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Monday, February 11, 2008

Moving towards a Targeted Individual (TI) culture.

As Targets we should be trying to unify in every way that we can. I think one of the most important things we can do in future is to move towards a more common definition that is more inclusive of the various things that we are going through.

I think in future Targets should be moving and working towards a Targeted Individual (TI) culture. A TI or Targeted Individual culture just means that we use the same umbrella to define ourselves in relationship to the various types of harassment's that are happening to us. This is already being done in most regards, but we should strive to make in official in the following regards.

Under a TI culture, we could then unite all targets of gang stalking, mind control, electronic harassment, Cointelpro, The Buzzsaw, Mobbing, and other forms of targeted harassment.
A Targeted Individual culture would help to unify the various forms of harassment, but it would also recognise that the harassment target of today, be it sexual, bullying, mobbing, etc. Could become the Targeted Individual of tomorrow.

A TI culture would recognise that along with Whistle-Blowers, activist, dissidents, the average worker who goes against a large corporation, the ex church member, the mom who upsets the school board, could all become future Targeted Individuals. A TI culture would reach out to these individual early with education and awareness, so that they could know what to look for in advance. A TI culture would help them to understand that there is a system in place that would be undermining their efforts and they could act accordingly.

A TI culture would also be a culture that works together to preserve information. Since being online, I have watched just about every site relating to gang stalking except maybe my own and two others tank in every way possible. I have also seen a lot of great sites like go offline, and the information that was stored there, be virtually unavailable. A TI culture would work towards preserving this information, so that the next target, and the next does not have to start from scratch trying to figure out what is happening to them.

A TI culture would also work towards chronicling the shared experiences that Targeted Individuals are experiencing. We know that what is happening is not isolated. We know that it is happening on a global scale. A TI culture would be aware of this and find a way to co-ordinate the awareness efforts across the board. Scotland, Brussels, The UK, Canada, America, etc should all have the same information, and awareness.

Fostering leadership. A TI culture would be very big on fostering leadership. Helping each target to realise that they are the best hope that they have for help and assistance. A TI culture would work towards mobilizing and yes electrifying the masses of Targeted Individuals. We have a lot of problems in our various appendages, many people filling leadership roles are themselves working with or for the state, and therefore nothing ever really gets done. This is something that future targets should consistently be aware of, and mobilize against.

Accuracy of information. We live in an era of Disinformation. We had some guy write a book about terrorist (gang) stalking that was 95% fact and 5% disinfo. The 5% being the most important part. This threw many targets off. It made many look insane or irrational when trying to get help or assistance and it was very intentional. Disinformation is a way of life for the state, and targets need to be very mindful of this. We need to try our best to make sure that the information that we are putting out to the best of our ability is correct. We also need to ensure that if we are putting out incorrect information the moment we realise that it is incorrect, we get it corrected. It's ok to make mistakes, but fix them the moment you realise an error has occurred.

Leadership should not be a pyramid, it should be spread across the board. There are those in the Targeted Individual community who do know a lot, who have done a lot of research, and who seem to be natural leaders, however the problem with this model is that some of these people are not there to help Targeted Individuals. Because they are seen as being in leadership positions everything they do and say is taken as the truth and accurate, and this has in the past and will in the future lead targets astray. Again each target has to be prepared to do their own research, question things, seek out the truth.

A TI culture should also be seeking to bridge the gap between non Targeted Individuals and Targeted Individuals. Someone recently pointed out that it's mostly TI's visiting the sites of other TI's. Though this is not necessarily true, it's good to be mindful of the fact that none targets will be visiting your sites, blogs, forums. You want to give them the information as truthfully and accurately as you can, but remember that many of them are not going to be ready for some of the deeper truths and conclusions many of us have come to. Many of them are not as interested in what is happening to us. So it's good to be mindful of the language that we are using, and the message that we are sending out. Try to find a way to bridge the gap and reach the Non-Targeted Individuals. To move forward we might wish to gain their awareness, and corporation. Once they realise that they could someday be in our shoes, it's a good way to start to bridge the gap.

I think moving towards a TI culture is the best thing to do for future.

There are a few sites and youtube videos that are already doing this and I would like to see more do so in the future.

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