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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Corrupt to the core 3

Corrupt to the core 3.

So my update on the keystone cops. These officers of the law, who decided it would be fine and ok to create a misrepresented report regarding the stalking I was experiencing have decided it would be ok to not update my report, for the last six months.

As you all know, I have been trying for the last six months to get the report updated, instead the keystone cops have used every staling method in the book.

Now what the little officers of the law are doing is they are parading outside my apartment when I leave my home. I do feel special. I noticed it the last several times, they will get several cars to drive by my me at the same time, when I leave. This is so just going to impress me, and get me to change my mind about having the report updated. Synchronised police stalking. Very impressive, good technique, nice style, an A for effort, but that first car was not in perfect formation. I am going to have to deduct points for that.

Yes the worlds largest armed street gang of thugs, are refusing to do the right thing, what a shock. Maybe if they would stop handing my report back to officer hooker, the report would freaking get updated. At this stage, it's clear that someone wants a pissing contest, ok, not really looking for one, but I am going to get that report updated, removed, or whatever.

Now for the officers who might be trying to do the right thing, I am sorry to have to write this report, but it has to be done. There are some real criminal elements in your company, I don't just mean those officers in the drug squad unit, who were all arrested for selling drugs, or the officers arrested for the showdowns and extorting money from store owners, or the officers arrested on other questionable charges. I mean the ones who bend and pervert justice on a daily basis, by not upholding the law. Now these criminal activities may not be as blatant, or obvious, but it is just as reprehensible and damaging to society, as the ones listed about. Now I am sure there might be some officers trying to do the right thing under these circumstance, however it's clear to me, and large chunks of society that there are even more that are simply not doing the right thing, and that are making no effort to do the right thing.

To serve and protect, what does that really mean? Who are you serving? Yourselves or the public? Cause all I am seeing are some very self serving attitudes, just because you have a blue wall of silence around you, does not mean it's a blanket and open ticket to do the wrong things continually, oh but it's being used that way. To protect? Who are you truly protecting nowadays? The public or yourselves? You have most of society snitching and whoring themselves out for you, lying to them that this is making society a safer place, when in reality, it's not a safer place, because those sworn to serve and protect continually do the wrong thing. It's shameful. Again for those trying to do the right thing, I mean you no disrespect, I do not feel that those trying to do the right thing, should ever be equated or judged by the same standards, unfortunately all too often that is what happens.

This is one of the main components of why society is what it is. Not only do I get the parade of cars, but I have seen officers out on patrol at the same time, and I see the snitches and their reactions at those times, and they look scared, and that is not the interaction that the public should be having with the police. I do realise that we are living in corrupt times, and that these are weird and bizarre times, but this is ridiculous. All that is needed for the triumph of evil, is for good men to do nothing. For the decent officers out there, I would ask you to consider this saying the next time you ignore conscience and see someone doing something that i s not right or correct. For those who are trying to do the right things, then I hope you will continue to be encouraged to do the right thing. For those who have never done the right thing, then how about seeing how the other side lives?

It is by little degree such as this that society get ruined, this is why you hear about places, where the whole police department has to be suspended or removed, because they create these little cliques, that are about themselves, and nothing else, and the public will never be best served with such underpinnings. You hear about other places, where the whole society is corrupt, and no one goes to the police, because they are viewed the same way. It's by little degrees such as this that the society continues to get perverted. This is how you can have almost an entire drug squad unit selling drugs. This blue wall of silence serves no one, and is not helping society. Then when the blue wall fails, and the corruption is just too much, the officers then get to investigate themselves? Can justice ever be done this way, and yet with many in society asking for a change to this portion of the system, we see the same thing happening over and over again.

It's a shame and a travesty but it is the system that we have been gifted with and it's the system we must work within, and persist at if decency is ever to prevail.

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