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Tuesday, October 06, 2009

How cults work

As I was around the informants, it occurred to me more than ever that they, the informants are being controlled in a similar fashion, to how cults work. Examining how cults work, I think will give a better understanding into how the informants are being controlled. It’s in no way shape or form as obvious, but it’s the same mechanisms that are being used to control the informants.

The system controls, conditions, the same way that a cult would. I think this is worthwhile to understand to understand how they are kept in line, rewarded for obeying, told that we are evil, they are a family in the same way cult members become family. They attack outsiders the same way. As I watched this video, which is a bit older, I could see each theme as it relates to the informants.

How cults work

Others have written about this, but aside from the 5 monkeys video that I posted the other day, this is how they structure it, and the branches of this cult are everywhere. The schools, churches, jobs, etc.

The part in the video where it says establish fronts, reminds me of how society is set up, and most of us usually fall into one of these branches of control throughout our lives.

This is why we see the mobbing, harassment, retaliation at every sector of society as well, and this is in some ways why some of the informants don't see it, those that do are probably in the same situation that cult members who want to leave are. Since this cult is at the core of society, it's a cult that I am guessing is not too easy to leave.

As I watch the video, I wish I could transcribe it, because I can so easily relate it to the informants and what I have seen. Watch the video it's short, but it very informative.

"Make them feel part of an elite group with an important mission"

"Tighten your groups bond by establishing scape goats and enemies"

"Demonize outsiders as less than human. bias, corrupt, or conspiring against the group"

"Develop an us vs them mentality"

On it goes, but I think that it's really interesting. Other targets have looked into this aspect of it, so there is info here, and on others sites about how cults work. No you would not know if you were a part of a cult, and they don't always have anything to do with religion.

"Indoctrinate with fear"

"Suggest that if they should ever leave, something bad could happen to them"

"Without us you are likely to get into a bad accident, get sick, or even die"

"Make it easier for them to die for you, by calling their bodies containers"

I have seen these informants willing to do some stupid things for this cult, and it's little wonder, this video help shed even more light on what the informants experience.

I don't know if this is fully correct, because Anna Funder when she went to East Germany and talked to the Stasi, they said that they had enjoyed it, and they had no remorse, but then maybe it was like a cult as well. I don't know, but this is worth looking into.

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Blogger wiliamson said...

Like your blog. I have arrived at the same conclusion that gang stalking are run along the same lines as cults. The target for recruitment is recruited through lies about the target bait an innocent person in an emotionally heightened atmosphere. The recruit is then systematically indoctrinated through the process of harassment against the target bait/scapegoat, a process designed to destroy normal socialisation and conscience. The recruit is effectively enslaved and financially ruined from where he is induced to arrange the same financial ruining traps against other targets. All about power and Monet. Self funding operations.

Saturday, November 30, 2013  
Blogger wiliamson said...

Check out "How cults Operate" by Julia Layton in How Stuff Works

Tuesday, December 17, 2013  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree. They are cults. They don't have to be about a god or gods just all for an idealogy/a cause/some highly influential person reality is like a big toad in a little pond. Usually that person who is a highly influential person rallying these deluded people probably could not have the same appeal/status if he went somewhere else and tried the same influence. And yes this is all about power and money. Several years ago a friend of mine who works in business said to me how she was concerned how universities and work environments encourage this group project/group think work. She said what about independent mindedness? I am wondering if our society is so tightly knit with these people/group leaders that this mentality of group think is sniffing out independent minded propel who would question folks like managers of gangstalkers? America used to value independent mindedness. What happened and where did this fall off the rails?

Wednesday, June 04, 2014  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anonymous- I agree. I have said this as well as a good friend that whatever happened to independent minded thinking? Why SO MUCH PRESSURE ON GROUP THINK MENTALITY?! They do so much of that now at university. I was appalled at that even when I returned to the university over 14 years ago for healthcare. The drive to have students work in groups I find disturbing. Usually one hyperdriven student tends to do all the work and one or two don't do anything but leech. The rest seem to just do what's required and are not so driven. Or they have the one do their thinking for them. Where is this drive for group think mob rule mentality coming from? Mobbing is behaviour TURKEYS (literally) exhibit. And turkeys believe it or not end up killing the one that's weakest, on the bottom of the pile, and sickly, or just different. They WILL PECK ONE TO DEATH. Why is there a HUGE push now to do this to fellow human beings. Ask turkey farmers about turkeys. They are dumb animals but why is there a push to do this to human beings who don't go along with the herd? Get rid of your smarter ones for what a dumb herd mentality?????

Saturday, September 06, 2014  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I DO agree too that main line churches do this. I belonged to a protestant branch and I noticed it that folks were so preoccupied w being the same as the group. I thought it very odd. It went beyond church gossips. These ASSISTED my mobbers during and after the mobbing at work to such a horrific degree I left the denomination altogether. There is something very disturbing going on in society. Honestly they take their little bands of WWJD ( what would Jesus do). And these cults do NOT think about what they are doing. It's just some leader w a vendetta sho wields the psychological sway over the herd and the one who is not evil but just DIFFERENT gets slammed w the wave of aggression from a group .

Saturday, September 06, 2014  
Blogger Pete Goodman said...

I believe David "Koresh" is still alive and actively using mind control for this reason. I also believe it boils down to these "leaders" of Cults being the epitome of control freaks on a dictators level and seaking revenge on those like me that can take away his power. To be continued!

Wednesday, March 29, 2017  

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