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Monday, December 03, 2007

Computer issues and server problems.

Ok where have I been? I am having computer problems. Getting online, and when I do get o nline, my keyboard is sparadically working. Needless to say I think my computer problems seems to be somewhat deliberate. I use to keep my computer with me to avoid this, but recently I found I could no longer do that, and that’s when a lot of the computer problems started.
When I do get online, it’s like I am not on my own network, often it’s like my computer is connecting to another network. I could explain this better by going into details, but I just don’t have the time right now.

The website. Coincidentally, whenever I am not online, able to get online, the site keeps going offline. It’s been offline the last few days again, and I am trying to get the company I host with to fix this. There is no reason the site should be offline this much, unless it’s a really crappy company, or deliberate. Either way it’s not acceptable.

Work, what can I say about that. The usual rumours, slander, some mobbing, a bit of bullying, and the odd human thrown in, but all of them snitches. It’s like at the end of that movie Rosemary’s baby, and she realises that they are all witches and she is like, all of them witches, well it’s like, all of them snitches.

I am also a little bit bored. I mean this system of control, and snitches have been around, probably longer than I have, no one has changed it, I don’t know that anyone is going to change it, and as many people visit the website, no one is doing anything to get other sites out, info out. I mean some people are, but at times like this, it feels like you are doing things by yourself, and the apathy really kicks in. Also humans are just all the same across the board. I think they like their servitude to the system. As long as it does not break their back too much, it seems like they are ok with it. Maybe this is a false perception, but it’s the only one that I can come to for
the time being.

Anyways, on the site before it went offline, there was a great post, about the electronic weapons that are being used on us. Eg. A heart rate monitor, to figure out where the target is in their appartment. A lot of the stuff that they use to track, monitor, and hurt, is stuff that has been on the market for over a decade or more, and it’s just you get the odd person who knows what’s going on, and then they put up the information, and then no one bothers to preserve it, and so the next target has to start from scratch. It’s a pretty self-serving society.

I have lot’s more to write, but I have other things to attend to like getting the site back up, again. If anyone is really concerned about the site being offline, then try adding a mirror site, or something. Just a thought.

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