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Saturday, September 15, 2007

Leashing the snitches. Part 2.

It's several hours later and I have managed to annoy and waste the time of the civilian spies/snitches. Not what I had planned, but it made the day more fun. Also I took care of my peeping snitch problem. I guess just like dogs the snitches get bored and it's time to get the leash and take them for a walk, or let them think you are going to.

Anyhoo, sometimes you really do have to fight fire with fire. That's what the stop snitching movement attempted to do. Now when I first got online, I had no idea that the stop snitching movement could even have any relevancy in regards to what was going on with targets. It seemed so far removed, but getting people to stop snitching is as relevant to the Gang stalking/ Targeted Individual movement as it is to other movements.

Apparently what has been happening is for some time now without being aware, our society have been gathering troops of snitches. I mean it seems we have always had snitching to some degree, but now it's societal in many democratic and of course communist countries.

Many ethnic communities were hit first, and I think that is why you get the stop snitching movement having such an urban undertow, but the stop snitching movement is something everyone can look into. Again I am all for people being good citizens, and if you see a real crime do what you have to do, there is a defining line. What I am against is what I see happening now, with snitches getting reduced or no sentences for their crimes because they are willing to lie, or sell out others. I am also against the good for nothing busy bodies, who are just as bad in their own perspective regards. If you are the victim of a crime, or witness one, then do what you have to do. I am all in favor of whistle-blowers, and others along that line.

To find out about both sides of the stop snitching movement you can do some quick research, but this is what it comes down to, the cops are trying to make it look like the stop snitching movement is being backed by criminals who do not have the good of society in mind, this is not fully the case. The stop snitching movement have some very legit concerns about how snitching is affecting their communities.
You have whole entire communities that have been devastated by this, and a criminal justice system where cases are being decided by prosecutors and their snitches. The cops have become very dependent on snitches to help them do their jobs, too dependent, and they are consistently overlooking a lot of the corruption that is happening because of societal snitching.

To find out more about both sides there are some great articles you can check out. These are the ones that are still available.

The only way we can ever all be controlled and enslaved in a future one world government, is if we participate and give our consent. Without the snitches a lot of what is happening now would stop. Our societies however have been scared, cohorsed into thinking that we need to monitor and spy on each other to keep our society safe, this is not fully. People can be good citizens and keep an eye on their socity without being snitches for the state. If anything having an uncontrolled snitching movement is just adding to the corruption in society, rather than preventing it.

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