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Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Snitch Language

The snitch language.

What I really found interesting about the one handed sign language was it's ability to unite people. I know I recently said some not nice things about the sign language, but I am human. I
have my moments.

When I was first observing it however, and I could just play the role of the observer, I did not feel that way about it.

First of all I was fascinated, second I was relieved. I knew they were out on the street communicating, at first I had thought they were using the cellphones, and communicating that way, but not all had cellphones and they were still communicating.
When I finally realised that they were using a language similar to what was used in East Germany it was a relief.

Here is a sample of the East Germany Stasi language that was used.


1. Watch out! Subject is coming - touch nose with hand or handkerchief
2. Subject is moving on, going further, or overtaking - stroke hair with hand, or raise hat briefly
3. Subject standing still - lay one hand against back, or on stomach
4. Observing Agent wishes to terminate observation because cover threatened - bend and retie shoelaces
5. Subject returning - both hands against back, or on stomach
6. Observing Agent wishes to speak with Team Leader or other Observing Agents - take out briefcase or equivalent and examine contents.

After realising what was happening, it was a matter of confirming the theory with some field testing.

When I could just observe it however and not be the target, it was interesting. There was something very amazing about it. Here we have all this racism, sexism, ageism, religious separation, lack of unity for all these various reasons, and here was something that knew no boundaries.

I watched Black, White, Asian, Indian, Middle Eastern, Eastern European, African, all use this language across boundaries. I watched men, woman, young and old, and there were no boundaries. I mean why do we have this separation in society, if these people can work together?

In learning some aspects of how they were communicating, I was fascinated. People that would never talk to each other on the street were passing information to each other. Goth, the Elderly, the Religious, groups you would never believe would work together, but there they were on the trains, in public, on the platform coordinating, sharing.

It destroyed the myths of this world. The hatred we buy into, why is it even necessary? If we each taught our children sign language or a simplified version of the one handed language from when they are little, there would not be language barriers, because it's silent you could not use raised voices the same way, hateful words would be more difficult. There might even be more respect, because there would not be this separation.

The other thing that was interesting was that when people realised that I knew some of it, there was the expectation of participation. When someone passed something along, it was almost rude the times I did not respond, because I was in observer mode, and my job was to observe a new a language. To field test at other times, and to just observe.

The other amazing thing was the cultural nuances that were picked up. Depending on which area of the world that people came from some signs were passed in different ways, just slightly, or different mannerisms were used. Some had styles that were amazing. Some I just wanted to stand up and applaud, they were so good at it. In observer mode, I could admire it for it's true potential, but in target mode, I can only hate it for it's ability to be used as something to help track me as an animal, which I am not.

I think this would be amazing for the linguist, or the sociologist to study.

Back when I was researching this, I use to want to walk up and give people little medals for doing a good job, and others I had to stop myself from pulling aside and re-educating them. Which is funny. The target having to pull aside the pursuers. I have had to help a few from themselves however. The girl at the grocery store who was so busy watching me, that her child almost impaled themselves. The girl who was so busy trying to pass a signal she almost fell off her bike, no she was fine, but I have had a few moments.

See it's hard to hate someone when you understand them more. Watching and observing them, gave me a better understanding of them. It made me more sympathetic, because I know not everyone chooses this path. I know not everyone likes this. I learnt a lot, and for that I am grateful. It's so easy when you are a target to see things in black and white. They are electronically harassing me and Gang Stalking me, well they must all be evil. I have blogged before that is just not the case. In my finer moments I remember that. In my less than finer moments, I verbally lash out and tend to generalise a lot of things, and a lot of people. That's the part where I am human, and I can't be sorry for being human.

A lot of this is still very traumatic for me. Realising that there are forces in the world that would seek to hurt me, destroy me. Forces in the world that actually hurt and kill people. Conspiracies that are real. A society that is kept in silence, and in my opinion enslaved by this system. Those things are a shock to the system, and you do not adjust over night, I don't know that you ever fully adjust.

I go from moments of upset, where it's just me and my emotions my feelings, I forget that others are also suffering and being forced. It's much easier to believe that they are willing and enjoying what they are doing to me, to other targets. Some do enjoy it, they think it's power over another person, those I would like to get alone and talk to. I believe they would be nothing but cowards face to face. Others just don't know what to do and just go along with it. Others are not really clear about what is happening. Some think it's another McCarthyism, or maybe it's just something in their workplace, others believe it's helping the country.

There are a lot more people being electronically harassed than I would like to believe. When I think about how pervasive this is in society, I can only conclude that this is being used in some ways as a form of slavery, to control people, to teach them how to act. Behaviour modification? Wither you use a whip or electronic harassment it's the same fu**ing thing.

What I do know is that there are good people in the world, yes it's hard to say, some of them are part of this civilian spy force, that creeps me out most days. Not the people but the system, but the people are part of the system, and so at times it's hard to separate the two, and still understand it all. I am so use to things being black and white. Good vs Evil, these grey areas are hard to understand.

Plus it's like a person in a concentration camp saying not all Germans are bad, which would probably have been a correct statement in Hitlers Germany, but when you are being targeted by a system, you want to have a source where your anger can be directed. You want to have it as Informants are bad and evil, not they are people, some in a bad situation just like the rest of us, many being forced and targeted the same way. Yet many others just going along for the ride and the power trip of it all.

When I do lash out, the last two groups are where the majority of my anger is directed. Those who like this, the sociopaths who are power tripping on this and using this to get off, to hurt people.

Then there are people themselves, people who are as changing as the weather, no that would make the weather look bad to say this. People are so changing, they can be all friendly today, and then tomorrow depending on what the latest gossip is, it's another story. Do you know what I call those, those are viewers and spectators, tuning in for the latest dirt, the latest gossip, so they can be told if they should like you today or not, who cares, and more importantly who wants to associate with people who have such limited capacity to think for themselves?

"The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing." by Albert Einstein.

I think people like that are at times more dangerous than the ones directly hurting us, and just like dealing with workplace mobbing, I am making decided efforts to avoid such people in the long run, because it is not beneficial.

Back to the language that is used. The ways it's used now to enslave I can not enjoy, people are unified but not for the sake of something good, like helping the homeless, or feeding the hungry, they are united to destroy the innocent and oddly enough it seems to be one of the few things that humans are good at uniting to do. Just look at Hitlers Germany.

The language they use however has also given me hope? If children learnt sign language, a very simple one from an early age, which it has been shown they can learn, think about the possibilities for a much more unified world? The hate they try to teach us to keep us apart, these two sided hegelian dialect arguments, some of them might be done away with.

As the observer, I could appreciate and be fascinated by the language they use, and even see the potential for good. I saw unity within lines that I know would never be crossed any other way. There is nothing more funny than watching someone pretending to be homeless, passing the language to people that are dressed in suits, it breaks through the rich/poor lines, every line you could think of this language broke through. It's really fascinating to watch, cultural lines check, gender, age, disabilities, check. If it was not a part of what was being used to pursue the targeted part of me, I could appreciate it, however since it is being used in that capacity, the part of me that likes my survival, hates it, and can not appreciate it for what it is. It's a conflict, but it's not hypocrisy.

It's humanity, my humanity, a part of which really liked the black and white lines, the part that hates grey, the part that likes Good vs Evil and nothing in between. Right from Wrong is much easier this way, but this system blurs those lines, and it's hard to be on any side, but it's even harder to try to understand those who unfortunately are on a side that is trying to destroy you.
I think some targets get this, but I am not sure if others do.

I have changed so much. I am anti gun personally, but now I see that guns are a necessity, and people should have the right to own them.

I am deeply against all forms of drugs, but now that I have seen what the informant system is and what it does, I have no choice but to side against it, and to seek the betterment of some informants being used by the system, and to hope that some drugs get decriminalized, because I feel a greater crime is ongoing.

I believe in a multicultural society, but now I see that opposing voices are needed. I see that in a free society you must allow voices of dissent. I don't have to agree with you, or like what you are saying, but in a free society your voices are needed, and thus some of these extreme websites I might have railed against a decade ago, I do see the need for.

I am still anti smoking, but that's one of the few things that remains.

The research over the last few years has opened my eyes more to the world that I am living in. I never thought of myself as sheltered, I would read up on issues, and care about causes most avoided, but the true nature of the world I had no idea. It's like what Gary Webb said about thinking that he was winning awards, because he was going out and getting the stories, how he thought he was doing everything right, but it was really that he had never done anything controversial.

[quote]Indeed, some of the writers in Buzzsaw say that, before their own experiences, they were among the scoffers. Webb writes, "If we had met five years ago, you wouldn't have found a more staunch defender of the newspaper industry than me ... I was winning awards, getting raises, lecturing college classes, appearing on TV shows, and judging journalism contests. So how could I possibly agree with people like Noam Chomsky and Ben Bagdikian, who were claiming the system didn't work, that it was steered by powerful special interests and corporations, and existed to protect the power elite?"

But, like most of the contributors to "Into the Buzzsaw," he did his job too well and the powers that be hurled him onto the other side of the looking glass. "And then I wrote some stories that made me realize how sadly misplaced my bliss had been," he writes. "The reason I'd enjoyed such smooth sailing for so long hadn't been, as I'd assumed, because I was careful and diligent and good at my job ... The truth was that, in all those years, I hadn't written anything important enough to suppress."[/quote]

Many of us are like this, we don't think of ourselves as controversial, but if you are the type to stand up for your rights, the rights of others, assert your voice, or you just stand out for the right reasons or even for the wrong one's you could be a target.

You don't think of the world this way, neither did I and that is why this place of understanding is such a journey. It does not happen overnight, I am not sure it ever happens, some days are easier than others, but there is still a part that is so sad that the world is like this, you just have to be patient with that side, love and nurture that side, and take it day by day. I really do believe that praying helps. It's one of our best defenses and weapons.

Not much else. You are getting a weeks worth of posts all at once so enjoy them.

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Blogger gang stalking said...

A blog post about fake reality. I thought it match the theme of the post.

Sunday, April 19, 2009  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

They don't always use that technique, however. Here, they relied on intimate infiltrators to take photos of me, and they got lots of them, so they always recognize me as the target. It's a small town, and they obviously would know it's me. The thing that puzzle me is, how they seem to know I'm arriving at a particular place?

I haven't recognized any hand signals, other than gestures they use to harass me via classical conditioning.

A lot of these people involved just seem like rotten not-very-nice people bent on seeing me beat down. Some of the harassment is just so ridiculous. I should be the one mocking and ridiculing them, some of them are such jokes with no lives, and failures to boot. Some of these types DO fit that mold, and they are really out for blood, because they know I'm not cut of the same cloth as they. The leaders are able to dispatch any number of categorized groups at will, and almost every category seems out for 'revenge' of some sort. If I am staunchly anti-drug, they will send druggies after me. Usually they are the ones lacking in education, the losers going nowhere. They seem to take pleasure beating me down with harassment.

Then, there are the jock types. How they are rallying those against me, I have no idea. Maybe they are using the 'hey, he thinks he is so much better than us, he needs taken down a couple of notches' angle?

And when I THINK (and it never goes past the thought stage) of blogging, that's when I'll hear various insults involving the word 'RAT' wherever I go, because the perps are scared I am going to rat on them. Hence, the RAT harassment as a mind-control 'avoidance' tactic.

When I think about going to police and filing police report, I'll overhear conversations containing something like 'that guy is a PIG'. The other guy will 'agree', saying 'oh I know'. It's amazing how they will try to make YOU (the victim) out to be the jerk, but the jerks themselves are almighty, perfect, sinless, and oh so pure angels.

See how that works with the other stuff? Like, the guy that pushed the kids onto a train. He was probably sensitized to a particular color, word, phrase, or type/age of gangstalker to mean something very antagonizing, and reacted to his programming by pushing the kids into the train.

This is a good example of being programmed by perps. They knew the outcome ahead of time. They probably sat there and laughed their asses off; they do that to me every time one of them pulls of one of the acts of hatred. As you pointed out, the kids involved and the programmers (who programmed the kids as well as the guy committing the crime) came out looking like little angels, like they were victimized by this mean angry nut job.

They do create this alternate reality, where they are squeaky clean, and the victim is made into an undesirable that needs to be eliminated.

Well, perps, message to ya: you think you've won this battle, don't you? Huh? Thought you could use nobodies to make ME out to be the jealous Subway worker who can't pass a driver's test and is dating a high-school dropout girlfriend beater (who just walked right in and started stealing bottles of soda)? Huh? Is that what you thought? Well, just keep working at Subway, that's a great place for you and your scummy welfare-leech perps to spend the rest of your lives.

Sunday, April 19, 2009  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

They are also able to manipulate and control me via remote suggestion (a network of remote influence tech.) as well as harassment. When I looked at, the picture showed people walking in the middle of the road, or in the middle of the right lane. This evening, they had me so pissed off, I found myself walking in the same positions of the road as the people they showed in that photo, as though they knew 24 hours ahead of time I would be committed that act out of spite against them.

Or maybe that photo had subliminal suggestion that made me want to commit that act shown in the picture? I really believe:

1.) The can predict what's going to happen in a target's future.

2.) They are able to influence our behaviors out of spite or whatnot in order to prove they can manipulate us at will.

And where this tech is located, is anyone's guess. I've always suspected satellites, and someone confirmed this. Or somehow, remote influence signals are being broadcast elsewhere, like along power lines, cell phone towers, telephone lines, or whatever. It's been proven that EMF's in the environment is able to control us. It's a simple matter of getting perp infiltrator to outfit power lines with a special 'harassment' device that adds an additional high-frequency signal superimposed unto the usual power voltage used, without detection. It could be a slowly varying, low-amplitude, low-frequency signal that has little or no chance of being detected.

Cable lines are another possibility. I really have to get cracking on some detectors.

And sorry about the previous post: some of these people are real jerks, thinking they can pick on an easy target like me, slandering my family (or making it seem like they are) just so some 'operator' can detect my auro remotely. See, when you are provoked, irritated, and angry, your bioelectric field becomes much stronger, and the operators (perps) are able to lock onto your 'field' surrounding your body, and begin probing and monitoring your brain characteristics.

I have a hunch they can carry this out with astonishing clarity, and may even show the 'results' to other group members. These group members are so far in bed with the other harassers in various places, it's not even funny.

Sunday, April 19, 2009  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh, and another thing: just keep fighting and resisting these impotent jerks. They are failures, bent on taking TI's down to their own level where they can feel comfortable mocking, harassing, and just being a mean jerk to the TI. They know they can get away with it.

And don't think about committing suicide: just keep pushing for the awareness of this crime. How much do you want to bet that each time a TI commits suicide, the perps sit there and laugh like the person's life was a joke? These people are leeches on society. They are living off of decent respectable people they are killing off or keeping down.

These "people" are so creepy and transparent, and you can tell when they laugh at us that it is so hysterical when we get 'put in our place' by their creepy little system of criminals and corrupt power-hungry perps. Any act of humiliation against us brings them tremendous pleasure, and probably makes it feel like they've accomplished something great. I imaging getting someone to kill somebody else outright or getting the target to kill himself/herself will be a major event to them. And you can bet those low-level group members will be sharing the surveillance footage showing the 'loser' they've been beating down
'ending it all'. They really are pathetic.

Sunday, April 19, 2009  

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