your life and get people close to you, it will seem like oh an accidental meeting, unexpected, they will be your sort of person, but they will be placed there to find out info about you, get access to your home, and help with destroying your life.

23. Moving does not seem to help, but if it gets really bad, and you can't handle it, then get out. Nothing is more important than you.

24. In addition to being gang stalking, electronic weapons can be used against targets. These can include, microwave weapons, acoustic weapons, lasers, etc.

25. Youtube and other file sharing sites are a good way to get the word out about gang stalking. Put up videos about gang stalking.

26. Your cellphone can be used to track you, monitor your conversations and bug your home. It's better to not give out your phone number.

27. This rule should actually be number one, it's the one thing that I think that targets should not over look. It has many great applications and benifits and no matter what your spiritual background is, at a time like this you use it for your advantage and pray. To some it will seem hooky or obvious, but for many it's an over looked source and a very important one, so I say pray. Pray often and repeatedly. Pray.

28. Remember you are not alone.

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Blogger Apocalypto said...

Excellent advice. Trust no one.

I had a "friend" work me for six years, until he exposed himself. He is a true psychopath.

Don't expect help from family. And trust no one. Not even *you.*

Put your trust in John M. Browning. Stay proficient with your weapons. Be ready to kill the stalkers if they cross the line. That depends, of course, on what state you live in. Florida has a very positive personal protection law, where aggravated stalking is a forceable felony, authorizing the use of deadly force on that stalker by a legally armed citizen. I am such a citizen and won't hesitate to kill a stalker, should he cross the line. They know that, so they primarily harass me electronically. Almost got one the other day, but couldn't get a clear shot without endangering the innocent, so the bastard is still out there.

If I see him again, he's a dead thug. Very dead.

Sunday, February 18, 2007  
Blogger Apocalypto said...

You're in Kalifornia, where you don't have a chance. Move to Florida, get a Concealed Weapons License, carry an effective weapon(s) at all times, and be prepared to use it at the slightest provocation. That's why I stay in Florida.

Sunday, February 18, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear foreign friends,
I just want you to know the truth about what happens to me in my native city Penza, Russia. It is a nightmare, le cauchemar, ein Albtraum. It is framed up by the maniac of Ukrainian origin, whose parents are teachers of mathematics at Penza state pedagogical university. Many accessories in crime and coconspirators assist the maniac. He has crime affiliations, “coats” and contacts among authorities. It was an incitement to suicide. They did everything to lead me to suicide – they did not only LISTEN TO THE PHONES AND READ MY EMAILS, obviously making screenshots from my computer, they PASSED the information TO MY JOB every day. People in Russia are hard now. I was humiliated, bullied and harassed, it has injured and harmed my health. They spied on me and intimidated me, guarding me at the bus-stop when I went to work and back. Moreover, they shouted under my windows. They retailed gossips to all the places where I went beside my work and instigated people to offend me. They’ve made me incapable to work, thus they have practically stolen the living of my elderly mum. At each new job the situation repeats.
I really want the people from all over the world know the situation, I am absolutely normal, but my life is in danger here.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016  

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