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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

The set up.

Set up for stalking.
I recently had an experience which I do believe confirms something that one of our forum members was getting at. Unicorn a forum member pointed out that targets are often set up and stalked long before they ever become targets. Well I think he or she could well have been on to something.

Today I was at a location and I was just kind of standing there looking at the architecture of the building and the stalkers were passing me by on multiple levels and I was just observing how their network was working, the trade off in who goes where directionally, how frequently they move, boring things like that. Anyways one of the stalkers, decided to stop talk to me, and then tried to get a little bit frisky, Mr perv elderly Viagra bunny, tried to first get a little frisk in, and then actually tried to introduce my hand to parts of his anatomy. Not funny very unamusing. So after I told the elderly Viagra bunny on crack to go away. I stopped to mention the incident to the next stalker coming up the walk way, and asked if that was how members of there stalking crew were suppose to act, he offered to mention the incident to the security guard, who was all like, not much I can do about it. He decided it was a mall security issue. Even though the incident happened 2 inches from where the first security guard had jurisdiction, and he had been peering over the rail keeping watch on me about 2 minutes before the incident happened, and he was more than likely in earshot for the whole thing. Now since the bumbling duo were just hovering, I decided to get their names, for the blogging fun of it, because that's the thing to do.
Now they were both like, oh there is really nothing we can do, you really have to call the police. Right call the police to tell them about some geriatric, Viagra taking, energizer bunny on crack. Sure we all have that much time to waste, but they were really pushing for this option. I thanked them for wasting my time, and left. Now it did not occur to me right away, but this was a set up.

The stalkers as I mentioned had a stalking pattern that they had been following, I had been starting to count it off, and it was very regular. When the incident happened with the geriatric pervert, the pattern had stopped. That means that the stalkers were allowing time for the incident to occur and someone somewhere was observing this to see what my reaction would be to this. Ofcourse knowing enough of my character they realised that the incident would probably get reported in some shape or form and then ofcourse the security guards were all too happy to try to push me into the direction of calling the police. The police who we all now know would do jack all, infact this would have put me into a worst situation than before, but also this would probably be used as a reason for the stalking to be initiated. Eg. Let's say I was an unsuspecting target, I was not aware of being stalked previously, let's say I had acted in the human way as expected and called the police on the geriatric pervert, then the incident get's reported some how on the stalking network, that I am making false reports on some geriatric pervert, so then the stalking network uses this as a reason to start the stalking. So the unsuspecting target would probably then note the time of their stalking to this incident, where the truth is they would have been stalked long before this incident happened, this would just have been the catalyst or the excuse for getting the stalking to commence full fledged. What are the chances that this perv is some well liked old geeser that would just never do such a thing? I would say pretty good. I get this now. This bs works with whistle-blowing. Like unicorn had pointed out before, but I don't think I fully understood till not, the thing that the target thinks put the stalking into play, is probably not at all the original factor that really started the stalking, so when you think you know what started it, then go further back.

For me because I have all this knowledge now, I can look back and see that the stalking could have started with the incident with the police, Rogers, but more than likely my stalking started before either of these two incidents and I am going to have to go back to find out where. More than likely these incidents were used as a set up or a catalyst, to make me aware of the stalking, a reason or an excuse for the stalkers to become more overt with what was happening, but this more than likely could go back even further than that.

After the incident and as the geriatric pervert went on his way, is when there stalking pattern started again. So if it had stopped long enough for this incident to occur, this means that they were aware that this was going to go down, and the helpful security guards were more than likely pressing for the police to be called for said reason of the set up. So when you think you know why your stalking started, go back even further.

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