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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Folsom Street Fair. Not for children

Not Gang Stalking related but you really should read this post if you care about children. Please do not click on the last two links if you are under 18. Thanks in advance.

Last year for the first time in my life I heard about something called the Folsom street fair. I had never hear of it before, it's an S and M fair. (Sadomasochism) You know whips and chains and so forth.

Apparently it's held in San Francisco every year. (The fair is also now held in Toronto and other cities.)

The fair shows S and M, but the participants are allowed to have sex in the open. I am being serious. Right on the street at the fair they are allowed to have various sorts of sex. The pictures that I am going to provide a link to, might be considered explicit or worst. I am not sure, I have only seen the blocked out ones. I did not choose to review the other ones.

My problem with this fair, is that children are allowed to come out to this fair. They are exposed to all these things. Young children.
The picture above is a picture of toddlers who's dads brought them to the fair in their little S and M outfits. I have concerns children being in attendance at this fair.

I believe very strongly that this fair is not for children. I don't believe that they should be allowed to be in attendance. If a family allowed children within a household to be in attendance for such activities, the children would be taken away without doubt, so why are the children allowed to view and be exposed to the following out in public, and why has no state authority in America stepped in to review this?

Is America ok with children being exposed to people having sex on the streets? If so then my apologies, please go on with your business, but if having children at a fair like this is a concern to you, then I suggest you take a stance. Request that children under age not be in attendance.

The following pictures are EXPLICIT I honestly think that they are pornographic in nature, but unless you see the pictures, you will not understand my concerns with children being in attendance.

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