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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Community Notifications and Gang Stalking

At this stage it’s assumed that the targets friends or family are contacted via mail or some other method, given the notification, and then they probably have some kind of confidentially agreement or none disclosure agreement that they have to adhere to. Via Occupation health and safety workers have the right to know how to protect themselves from individuals who have a history, or who have displayed inappropriate or violent behaviour.

To give you an idea of the emotional impact that keeping quite on a similar topic would have, there was a story in the paper about a man who received a national security letter. This is completely different than a none disclosure agreement. He emotional felt like he was having a breakdown by not being able to say anything to his girlfriend, and was often forced to lie. That's the sort of impact that sort of required confidentially can have on an individual.

What targets are asked to sign once they get notification would be more of a none disclosure agreement.

[quote]Not only will this program used the civil servant already mentioned, but it will expand who is used in the program. They will have secret sources of communication available to them. The members of these programs will connect with the fusion centers. None disclosure agreement or a confidential disclosure agreements will be signed by many in these programs to ensure that the information is protected.[/quote]

They might feel empowered to make a citizens arrest even. The workers would be trained in proper methods of communicating safety codes and sign language. I know this notification system is suppose to be a wonderful thing, but parts of it remind me of my research on the Stasi and how the one handed sign language was used there. Eg. Snitches were taught the one handed sign language and then they too became a part of the system.

They use this secret code the same way any cult does, Gang, or secret society does and for those on the outside they are harassed, or the citizens who have been taught these health and safety signs choose not to work with those who are not a part of the system. In England where Masons used a similar structure of silence and secrecy, they are now forced to disclose if they are Masons, because the allegiance went above and beyond the loyalty to the law and in many cases maybe even above and beyond doing what was right.

[quote]The following instruction sets out guidance governing the membership by members of the armed forces of societies such as freemasons: there is no intention or policy to preclude service personnel from membership of any lawful and benevolent organisation. However, involvement in organisations of a secretive nature, such as the freemasons, carries with it the risk of establishing disparate loyalties which may have a destabilising influence on the chain of command, not least by the perception of preferential treatment and undue influence. While membership of such organisations is clearly a matter for the individuals concerned, serving personnel should not encourage or promote membership amongst their colleagues, meetings should not be held on MOD premises, and use should not be made of any MOD property.

Ministry of Defense
United Kingdon
New 2001 Department Policy on Freemasonry in the Military

This is nothing against Masons, I am just pointing out that in the U.K. it became a real problem and disclosure for a time became mandatory.That recently changed for Judges again, where it's no longer mandatory.

I also suspect, but at this stage can not prove that this is probably what triggers some of the bullying in schools, and the mobbing in the workplace. Targeting those not taking part in this system. "However, involvement in organisations of a secretive nature, such as the freemasons, carries with it the risk of establishing disparate loyalties which may have a destabilising influence on the chain of command, not least by the perception of preferential treatment and undue influence. " Preferential treatment for members of the one handed sign language gang would be bad enough, but they are bullying, mobbing, harassing and systemically destroying those who are not a part of this and that is wrong.

I have and can bear witness of this preferential treatment for these club members or whatever they think of themselves as, and it's not a club that I want anything to do with, because I have seen what they do to none club members, the last decade of my life has been a testament to that. In court hearing they try to use this to influence judges to curry favor, by identifying themselves as part of this program (system). It also happens in everyday life, like waiting and keeping a bus door open for someone who is a member vs someone who is not. I get that people want to support others who are part of this structure, remember the majority of people think that this is a good thing. There are aspects of this that are good, don't get me wrong. A community coming together to look after itself and protect itself can be a beautiful thing, but from the side that I have lived, it's been a nightmare, and no one should have to experience such systemic destruction. This happened to me because officially because I fought back about some workplace harassment, but unofficially I think someone who knew how this system worked had a grudge against someone else used it to get revenge. Eg. If you know how this system works, you provoke the person till they yell or lash out, bait them, then report them. Get them flagged.

After spending over 10 years mobbed, and Gang Stalked, I can truly say that this is the most evil thing that I have ever seen.

I also believe that this is similar to the end time structure. What I have seen of the conformaty, the way they try to bully people to take part reminds me of that same structure that has been spoken about.

Right now what happens to targets is their lives are systemically destroyed. People don’t want to work with them etc. The end time structure is not just a mark of (the beast) a person, it’s also a system were you can not buy, trade, sell without it. This notification system is conditioning people to comply, and to harass those who are not complying, or taking part with this system.

I think in a generation, they could socially condition people to believe that only those with the external mark in the forehead or hand are people who they should do business with, and what socially they can not enforce, there will be laws to back up.

Thousands of people are being eliminated from communities, usually the outspoken, and others, those not falling in line, via these notification systems. Can you imagine how many innocent people are in jails, institutions, homeless, committed suicide, or killed people because of this system? Will there ever be an apology? Will they review the files of those in mental wards who claimed that they were being followed around? The police and other agency reports of Gang Stalking?

People want the elites to take responsibility for their actions, but what about taking responsibility for their own individual actions? No it’s far easier to say that an authority figure made me do it and I was just following orders. That excuse worked in Germany as well, it's the same types of structures repeating, where people get rid of those that they are told are undesirable. You get an excuse to do mean things to those the state has a problem with.

I can’t right the wrongs of the past, but I would ask that those in the know do something, ask for a review of this system, because the way it's working right now, is not right. The systemic destruction of innocent individuals is just wrong, and the way it's being used in that capacity is just evil.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have also had this done to me, it still is happening. Any ideas how to stop being gang stalked? Nothing I've done has worked so far. I just endure it. Would appreciate any advice: thanks.

Thursday, April 29, 2010  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why do you think this is an issue of the state? It's this type of thinking that makes target look insane. I agree about the issue of revenge, but from what I see, this has nothing to do with the government.

This system has not been set up or funded by the government. The gang stalking system has been set up by average citizens who have borrowed some of their tactics from past government operations.

But more accurately, this is a copy of the Salem witch trials. I respect you view as a target, but I wish you would stop spreading disinformation.

Thursday, April 29, 2010  
Blogger gang stalking said...

Hi Alan,

Try going to HR at work and asking about health and safety procedures and workers have the right to know how to protect themselves from dangerous situations.

Join the health and safety committee. Try that and if it works, well we won't be able to discuss this together again.

If that fails vent to a lawyer that your rights are not being protected. Under the laws, workers have a right to know, so use that till you have the right to know.

Then you too can be a part of the I feel special club.

Thursday, April 29, 2010  
Blogger gang stalking said...

Targeted Female, I am not sure who has put you up to this. Either you really believe what you are saying, and then I feel sorry for you, or you are just another person that I would be better off banning than wasting the time with.

If you really believe this is not the state, so be it. You and the rest of us ended up on notifications, the community goes crazy cause they get warnings about us where we go, what we do and all that jazz. I consider this the state, the government. I also still consider this system evil. Workplaces are using it to shut people up.

I wish you would stop the disinformation. Again either you are that naive and I feel sorry for you, or you are another one, that I would just be better off without. Either way.

Thursday, April 29, 2010  
Blogger Jeremy said...

Targeted Female is probably at an early stage in her stalking. At the beginning it would not have occurred to me that my government was involved. I would have scoffed at the idea.

Thursday, April 29, 2010  
Blogger gang stalking said...

I have just had too many informants to deal with lately. I get that informants have to protect this, but you know what it's not ok to protect something that is hurting, innocent women, children and men.

I want this system reviewed. Women are getting attacked in their homes, based on what I have read of other targets.

I will always remember the mom who spoke of finding out that they had added water to her child's diabetic medication.

Informants are here to mislead, and when the hand is caught in the cookie jar, they back each other up.

I am here to get targets out of this hell, even if it means staying in this hell myself a little bit longer.

If informants had any bit of a conscience they would go back and ask for a review of this structure. Years online has taught me that they don't. They are here to support each other, discredit real activists, and lead people around with terrorist stalking bs, and other junk. Junk that took months to get through while my life was systemically being destroyed.

If I can save another from going through this then that is what I will do. I do understand that there are people out there that maybe should have a notification about them, but I don't believe anyone deserves the systemic harassment and life destruction that I have witnessed.

No one deserves the burns, blisters, and invisible torture that has been endured. It's not ok.

The bs just has to stop. I get that the informants want to protect their interests, I mean the truth gets out, then it's off to something else. I just don't have the time for the smear campaign garbage again. I am being less tolerant to informants. Honestly informants would be better off, just staying off my blog for the next little while. I have no patience for them right now.

I just want the innocent targets like myself, the ones who did not deserve this to have a chance.

Thursday, April 29, 2010  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

At the beginning of my stalking, I thought it was just neighborhood watch keeping me in line and trying to reform me. Little by little, the monster revealed its head, inch by inch, foot-by-foot, and mile-by-mile ad infinitum until I found out how astoundingly big it was. I was astonished at how bad my privacy was being invaded, and that I was subjected to a form of street theatre to make me think EVERYONE knew about every detail of my private life. But I believe it is just set up this way, a "by-design" deception.

Maybe it's because the perps focusing on me are just making sure they are seen by me, wherever I go.

And when I have perps watching and harassing me, I can look out the window where I am eating, and see look-a-likes of the perps, walking down the street, who are currently watching and harassing. I'm not sure what the point is here... if they are targeting the watchers, or if this whole thing was designed like this to make me think the perps are targeting my watchers, when in fact both outside walkers and the indoor watchers were scripted to be in their positions. Well, perps do play a lot of mind games like this, to make it look like they are targeting those harassing me by presenting "degraded" versions in plain sight acting stupid of perps who were doing scripted harassment earlier.

This goes to show this is a huge operation. All this scripting to have all these people doing all these things, this has to have been planned out way in advance, and made to look like something magical. For example, perp group one harassing me. Then, having me witness a second perp group where every member resembles members of perp group one, but they are mocking in a degraded fashion members of perp group one. They also look degraded physically compared to perp group one. This probably is designed to give me the impression the perps are doing something positive for me, like they are punishing those who earlier were harassing or watching me. But it all could be part of their mind game. I suppose it's also designed to make it look like they have real-time surveillance, like they can observe any harassers, and dispatch degraded versions of those harassers to make it look like they are getting revenge on those original harassers, just to placate me. If that were true, then why aren't they overtly targeting those harassers instead of having them harass me?

Thursday, April 29, 2010  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I wanted to add that a lot of these harassment scripts and roles are designed with plenty of preparation, to make it look like they have impressive real-time surveillance. There are many examples of this, but I know my watchers and stalkers troll these forums, looking for ideas. I certainly don't want to give them any help. Why should I give them any help, when they clearly lack critical thinking skills?

Thursday, April 29, 2010  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Alan, this is their idea of judgement the church and state want you to live for Jesus and not for others or yourself. Personally I have failed and right now things are very hard on me. Please do not make this mistake. I will pray the Lords prayer for us all. Please live for Jesus and spread the Good News of the Kingdom to all. Sent with love.

Saturday, May 01, 2010  

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