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Monday, April 19, 2010

Secret Society

Secret Society.

You hear a lot about this online, and people complain about secret societies, but I have been watching these citizens informants use their one handed sign language in a similar pattern and I am thinking, how can you complain about secret societies, when you are using this system the same way?

I have seen on several occasions the citizen informants use their secret signals to identify each other and do little favors or boons for each other that they would not do for others. On a more lethal level I have watched it be used to socially influence others from not doing business with a target, and I am thinking, how hypocritical. People complain about secret societies, secret codes, and how legal cases are won at the turn of special signals and so forth, but then they try to use this system in the same way. To control others, to destroy others, and I am amazed.

The other thing that I wanted to quickly address was the issue of bullying and mobbing. With the Phoebe Prince case, it just reminded me how cruel people can be at any age.

What I really wanted to address is the fact that I believe a large part of the mobbing in schools, work, community ect might also in part happen if people are not aware of, or are not using the informant signals. These informants in some cases, see this as a right to harass anyone who will not signal back at them. On a high school level all you need is a clique of kids in the know, vs those not in the know, and it's easy to see how this might be applied. Is this being applied, and is this being used in that manner to harass from the schools, work, and community those not in the know, or those not a part of this system? At this stage it's hard to know for sure, but based on past experience, I now believe that this could be a good possibility. If it is being used in this manner, then this is something that has to be looked into and sooner than later.

People talk about wanting change, but I think the only change they want is the freedom to control others even further, it's being done to them, so they get a little power and in turn oppress others the same way. If you want others to change, look about you at how this system is working, and how you are being worked by it, and in turn destroying others.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

That mentality, that they are oppressed so that makes it OK to oppress others the same way... that makes it clear that what these people need is more inner strength. If they had this, they would be more likely to help others than to harass and hurt them.

I get plenty of lower intelligence people gangstalking me, doing the loud laughing thing to get me all worked up. Just think, if those people would seek help, instead of letting handlers and perps do their thinking for them, they'd be more likely to do the same for others. By that I mean, to help rather than to hurt. But there are very powerful perps in this system, who oversee this, who WANT the stupid and ignorant to be even more stupid and ignorant, so they can carry out actions at their behest.

These gangstalkers, I've noticed these are pretty beaten-own people, like they are uneducated or low class. But they don't want to hear it. They have made it clear they AREN'T interesting in personal growth, but rather bringing people down to their level to make themselves feel better. But I see these and many other types going along with this, because from their perspective, it's helping cleanse the world of people they don't like or want around. Why would they want intelligent nice people when they can get rid of them, and retain the nasty ignorant like-minded people who agree with them and their ideals?

Tuesday, April 20, 2010  
Blogger gang stalking said...

This is the mentality that happens in a prison. This is why after getting raped, instead of thinking it's wrong, many men go on to rape others. It's about power, control, getting back the power and control that they have lost, that this system has taken away from them.

Many of them were broken down the same way they try to break them down. Once broken they build them back the way the system wants them to be, controlled, indoctrinated, and they get go on to control others.

This system is being used as a secret society to harass those not a part of it. This is the end time system that the bible spoke of, people think it has something to do with accepting the mark of the beast and it does, but without this sort of system in place to control the people, that could never come into effect.

This is slavery for the people, by the people and they just don't see how controlled they are. They can't not use the one handed sign language, they are often forced to drop what they are doing and take part. It's not independence, it's slavery. It's not the freedom to protect your self and community, this is something else, but the cult members do not see it. Don't get me wrong, I am sure there is some good, like they feel connected, and powerful in one way, but outside of that, if you don't have a choice about taking part without being harassed, and disenfranchised, then it's a type of bondless slavery.

Saturday, April 24, 2010  

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