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Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Informant Signals

Below is an updated list of some of the signals that I have observed the informants using over the years. It's not a complete list, but it should help get the average person started in snitch speak.

Remember the actual terms might not be exact, but this is a general gist of what they use the signals to convey. These were picked up over the last few years, on the streets. I have spent hours watching, researching.

A lot of this was picked up as I was being tortured in my home. I would go out and watch them, part of the biggest problem in the beginning was figuring out how they were communicating, how the message were being passed, how they were coordinating to harass me.

If you have read the blog, I have discussed, the fact that their is often a conductor who the snitches look to, they are also given instructions. Eg. Circle the target, they always want the target in a square. They always want to be on all four sides to feel like they are guarding the target.

Some are brilliant at passing signals, some are horrible. You learn a lot from the horrible ones. The signals are passed in different ways culturally. I have blogged about this before. When I was just watching them and learning their language it was fascinating to watch as people from this culture passed a signal in this way, vs another that way.

Eg. The squeezing the nose to indicate I understand it passed by some by putting the hand up the nose. Very gross, but very interesting. Culturally just like with any language, or variation of accents, the signals also have their own distinctions. Eg. I first saw someone of Spanish decent explaining that where they were from they used the center of the forehead, not the hand over the eyes.

I was fascinated by the fact that this must have been ongoing for some time, but I never had a clue. I was disgusted and nauseated to discover that on a daily basis most of the people around me, knew this language. It meant they were informants, citizens of the state, and thus not on my side. Still it was interesting to learn.

There is so much more to how they function, but I am disgusted by the stupidity I see. I think to understand them, you had to have some fascination or appreciation of how they functioned, I don't think I will ever have that again, but maybe someday, someone else will.

1. Open Communication.

#Yawning and placing the hand over the mouth, or taking a drink to open communications

The most common signal that I have observed the informants using is their open communication signal.

This can be done in a variety of ways, but the most common way is to take a sip of water or drink from any container.

The open communication signal can also be conveyed via, pretending to yawn, or by putting the hand over the mouth.

They use this signal to engage other informants in the communication process.

There are other ways to pass this signal but this is the basics for now.

#Car patrols will flash their lights to open communication with foot patrols

When an informant is on foot, the cars will flash lights to open communication. In the Targeted Individual Community it was thought that this was just being used at night to annoy targets, but flashing the lights is used to identify themselves to their foot patrols.

2. Coughing

This signal is not only used to harass targets, but it's also their way of getting the attention of other snitches.

Eg. If an informant is not paying attention and you want to begin the open communication process you can cough, clear the throat. Then you will usually see other communication between the informants.

3. On Watch

# Rubbing or touching the eyes or corners of the eyes or placing on glasses indicating you are on watch.

This is the signal that you will see informants use most often. They will do this in a variety of ways.

The basic way of indicating this is done by placing one hand over the eyes.

You can also just rub one eye or the other.

They will use eye glasses, sun glasses, by placing them on the face it indicates the same thing.

A new way of doing this is by also rubbing the center of the forehead, where your third eye would be if you had one.

#In some cities headphone are also used to indicate that Informants are on patrol

4. I don't understand

Pulling on the ear. Seems to indicate that the receiver has not understood what the sender has said.

5. I know.

#Briefly tapping or squeezing the nose, indicates that you understand.

You will see this quite often and it's their way of indicating that they know, or that they understand.

# The double blink to indicate understanding etc.

If their hands are full, or they can not pass a signal any other way, this can also be used to indicate understanding.

6. At Rest

This is done by placing the hand to the side of the head. The thinking mans pose. It seems to indicate that the informants are at rest, no action is happening.

7. Stop Signalling/Communication

This is done by placing the index finger to the lips, and making a semi circle. or clasp motion. They stop communication and go silent when this signal is given.

8. Greeting.

When out in public, they brush their hair back three times, but this is done at the back of the neck not at the front. It seems to be a greeting to help identify them with each other yet again.

9. What's happening, What's going on.

# Brushing back the front hair 3 times

10. Directional signals.

Eg. When out in public they will often tell each other to walk left right, etc, with the nose. Eg. The index finger below the nose to the left would tell the other informant to go left. To the right would tell the other informant to go right.

They might also use these directional signal to indicate the direction of the target that is on watch, but by doing so with the eyes. (This needs confirmation)

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Anonymous オテモヤン said...


Monday, February 08, 2010  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

At The Dalt Hotel many people appear to need a lot of sleep! i.e. yawning a lot! I can name many other hand and communications signals bu definately I see a lot more people yawn more often. I must be very boring, or NOT! So, I am always dealing with obvious illegal surveillance invasion of privacy etc. My next door neighbor said to me once from his unit right next door an obvious comment that can't be mistaken or mean anything else. I am never imagining things! So, he said "you know your being recorded." Wow! How awful. I was acting fed up about overheard comments and out of place insult comments from people who's voices could clearly be heard in the air well, at least by me. I insult people back sometimes so that's why my smarty pants neighbor said that. Of course many creepy and concerning comments were made by the same neighbor as well early on. Stuff like I'm psychic and when I said I'm psychic too, he said oh, no there can't be 2 psychic neighbors next to each other, what will happen. Something like that. Endless attempts to pull my chain and start a conversation from next door to me. Through the open window with the wall between our 2 units no less! Obviously very creep!I know he will always communicate with me when no one is around or act pretend nice in a sarcastic way, as I know he's only being passive/aggressive, etc. I should have told him much sooner but at least I did lately that he is the last person I want to talk to. Also, he made it known that he never got over my not wanting to loan him money for cigarettes from the very beginning when he first moved in. He even knocked on my door to return 2 slices of bread he borrowed when I already bought an entire loaf for myself anyway and the last thing I need is more bread after just buying a whole loaf. He wanted to return some other common food item and I said just forget it. He was from the very beginning looking for an excuse to always have some reason to knock on my door and always an excuse to try to talk to me when I already know he's mad at me for not wanting to loan him money for cigarettes. An entire carton no less! There are endless excuses for my neighbor plus MANY OTHER people in the same building who are always trying to start an argument with me for next to no reason whatsoever! If he can't be seen talking to me in the hallway where there are security cameras then I can't prove he was talking to me! How awful! That's why the covert harassment from next door in a unit where everything can be heard with those thin walls and many windows. I've heard people discuss what can best be said in order to get a bad re4qaction to me like what to say next that would most bother me and all the people trying to start arguments with me or giving me nasty looks and avoiding me were taking part, I know their voices.Other people in the same building are being put through many different kinds of annoying harassment , not just me! It's obvious. Also overheard stuff like, "she's being watched 24/7 365 days a year. Always someone keeping track of her everywhere she goes. Come on! It's all obvious.

Saturday, September 24, 2016  

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