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Friday, April 02, 2010

Lindsay Lohan. Targeted Individual?

Is Lindsay Lohan a Targeted Individual?

The media of late has been doing a stupendous job of pointing out what a train wreck Lindsay Lohan is. Most have started to write her obituary. Others are making it seem as if there is not an immediate intervention, that she will wind up dead. This is the picture that is being painted but is it the truth?

Lindsay Lohan recently went on her twitter account to ask why her friends would set her up to have the paparazzi take pictures of her at her worst moment. She says she trusted these people, and thought they were friends, but they helped to set it up to look like she was partying, and in bad shape yet again.

[quote]"We've learned Lindsay was two months behind in rent and her landlord sent her a legal notice to pay or get out. Lindsay just paid her landlord $23,000 to become current," the site reported this morning.

Adding insult to injury (not this one though) Lindsay took to her Twitter last night because security at a nightclub set it up to look like she was there partying. Which she was not. Swearsies.

"Security @Voyeur nightclub in LA just set me up & paid off paparazzi to not let me in the back door and come to take photos of me in the back ," she wrote. Another 140 characters was devoted to: "I was just waiting for my friend at the back door...... Worse part is, my friends who run the club were a part of the set-up as well. Why?"

I think that's the question du jour Lindsay, "Why?" [/quote]

The why might be more straight forward than realised. er-against-lindsay-13134/

About a year ago, Lindsay Lohan broke up with her girlfriend Samantha Ronson. Ronson's family tried to then find out the procedure to take out a restraining order on Lohan. Lohan claims that she is not dangerous, but the family felt that she was. According to news reports, the family felt she was out of control and wanted protection. This in conjunction to the public fights, and other behaviour could have gotten Lindsay flagged as a dangerous or violent person without her knowing it.

A year later she seems to be short on funds, the police are trying to have her committed using a 5150, the media is doing all it can to portray her as a wreck, out of control, into drugs. She is claiming set up's. Some sites have even written her obituary.

Recently the media has been trying to portray Lindsay to be a train wreck, drugs seeping from her shoes, unable to pay rent, a partier, who can not take care of herself, and who has no job and no chance of an income, but is any of this really true?

The drugs in the show was just baby powder according to Lohan. She is now up to date on her rent. The bailout might have come from her parents, but she is up to date. According to her movie page, she has one movie that she will be working on soon.

She is also Lindsay Lohan, and she can just like Britney make a comeback. The problem is the media is now doing it's best to make it seem as if she is unable to look after herself a real wreck.

Some of this has clearly come from Lohan's image that has been allowed to develop over the last several years, but some is likely to be set up's as she mentioned above.

It should also be pointed out that the police were activly trying to get a 5150 filed against her. She did not meet the criteria at the time. This is an order that would have her involuntarily committed.

“Section 5150 is a section of the California Welfare and Institutions Code (specifically, the Lanterman-Petris-Short Act or “LPS”) which allows a qualified officer or clinician to involuntarily confine a person deemed to have a mental disorder that makes them a danger to him or her self, and/or others and/or gravely disabled. A qualified officer, which includes any California peace officer, as well as any specifically designated county clinician, can request the confinement after signing a written declaration.”[/quote]

Lindsay Lohan does not know it yet, but she might have unwittingly entered the Gang Stalking Zone.

She needs to be sure she does not lash out, watch out for set ups, and get a lawyer. If this is an attempt to Gang Stalk her, set her up for commitment, then she is going to have to fight hard.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I remember reading one of those supermarket rags about when Lohan broke up with her girlfriend that it seemed all their friends had turned on Lohan and were mocking here. That she was hiding with her family and crying. I thought back then (in 2008?) that she was a target.

Just recently, I followed the court proceedings a bit and found out all the trouble she is in is over something that happened years ago and she is still "doing the probation" etc for it. Other stars seem to put that stuff behind them quickly.

It even seemed her lawyer did not give a fig about her when they showed the footage from the court trial.

Also, someone threw confetti on Lohan when she left the proceeding and was convicted. Also, notice her FACE. She looks 40. She looks 45, what the heck. She looks older than me. She is all of 24.

I had the radio on to block V2k as I slept and was woken up very early by a convo by the DJ and a very tough sounding female caller. The DJ was joking around about Lohan and saying you could order "care packages" for prisoners at that prison by calling the prison and entering the prisoner number. This had said, "could I order a bag of sh*t for her?" sounds like a perp.

I am convinced Lohan is a ti just like I am convinced Spears is a ti. I think they sort of left Spears alone after she went on a whole bunch of psych drugs and had her father take over her life. She is essentially reduced to a child now and coked to the gills on antipsychotics...the perps' work is gone degrading her.

The news that the LA cops tried to get her forcibly committed is scary as well. What a hate fest. She was a Hollywood beauty just a few years ago. Now she's dog meat, no better than a poor ti.

I hope they will leave her alone after awhile after she wises up to her situation and learns to live quietly. Probably they will only leave her alone after she makes a "deal" with them or gets forced onto a bunch of drugs.

Drew Barrymore was onto drugs/having mental "problems" really early in life and managed to leave that behind: others are not so "lucky".

Thursday, July 22, 2010  

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