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Wednesday, April 21, 2010


I am feeling that Democracy has failed in some way. Here I am, being targeted and in some ways demonized by the very democratic society and government appendeges that I trusted to protect my freedoms.

In my specific circumstances, lashing out via civil disobedience would not be a good thing. As a target I have to be extremly cognizant of how my actions will be interpreted. As a target I am aware that my actions, words, thoughts, are being scrutinized. At times they will be wrongly interpreted. What might not raise an eyebrow under normal conditions changes due to this listing/flagging. It means that handing out flyers or pamphlets in one circumstance would not draw any attention, in other the exact same actions would be interpreted as a sign of mental illness, or a disturbance to the safety of those around you. This is the kind of stuff targets have to be aware of. The very flagging in of itself without you doing anything can turn regular benign actions into these informants interpreting them in many paranoid and incorrect ways, that could affect your life.

Remember as a part of this flagging/listing we often have incidents staged to make us look as if we are a danger to society, or unsafe. No matter how many times I have pointed this out, it never fails that people consistantly believe the worst without question. It takes such a unique and special person to see past the lies, but that sort is all too often in short supply. The worst at times are those close to you. Remember you often don't have to be present, or involved in an incident, an informant can just make something up and that is enough to keep this targeting going, to keep your flagging going. Remember this was used with Jiverly Wong to help with the rumours lie and slander, that even followed him into death. Remember this is about money, the more people they have liste flagged, or that they can justify flagging, and monitoring the better it is for them. Most people will probably not want to beleive this, but that's is the truth.

Remember that they purposely try to systemically destroy our lives by making it almost impossible for us to earn an income, then if we fail to pay bills, rent, car payments, because they have limited, or restricted our ability to be self sufficient, it's then interpreted as a sign of mental illness. Where the truth is people are deliberatly going behind your back, and pulling strings to destroy your life. This will never be seen in the official interpretations, and proving that this is what is being done is almost impossible for most targets, yet we all report the same things. Life disruptions and interfarences.

It's nice to talk about democracy and how great it is, and how it protects freedoms, but what about when it's being used to destroy freedoms? what do you do then? Do you sit back silently and smile, and criticize the system, but in a way that won't upset it's little feelings? Not if you are me, if you are doing something unjust to me, most cases you will hear about it and not in a pleasent way. That is a sane and human reaction, and unless you are a watered down sheeple, most normal sane people are going to get angry about things that are unjust.

Someone like me should never have been singled out this way, but I was. Someone like me should never have had to spend the last four years getting tortured on a daily basis, but I have been, and it's completely unacceptable. Explaining electronic harassment to someone who has not been targeted by it for 8 hours straight, 24 hrs straight, or days on end is almost impossible to do. Other targets however understand this very well, and at times have talked about this very eloquently. This type of targeting is almost impossible to explain in a credible fashion.

Remember that in addition to heating up the skin, causing the skin to peel in some cases, due to the sorts of burns it causes, or causing blisters, etc, it's physically is torture. It's not like getting hit with an object because you then have the bruses to show as proof.

Yet targets often have to live with this type of targeting on a daily basis. No one to turn to, no one to cry out to, no one to care, and why? Cause in our democratic and none democratic countries alike, people determined that we did not have the same rights, and that it was ok to slander our reputations, to flag and mark us, which left us continual and perpetual targets of various communities, without even the courtesy of a warning so that we could protect ourselves. This is how democracy has worked for me and many others, and what I am saying, have been saying, and will continue to say is that this is not right. If my speach is forceful at times, try walking a week, month, year in my shoes, much less the years I have spent dealing with this. I already know most people could not. This wonderful democratic system decided that it was ok to underhandedly allow others to abuse our rights. These so called citizen informants were given a license to ill, but unlike pedophiles and serial killers who at least get notification that the communities that they are in will be notified, most of us did not even get that kind of courtesy, and we have been treated worst than many of them, cause most of us had no idea why we were being targeted, or why it was allowed to contine without any help or assistance. Yet the people who put these warning marker systems in place had to know or have some idea of the systemic destruction that would be heaped upon individuals with these markers, and thus why it's being used on whistle-blowers, minorities, single women, etc. What a sweet way to silence and destroy someone. All these human rights agencies must by now have some inclining, but still most targets could not find help.

When targets get angry, which is sane and rational under such circumstances, our rights are often further subduded even further. Our justifiable anger is used to paint us as potentially dangerous. Try having your life desrupted in this way, systemically destroyed till it's almost impossible to function and see if you would not get angry too.

People do get upset, and often for good reasons. Many of the men and women in the Gang Stalking community are being demonized, many of them are being tortured via electronic means, many are being falsely commited, put in jail, losing jobs, livelyhoods, many are innocent.

Remember this is not just something that goes on for a few months and then stops like being put on trail, this is something that goes on for years, and while it does, people that were in good jobs, go financially bankrupt, unable to take care of themselves and their families. They watch their kids getting tortured. Some of the women in our community are sexually assulted, with no one to believe them if they go to the police. What kind of democratic country does that to it's own citizens?

I think the saying he who feels it knows it can best be applied here. I think most people who have never expreienced the kind of systemic destruction can not fully understand what targets go through. This is little paper cuts daily. One in and of itself is nothing, but the continued actions over time are designed to break down the targets and leave them with no form of support, no way to support themselves, prove their innocence, and many of us are left to ask, where is democracy? How are we suppose to fight and protect it, when it's failed us so very badly? We are suppose to obstain from saying bad things, and doing bad things, but then we are suppose to sit back daily and be demonized, disinfranchized, and in other cases driven to other extremes.

In body I am reminded all too easily of the evils of this world. I don't see conspiracy cause I want to, I see conspiracy cause I am living it. Before this I truly believed that governments were there to protect the rights and freedoms of it's citizens, that things like this only happened in none democratic countries, but over a decade of workplace mobbing, Gang Stalking, and Systemic distruction, being deliberate disinfranchizement, has made me a believer.
There is something really wrong going on in these countries, something undemocratic. I have tried to write about it, blog about it and research it all in a peaceful manner. Hopeing that those so called wonderful organizations set up to guard human rights and freedoms would step up to the plate and do what they are suppose to do, they have not. It's shown me that the rights and freedoms of some citizens in these countries matter more than others.

What's happening to targets is probably something some politician will appologise for in years to come. They will come up with some appology, something along the lines of "what we did at the time was wrong, it violated the human rights of these individuals, and we are sorry," but future sorry's if we even get that, will not cut it. sorry does no good. Not for the men, women and children who are being targeted in this manner right now, by something that is highly systemic and structured. I will say it again, I don't see conspiracy because I want to, I see it because I am living it. When I read about the dirty tricks done to others under programs such as Cointelpro, a lot of those dirty tricks are being applied at a local level and that is just not right. That is not suppose to happen in these democratic countries, but it is. This system is not working for some. It's not right to say the system works, when people are disinfranchized to the edges of these systems, and put in situations where they would like to fight back, but find it almost impossible to do so, because their lives are deliberatly being disrupted. People understand systemic racism, so why should understanding systemic targeting be so hard to do?

Most of us would like to do the democratic thing, and if we had millions of dollars, we could do what John Lennon did when the system came after him, we could fight back the democratic way and win. As it stands, because of the billion and one disinfo agents online who spent years leading targets in all sorts of directions but the real one, most of us are tired physically, spent emotionally, and financially doing what we can to look after the basics. The nice thing is that I now hear other voices of dissatisfaction, people who are not targets but who feel let down by the system, who feel just as exhausted physically, emotionally spent, who are also trying to take care of their basic needs. Their voice are being heard now too, and they are expressing a great deal of dissatisfaction with these democratic systems, saying that they are just not working. Somewhere along the line the system also stopped working for them, and yes they are looking closer at government, allegances that keep people like them disinfranchised, and realizing that things might not be as fair and democractic as they too were once lead to believe. They too are starting to see conspiracy, cause when you understand how the system is working, how can you not?

[quote]Secret Banking Cabal Emerges From AIG Shadows: David Reilly [/quote]

[quote]Now we know the truth. The financial meltdown wasn’t a mistake – it was a con


The conspiracies that were once laughed at, are now being taken seriously by the mainstream, see once their lives start to be affected by it, it's a different story, now they are taking seriously what many had been saying for years.

Those legitimate voices of dissent are coming to the surface, but instead of being listened to and understood, they are being demonized, but unlike us, they at least get to hear what is being said about them.

I agree that people should take caution with how they act, what they say, even what they think at times, you never know who is watching, listening, or reading minds. On the other hand people are angry and anger that is bottled up needs a proper release. I agree that violence is not the right way to go, but people need to understand that when you disinfranchise the citizenry, when they do have a voice, or when they see deep injustices in a system that they trusted, this is a channel that some of them are going to gravitate towards. I still preach a non violent approch to resoluion, becuase my targeting has taught me why many of those who have gone before did not choose a path of violence, the state is violent and in many cases choosing such a path, will be dealt with swiftly and brutally and destroy the freedoms of others.

Many can not do what I do, blogging and writing patiently hopeing to get the right sort of attention, while my life is systemically destroyed, there are many who just can not and will not choose this path. We have seen this in America's history with their revolution, and the Frech as well, people will try to work within the system for as long as they can, and I encourage it, but when that system will not work with them, when it breaks their backs and spirits what are they to do? They have formed a tea party? I think that can be a good thing if the energy is channelled in a good way, but right now people are making them look bad, and I think the positive energy that got that movement started will be overshadowed by the bad press, which is a shame. Cause if this movement is suppressed, then smaller movements will likely spring up, and it's hard to know which direction those movements will head in.

Everyone wants democracy, I encourage people to work for it, but would ask otherst to walk a mile of understanding in the shoes of those that are being let down by these democratic systems, if you are not experiencing what it's like, you might not be able to understand where these people are coming from, there legitimate voices of dissent. There is a gap that exists for the have's and the have not's, how the system works for those with, is very different than how it works for those without. People are realising this and starting to ask why, yes it's going to make people uncomfortable, but it's better in some ways for that anger to come to the surface on forums and the like than being supressed. I also agree that at this time, it's well for those online to try to remember to be as responsible as we can. Many doing the monitoring are paranoid and innocent things that we say, are interpreted in extreme ways. Eg. I have observed that every time I would mention a specific extremist site online, I would spend about 48 hrs offline being deeply observed, and followed around in a specific manner. The people doing the monitoring are paranoid, and when dealing with the paranoid, you have to watch what you say, I take the same appoach when dealing with many of the citizen informants. Many are sane rational people trying to get through the day, many others are unhinged, and some others are following a specific agenda which is to set targets up, simply be aware and on your guard. I don't think it's a bad think to give a timely reminder for people to be aware of what is being said.

We have the right to be angry, but let's remember that we have to be careful how that anger is channelled, and try to manage our responses. Most times we type, hit send and don't think how people might be interpreting our words. On our forums 9/11 and conspiracy speaches are common, but to many others they immediately interpret this type of chatter as a danger, something to be managed or dealth with in an extreme way. It's good that we all be cognizant of that.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

The thing that sucks most is that the stupid idiotic weak compliant abusers are getting rewarded, many times in front of our very eyes, for going along with this. Meanwhile, we targets, who have NOT ONLY busted our asses every day at work, to have idiots walk past us mumbling insults, adding to our stress, and to have co-workers going along with the bullying, but also we have to see the abusers who go along with this being rewarded.

Their formula is simple:

If the person is good, then he is "bad".

If the person is strong, then he is "weak".

If a person is abused or harassed in any way by one of the jerks going along with the harassment, the jerk is a super man, while the target is "weak" and "inferior".

It would be nice to expose these "powerful" perps, to have them exposed in front of their little groups, to see how big and strong they really are. I get portrayed as the exact opposite of what I truly am, while the other people who know what's going on just stand there and laugh. Like just because the System is beating us down, that makes us inferior to them just because of that, because THEY aren't targets but we are. I'm pretty sick of that. But I know I am the superior person, because I stand up to them and their ridiculous attacks.

They hate being exposed. I get complaints from perps about that. Meanwhile, I have to withstand being surveillance... How's about this:

I'm sitting in a Subway restaurant, out in the middle of nowhere, PA. I have gangstalking goons just loitering around on Broad Street here, echoing back the exact way I was laughing in Subway. And how did they know this? This is out in the middle of nowhere. The Big Strong Perps must have access to satellite surveillance in order to pull this off. Then there were the high school dropouts riding around in a blue Chrysler PT calling me "faggot" and "queer" all night. Real classy people going along with this.

I probably shouldn't name names here; the Big Strong Perps (with all the taxpayer money they are feeding off of) are the ones who deserve to be exposed. But I don't know who to blame more: because there are the cretins on the lower levels, complete human garbage, going along with this. So much trash in this system at the lower levels. Probably there are Trash at the higher levels, too.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah, you are not alone, and you are not crazy.

But drop the Conspiracy theories... these are people just like you and I, mostly from military and law enforcement backgrounds (if not currently enlisted) and MOST I can assure you are just following orders.

Be certain this type of work can be traced back to your local intelligence\law enforcement agency and nothing more.

They either perceive you as a threat, believe that you have broken the law, or are trying to silence you outright.

whatever their reasoning.

What they are doing is clearly illegal, immortal and just plain wrong.

My blog.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010  
Blogger gang stalking said...

Hi bl4ckkey,

There is a conspiracy. These notifications are being used to systemically destroy lives, that is the tall and short of it. if this was just law enforcement doing a job, they would not need fake set up's to make the target look bad. None of that would be needed.

I get that the notifications look like they are on the up and up, but the rest is not.

Monday, April 26, 2010  

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